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    You... are not quite sure what you are. You look human. You think human. You were born human. But you're not human, there is no doubt about that. On December Twentieth, just a couple days from Christmas, you along with several others were attacked. You may have known eachother, you may not have. You may have been together, or might not have.

    But alone or grouped, the result was the same; you Died.

    Dead. There was absolutely no doubt. The thing in human form that killed you had been quite thorough; each and every one of you, gutted, your entire lower body crushed into flesh and bones into dust. You should know. You were conscious the entire time.

    You passed out. You don't know if it was from the pain, the shock, or anything else.

    What you do know is that you woke up on a medical table, naked and surrounded by everyone else that was attacked. You seemed alive. Completely unharmed, in fact. Whatever conclusion you came to, it was dashed. Doctors, government agents, the media; over the next few months, your faces were in the papers, on the internet, Tvs around the world were blaring about You.

    Why? Because you no longer existed. There were still records; your family recognized you, assuming you had one. It was your body. Every microscope, every blood test, every X-ray, every single way to confirm that you were a entity upon the world came up short. People could touch you; they could see and speak to you, as if you were human.

    But no more.

    And as time went on, you found yourself Superior.

    In every single way, you were Superior to all of humanity; you could move as fast as a cheetah and last as long as a wolf. Your eyesight was beyond human comprehension. You could soak up physical damage as if you were made of solid titanium.

    And that was just the beginning. Weapons were no mystery; unknown instincts guide your hand and body in combat. Unique, reality bending powers are at your fingertips.

    You Are Mystery. You Are Unknown.

    The world calls you Gods in Human Flesh. The Churchs call you either Living Saints or Representations of Evil. Scientists call you an Anomoly; the Military, a Threat. To Everyone.

    But, despite how Superior you are, there are three things in which you are sorely lacking. One, Numbers. You are few against the World, and while Powerful, are not Invincible. Two, your own Mind. Whether you are a genius or an average joe, your mind remains the same, and power does not equal tactical superiority.

    And Finally, Three: Knowledge. You do not know What you are. You do not know Why you are. You do not know How you are. But if there is a single thing that all of you share, it is the Burning NEED to know how you became as you are.

    Five Months after your Rebirth, you have been declared a Threat to Humanity. The World is Against You, and your Kin, be they in Blood, Strength, or Bonds.

    And at the end of this all, as you all wake up on the day of your execution, a voice whispers in your mind.

    You have Seven Days.

    Find your Fate, and Find your Self.


    Note: This takes place in a semi-realistic world; that means that, whereever your powers/abilities are not directly bending the laws of physics to thier will, Reality Ensues. What this means? If you're going at Mach Ten while wearing everyday clothes, expect to find yourself on fire at the end. If you're moving a sword faster than the human eye can follow, expect it to be dust by the end of your swing, unless your power specifically avoids that.

    And finally, as I noted; your mind is still human. And you poeple were pretty much normal, and haven't been allowed a single private moment since they were reborn, so you aren't going to have the mental reflexes to match your physical capabilities. That'll take time, and while your combat Instincts take care of things to a degree, they aren't perfect.


    -Character Sheet-
    Appearance: (Text or Pic)
    Unique Power: (All of your powers are unique, extremely powerful, but have limitations.)
    Two Best Aspects: (Strength, Regeneration Speed, Agility, Skill, Endurance, Willpower.)
    One Good Aspect: (Strength, Regeneration, Speed, Agility, Skill, Endurance, Willpower.)
    Two Worst Aspects: (Stenght, Regeneration, Speed, Agility, Skill, Endurance, Willpower)
    One Bad Aspect: (Strength, Regeneration, Speed, Agility, Skill, Endurance, Willpower.)
    Personality: (Optional)

    Explanation of the Aspects: Your best aspect are your best, while your good aspects and better than the average.
    Strength: Pretty obvious. If your favored Aspect is Strength, then you can toss tanks pretty easily. Note, however, that Strength does NOT equal Endurance; if you've got high strength but low Endurance, don't expect to be able to toss a tank without starting to breathing heavy.

    Endurance: Your energy levels and your ability to tough it out for long amounts of time. You could hold your breath for hours on end, and losing an arm wouldn't be a factor until you noticed the blinding white pain.. Or passed out from blood loss, which would take a very long time. your skin is steel and your heart is diamond. Of course, even if you can tank a tacnuke, that doesn't mean you're actually going to survive the damage, or be effective in a fight.

    Regeneration: At best, you're borderline invincible; you could rebuild yourself from an arm, provided you were at your best condition prior to losing said arm and had a month or so to do so. At worst, you're like a lizard on crack combined with steroids; limbs take a couple days, provided you don't bleed out. Of course, this doesn't mean you can't be killed by overwhelming firepower, which, given what you are, you're bound to face. Or a couple dozen grenades shoved in your skull.

    Speed: Forget the cheetah; a runner can outpace the fastest animals on the planet at two-fifty MPH. Low-end? Fifty MPH. That doesn't mean you've got the reflexes to match, or the endurance to survive slamming into something solid, though.

    Agility: The brother to speed; if you're not agile enough to match your speed, you'll be forever confined to either short, pre-meditated bursts, or slamming into shit. Someone going with agility could do a couple dozen backflips in a normal human jump, much less YOUR kind of jumps.

    Willpower: Your force of Will and your sense of Identity. If you've got a Strong Force of Will, then you could withstand having your body slowly torn in half by a burning red hot butcher knife with a stoic face and maybe crack a couple jokes afterwards. Truly, this is your only 'human' aspect. If you're Weak of Will, you should change into your brown/yellow pants often.
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    Name: Ava Zeppler
    Age: 20
    Unique Power: Future-Seer. Granted, this makes her dizzy quite often, tends to speak in past tense, gets blinding migraines that would probably kill a 'normal' person and has outbursts of pain.
    Two Best Aspects: Skill, Endurance
    One Good Aspect: Willpower
    Two Worst Aspects: Speed, Agility
    One Bad Aspect: Strength
    Personality: Completely insane. Well, most of the time. She is intelligent and witty, but very out of it. Since she can see the future, it drives her completely nuts that when she sees people die, she can't stop it. Her futures are definite, it's the future that you can't stop. She can be very calm, but only when she hasn't had any bad futures. She will be calm as a cucumber one time, then all of a sudden be as wild as a tiger with rabies.
    History: When she was nineteen her boyfriend, Allen, proposed to her. She was excited, but her parents forbade it. Her younger sister, Ivy, thought that she should marry him anyways. She loved her sister. But she also understood her parents reasoning- she just started studying abroad, and only met the guy three months ago. But she loved Allen with all her heart. She invited Ivy to go with her and Allen to Vegas, about halfway across the US from Louisiana, to elope. In the capital of Texas, their car stalled on the highway. Allen was driving, and he pulled over at the nearest stop. It was dark, and the middle of the night. But still the highway was lit up by headlights. Allen checked out the car, and since Ivy invited her boyfriend Frank, they both got out to help with the engine. Ava was left all alone in the car. She can remember that very vividly now, she was all alone in the car. But out of nowhere, she was dragged from the car, a voice whispering, "If you scream, you're friends die." She stayed silent, praying fervently that she and her family would be alright. She didn't remember anything else except for the pain, the blinding pain that shortly followed. She kept hearing screaming, for hours and hours, nothing but the scraping of death utensils and screaming. IT took her a while to figure out it was her. When she couldn't hold on any more, when she was at the tip and beyond of the iceberg, she closed her eyes, and passed out.
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    Name: Kinley Swift
    Age: 19
    Kinley has always looked young, never really loosing her child-like looks. With light brown hair that falls down to her middle back and bright gray blue eyes she seems to still look around thirteen. Her skin she inherited from her mother, being very pale compared to anything else. She always wears the same brown Hoodie that has sleeves that fall past her hands, and will most of the time carry around a small brown bag that goes over her shoulder. Kinley is just how she looks, defenseless. But, that does not mean she is unable to get out of a dangerous situation.
    Unique Power: Empathy~ the ability to change the emotions of someone else, wether it be for better or for worse. Only, once used it leaves her completely drained, and devoid of emotion for a short amount of time. It also has the possibility to make her sick if she uses it for an extreme amount of time.
    Two Best Aspects: Endurance, Willpower
    One Good Aspect: Regeneration
    Two Worst Aspects: Strenght, Agility
    One Bad Aspect: Speed
    Personality: Kinley is smart, with a tendancy to be a little too smart for her own good. Able to say witty comebacks without thinking she is said to be somewhat of a smart mouth. Though this is not her fualt. She tries to be respectable, but her sanity is not all there anymore. Her language filter was demolished years ago, and anything will slip through now. She does what she wants, and does not listen to rules, after all she had already had too much time being in the presence of rules. This does not however mean that she is without thought, she indeed will think things through and do them her own way. Kinley is much like a cat that way, walking her own way, never listening, and keeping a high and mighty attitude about herself.
    History: Her life was not one to be respected in the least, with parents who were less then loving and more pushing. She was always pushed towards a higher education, her parents wanting her to have a much better life then them. It was around her eleventh birthday when her father was diagnosed with Cancer, causing Kinleys mother to become even more of a dictator. She forced Kinley to learn anything and everything she could, pushing her away from sports, friends, and over all a life just so their only child could get into some big shot school. One day while walking home from a study group that she was a part of she was grabbed from behind, being told not to make a fuss or she would die on the spot. After that were hours of blinding pain and loud screams, all she could see was white and black dots, but it took quite some time for her to pass out.

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