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Thread: Halo: The 501st chronicles

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    Default Halo: The 501st chronicles

    In war, there are no winners or losers, only survivors

    The rain falls on a large bridge in a large metropolitan city. The city appears to be being rebuilt, as cars go across the bridge, and civilization is slowly being rebuilt. A man is walking along the walkway on the side of the bridge, with a leather jacket, his short hair hanging down, sopping in sweat. He looks sad almost. A security camera spots the man as he approaches the center of the bridge. He looks down the side, his now dull, brown eyes looking at the rushing water below. When he reaches the center of the bridge, he reaches into his jacket, and pulls out his dog tags. They read, "Lt. David Jackson, UNSC Marine Corps". He throws them over the side of the bridge, and then reaches back into his pocket and pulls out 3 things. A cigarette, a lighter, and a pistol. Lighting the cigarette amidst the rain, and taking a drag of it, he pulls the slide back on the pistol, loading a bullet into the chamber. He looks over to the rebuilding city, and then slowly pulls the gun up to his head, looking back down to the water. He starts to remember, many things about his life, his loves, his accomplishments, and then the one event, he wishes would just leave his memory forever....

    These were the first words Lt. Dave Jackson heard when he came to from his pelican going down during the battle of New York, what will always be known as the bloodiest battle of the war.

    The 501st battalion, a UNSC marine battalion, was considered one of the best in the corps, hence the nickname, the corps spear. They were sent on a mission to the Rhode island states shortly after the covenant ship made the jump inside New Mombasa. A large group of covenent were taking refuge and massacring the largely populated area, and the 501st was sent in for this reason. Their objectives, repel the covenent ground forces. Eliminate covenent communication arrays. Rescue survivors. Paint temporary covenant bases for air strike. And neutralize all immediate threats. Seems like a big plate. But the 501st wasnt good, they were great. They knew how to fight. But still, their only human.

    All basic rules apply
    Detailed posts
    Don't need to be long but no one liners.
    Try to keep it within the realism of the halo universe.

    Character sheet:
    Speciality: (sniper, demolitions, stuff like that)
    Equipment: (A realistic amount, not like several large weapons, what a real soldier would carry)
    During beginning of new York battle: (the story will begin in a momentary cease fire during the battle, so this will kind of be a pre start first post)


    Character sheet:
    Name: David "Dave" Jackson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 28
    Rank: Lieutenant
    Speciality: Squad Leader, Mission Spe******t
    Personality: He is usually calm and collected. Doesn't like to open up to people, or get attached as he knows what generally happens to people during war. He is loyal but will do what he thinks is right when faced with conflicting orders.
    Appearance: about 6 feet tall, lean and muscular. Short dark brown hair. A cross tattoo on his right forearm. Wears a shooting glove on his right hand and a fingerless glove on his left. Has dark brown eyes. A little scruffy of a face but not to much more than 5 o'clock shadow.
    History: Dave was born on earth, and lost both parents when he was young. He was always a good athlete ground up though. When he turned 18 he enlisted in the UNSC and was stationed at reach. During the fall of reach he was put on the pillar of Autumn, and escaped the first halos destruction along with sergeant Johnson and a few others. Before the battle over earth he had fallen in love with a pilot named Anna. And during the first battle of new Mombasa, her pelican was shot down shortly after dropping his platoon off. He managed to avoid going with the chief to chase the prophet by luck. He got reassigned to the 501st, where he was sent to assist the attacks on the now war torn NYC.
    Equipment: He carries a assault rifle with him, a combat knife on his shoulder, and 2 pistols, one in his holster on his belt and one on his boot. He also carries 3 frag grenades. He wears, along with the rest in the city, a black urban camo version of the combat uniforms.
    During beginning of new York battle: Dave awoke from the destroyed pelican, to screaming men and whistling bullets and plasma flying. He grabbed his rifle and quickly took cover. He was about 100 meters past the UNSC barricades made, meaning he would have to fight his way back if he wanted to have any backup. There were many dead men already around him, and a few small fire teams on the many streets fighting and dying. He took a deep breath and ran from his cover behind a wall to behind a car, plasma flying past him. He looked up only to shoot a couple of rounds at the elites or grunts firing at him. Then he took off for another car, this time 2 ODSTs met him there, providing a bit of cover fire. "Lt, the barricade has a warthog that will take you to a basecamp, they need you!" one yelled. So they all began to run to the barricade, firing back at the hostiles, hoping to supress them if anything. A 50 cal was set up by the barriers to the barricade and it helped a little. Just as the 3 marines approached, a large brute with a gravity hammer jumped from an alley way and stomped on one of the ODSTs, killing him, and smashed the other one with his hammer, spraying their blood everywhere. Dave was surely to be next, but the marine on the 50 cal saved his live, blowing away the brute. "HURRY!" he yelled, as Jackson jumped behind the cover. A warthog was there, apparently they were sweeping for survivors in Daves pelicans crash. After telling him of a safe, small med camp that was set up, a marine drove the Lt there. When he got there he saw men and women laying on the ground, on beds, benches, spurting blood, crying, screaming. Then a man ran up to Dave. He explained that the reason they looked for his pelican was they needed him. They needed a platoon leader for to lead a team, but first they needed to find the team. They led him past the mangled bodies of injured and dead. Blood covering the street the makeshift camp was built on, fire, gunshots, screams, and explosions heard all around. These images alone were enough for nightmares, but not compared to what's to come. They entered the tent, and Dave met his squad for the first time.
    (And with that, my triumphant return is here)

    (updated my CS, for any additional info pm me)
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    Name: Evan Mcgarrow
    Gender: male
    Rank:warrant officer (non commissioned officer)
    Age: 30
    Specialty: tactician and pilot
    Personality: Knows what he has to do, and does it, he may not always use standard procedure, but he gets the job done.
    Appearance: about five foot eight he is short, stocky, but still sort of lean, has brown shaggy hair, and a cross around his neck at all times. Has a Celtic symbol like this on his wrist, it symbolizes strength, stability, and Nobility. He has bright green eyes
    History: Born on earth, joined the UNSC at 19, was in the Sabre project and repelled a covenant corvette, only to be overpowered by several corvettes, he then boarded the hammer of dawn with his sabre and made the jump and was assigned to the 40th on the first two rings, but he only escaped and then was re-assigned to the 257th in new Mombasa, His base was invaded by brutes, and he was held hostage. till he was liberated by echo team, another squad in his battalion. He made a stand with teams echo, gamma, and phi, only to lose the city and nearly all their lives a second time, he and the remainder of his battalion were Re-assigned to the 501st battalion Being shot down multiple times during all this, and New York was to tight for some pilots, but not him.
    Equipment: Marksman rifle, pistol, two frag grenades and a Knife.
    During beginning of new York battle: Evan felt the crunch of the pelicans cockpit closing in around him as it crashed, he made his way out and took cover, his was the third crashed pelican in the area, he still had limited power, and attempted to cover the remainder of the troops retreat, as he was the furthest out, he fired the Gauss cannon at his fingertips, and he drew the enemies attention, but he knew that he was about to die, he heard the creatures outside his hull, he kept firing, and when was sure to meet his doom, he heard a whir, and the shout of Marines calling me to get in the warthog, i followed, got on the turret, and took a bullet to the leg. When he made it back to base he was barely conscious, and when he awoke, he was fine, and was told to go to the large tent, he saw a few from his old battalion, and waited while the last man arrived...
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