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Thread: Better Left Unknown

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    Shayne was startled by Kinley saying they were almost there. He had, dosed off. He never falls asleep like that. He looked around the car. "Almost there?" he muttered. His arm felt weird. He reached his hand to the cut from the night before. It was still bleeding, not very much, but steadily. His sleeve was drenched. He quickly pulled his jacket off and stuffed it under the seat of the car and pulled a cloth he had out of his pocket and put it on the wound. "Uh, guys..." he said, not sure why it wouldn't stop bleeding. "I wouldn't be saying anything if it wasn't bad, but we really need to stop, I think I'm gonna be sick" he was still holding his arm. It wasn't even a deep cut. How was it bleeding this much. And why was it still bleeding... He had to hide the blood, he thought. Then his nose started bleeding...
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    (oh shit guys, I'm sorry for being so late *Sniffle* my sister just had her second baby and I had to get all the sleep I could for the past few days)

    Kinley continued driving with all the group piled into the car, that was until she looked in the rearview mirror. "Holy shit." She braked fast, jolting everyone foreward and putting the car in park. She turned around and examined Shayne, "Son of a *****." she muttered, "Out! Now!" She yelled, opening her own door and getting out. "Looks like you got a friend Jenny." She told the girl, who had been semi jolted off the back of the car. Normally Kinley would have done this in a more calm fashion, but all the stress and nerves was weighing down on her.

    Where eyes should have been to empty sockets were, the most dark feature of the girl in front of her. It seemed as if she was talking, but when she looked closer she saw the thick black thread that stitched the girls mouth together. ~BLU By LDM

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