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Thread: Bloodhounds *Original Remake*

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    Default Sapphire Drenmore

    Sapphire was walking behind Alex looking around making sure that it wasn’t some kind of trap. They left the Town and entered the forest. “Where here” Alex said turning around to look at Sapphire. She looked around but seen nothing there. Sapphire raised her eyebrow at him. Alex pointed above him.

    “I see it” Shadow said walking over to a tree and Alex smiled then followed after Shadow. Aquila Flow up the tree as Alex started climbing. Sighing Sapphire walked over to the tree and climbed up with Shadow. She held her breath when she got to the top. Standing on the ground you couldn’t see anything but up there was a whole hideout.

    “Over here” Alex said as he walked over the path make of wood and to a door. Once they were inside Sapphire just stood there even more shocked. It was just like being inside a house and it was huge. ‘How could I not see this’ Sapphire thought to herself. Alex opened a little box that was sitting on a wooden table in the middle of the room.

    “Come over here” he said picking up the box and sitting on a chair. Sapphire pulled up a chair and sat down next to him. Opening the red box Alex pulled out tweezers, a bandage and a bottle of disinfectant. He put out his hand and Sapphire slowly put hers on top of his. He used the tweezers to pull out the shard.

    “Ahhh” Sapphire mumbled while tightly closing her eyes and clenching her left fist then she opened her eyes to see Alex holding the shad and her hand was bleeding like crazy. She tried to pull her hand away because of the awful pain but Alex grabbed hold of it.

    “Stay still” He told her pouring disinfectant all over the open wound.

    “Owww” She yelled pulling her hand away from him and holding it in her other hand.

    “I’m almost done just let my wrap it up” Alex grunted at her and stubbornly Sapphire handed her hand back to him. “Such a baby” He said shaking his hand. He finished wrapping her hand and she thank him while sulking about how he could have done it more gently.

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    Default Alexander Lerick

    "Is that your only injury?" Alexander asked after he finished wrapping Sapphire's hand with a bandage, having been in his hideout for just over 10 minutes now he was starting to relax a little bit more and was already eager to get Sapphire and Shadow on their way.

    "No i think that's the only serious injury, a bullet grazed my face but that seems to be okay now" Sapphire answered, pulling her hair away from her cheek so that Alex could inspect the wound, wincing slightly when he touched it she sighed when he put some cream on the would and a small band-aid.

    Hearing a noise from outside, Alexander tensed and pulled a blade from his left boot, slowly creeping to the entrance to the tree-house hideout Alex was shocked when he saw a girl running away from something before disappearing into a trapdoor.

    "Why would you have an underground hideout, I couldn't stand being underground" Aquila said from her perch near the corner on the other side of the room, having seen the girl from where she was standing.

    "Neither could I" Shadow and Sapphire said in sync, both giving small shudders at the thought of being trapped underground.

    "Suppose we will have to wait until they come back up" Sapphire said and Alex almost groaned at the girl and her bonded being here for any long amount of time, he was rather fond of his privacy but he supposed he did save they sat and waited, staying out of site but still able to see where the girl disappeared.

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    Bollie howled her frustration at being awakened. Ears up, eyes wide, there was no helping it, she was awake and someone would pay. The pines shuddered in the wind spraying needles, petty defenses, all around.

    “What’s a matter girl,” Kali yawned slowly rising from her supine position. Her small body unfurled itself to stop at a crouching stance, one hand on the fore floor to steady herself.

    “I smell blood and death,” the seasoned coyote growled through a gnarled jaw. Pawing the ground, pacing, “there’s fear in the air and – fowl.”

    Reaching into her skirt for her firearm, Kali scanned the dense trees hoping to see something but giving up because she couldn’t, “foul,” she repeated.

    “No, foolish girl! Fowl like pheasant. Smells like something your father would feed me,” the coyote mused at memories of picking through trash of the rich and fat.

    Sighing, inhaling the rich scent of pine, oak and maple trees, Kali rocked on the balls of her feet. Hair thin twigs broke under her gentle weight. Mussing the red coyote’s wild mane, “lead the way to food.”

    Bollie sprang into action sniffing the air for the tastiest scent. The smell of so much meat overwhelmed her delicate senses. There were a lot more potential victims in the forest this night. Shaking her head back and forth, the smell of exotic bird beckoned her to a northern part of the forest. Treading lightly, she followed the smell of a fancy foreign fowl scent that would prove to be most decadent and possibly dangerous. Stopping at a clearing in the trees, where the moon shone bright on the path, the metallic taste of blood blossomed in the air, an assault vicious assault on her scavenger mind. Barring her teeth at the fresh smell of long gone carnage, “someone is bleeding,” she growled at Kali just a few paces behind her, panting like a rabid dog. Turning a backwards glance at her companion she grinned at the way she stopped double over in pain at the short but victorious trot through the forest. A bright sheen of sweat appeared on the edges of hairline. “You wanna swim or eat, Girly,” she asked sweetly.

    Resting against a tree to steady herself, Kali plastered on the best scary face she could muster, “bite me,” she panted pleasantly.

    A gentle breeze blew scattering the scents but carrying much needed sounds. The sounds of humans. Bollie’s head whipped forward ready for the unexpected. “There are people in the woods,” this night, Bollie growled low in her throat.

    Drawing her gun again, “this deep in the forest? Where,” she whispered in case they were closer than she could detect.

    “Somewhere ahead near the river. With a bird,” she snarled
    Grinning at how Bollie yet again managed to make food as high a priority as potential threats, Kali wondered what lay up ahead. “That could explain the blood you smell. Most people won’t survive out in these parts unless they know what they’re doing.”

    “If they’re bleeding, they didn’t know what they were doing,” Bollie said, excited at the prospect of a big human carcass just waiting to be eaten.
    “Well inspect the area first, and then you’ll get something to eat,” Kali said grimly, mentally preparing herself for a firefight if it came to that. Treading more cautiously than before she and Bollie continued north a good distance away from the river where the trees could give more cover and more camouflage of their approach.

    Snagging her hair on low tree branches a few times along the way, soon they came upon another clearing, this one man made but somehow realistic. As if the moon burned a jagged hole into the forest. Here the sounds of the wild were muted, dulled as if the life of the forest dimmed at that spot.

    Kali stood as still as she could while Bollie searched and scanned the perimeter for smells of explosives. Across the clearing flashes of that red mane danced in the moonlight weaving between the trees in her quest to assess the safety of the area. Bollie bounded back, breathless and covered in more leaves that had fallen. “There are humans here. And the bird. I can’t see them but their smells are most pungent here.”

    Glancing up into the trees, Kali searched the canopy for signs of people. The leaves blowing in the wind played tricks on her eyes, making her question what she was looking at. Finally concluding there wasn’t anything above them, “Bollie, there’s no one above us.”

    Bollie stood, snout raised moonward, “there smell carries upward. They’re there. They’re just high up there.”

    Looking up at the canopy, Kali was doubtful but trusted Bollie. Holstering the gun, she sighed and looked for a tree that seemed the most climbable. “I guess there’s no choice but to go up,” she said exasperated.

    Bollie chuckled though with her snout it sounded more like she were gagging on a bone. “I’m a coyote, not a climber.”

    Placing one hand on the lowest limb she could find, “catch me if I fall,” Kali grunted, hoisting herself up.

    A few feet below her, she could hear Bollie’s “with my jaw wide open.”

    I searched for ever for this role play... and then stumbled upon her eon these forums. Sorry for the super late response:3

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    Morghan Dazeon stared wide eyed at the jungle cat before her, mouth hanging open at an odd angle, as if in the middle of screaming, or perhaps, ranting about something. The tiger stared back at her, muscles rippling underneath a coat of white and gold fur. "You did what!?!" Came the horrified shreik from Morghan, falling to her knees in front of the wild cat and grabbing onto the monster, readying herself to strangle him to death.

    Ceylem growled menacingly, taking a step back and laughing. "I merely told that soldiar that you wanted to date him, nothing more. Was it not your plan to infiltrate the military, weed out all their secrets then report back to the resistance?" Morghan glared dangerously, "No! That was your plan!" She hissed, beggining to walk away.

    With a distastful snort Ceylem headed after her, nudging her arm and walking ahead of her. "Fine, dont go with it. Guess we can return to the base empty handed. . .Again." he added, a bit louder, annoying Morghan to no end. "Fine! For gods sakes we will try it your way, but not now. I'm hungry as hell and bored, if I'm lucky Holly will be gone and I can use the Tv for once." she mumbled, headed for the base. They were a good ways away, sourounded by many tree's. Before they could go any further though Ceylem stopped her with a flick of his tail.

    "I smell something, a human and a bond, a coyote bond to be exact." He sniffed the air, while Morghan crossed her arms. "You sure its not Ahara?" she asked somewhat annoyed. "It smells like Coyote not Fox though I doubt you understand the difference" He commented dryly, heading off towards the smell. "Stay here, I'll check it out."

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