Kabod Online MMORPG with Rate 20+ that can unleash your truth nature will open for SEA server soon. Today, Kabod online show readiness by open official website with game data and Forum at www.kabodinter.com

OH LALA Online PTE. LTD, the subsidiary of Winner Online Co., Ltd.,(Winner Online is the game publisher that already lunch lots of game in SEA region) is going to launch Kabod Online SEA server this year. And we consider giving all of you an Exclusive test called VIP-Test. But we limited the number of tester to 200 players only!!!! The VIP-Test will lunch on 24-27 November 2011, for more update and news please follow us at:
Website: www.kabodinter.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KabodSG
*** Player must register with Ohlala to join in this VIP TEST, please see the detail
How To Register Ohlala ID

1. Go to www.kabodinter.com or www.ohlala.sg

2. Click "Register"

3. Click "I accept" and fill in the registration form

4. Choose KABOD Online and Accept

Finish! and Enjoy with VIP TEST!!!!

**Note: You can not use Winner VIP to play Kabod Online, please register new ID with Ohlala

Thank You ^_^