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    Default Paranoia


    "You cant win the game if you dont play"

    Six kids go into an abandoned house on a cold snow filled night. Only one comes out. Will you be the one?


    "Its a game you see, all you have to do is write your names down on a slip of paper, shuffle them up on the ground, then pick one. Who ever's name you get you have to Kill them. Hypothetically of course, like pretending to stab them, or putting salt in their drinks to simulate poison. Nobody gets to know who has who's name, so you have to be careful of everything. We all start in a different room so that we dont get killed too early on.

    Also, the game is called Paranoia.
    When Rylie Evans gets the bright idea to play a game that she heard about from her older brother she invites all her friends out to an abandoned house that was once a private mini mansion owned by the former mayor. Only, this game has a twist to it.

    The object of the game is to "Kill" the person whose name you pick out of a pile with names put on it, to ensure you dont get your own name its taken out of the pile once its your turn to choose. After wards your name is shuffled back into the pile for someone to pick. Everyone starts in a different room, and will find others to "kill."

    When Rylie and her six friends get there things take a turn for the worse, someone really is killing everyone, and nobody knows who it is. All they know is each body has a note placed on it retaining to the game, anybody who stops playing gets killed.


    Character sheet:

    [//realistic image\\]
    Short personality:
    Choose a number: (Between 1-6 and cannot be the same as anyone else)


    Girl 1: Bleed_it_out22
    Girl 2: Midnight4chaos
    Girl 3: Aevi_Thorne

    Boy 1: Jarhead4life
    Boy 2:
    boy 3:


    1. No godmodding
    2. No powerplaying
    3. Do not ask to be the killer
    4. Only one character will live, be prepared to die.
    5. Do not whine when your character dies.
    6. That is all.


    How this will work is I will put all names into a shuffle, the first to come out will be the killer, I will send that person a message and what that person will do is send me a message with who they want to kill, when they want it to happen, and how it is going to happen depending on everyone elses posts. I will then post what they send me so that nobody knows who the killer is. Only I get to know who the killer is. The object of the game is to stay alive and find out who it is. If that happens before everyone dies then whatever characters are left win the game. I will not directly be in this, but will be posting the Killers posts.

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    Default Rylie

    Name: Rylie Evans
    Nickname: None
    Age: 17
    gender: Female
    Short personality: Although in general she seems aloof and avoids initiating contact with other people. She is often found lost in the depths of her thought, or drowning away her sorrows. She gets along with people well, its just the fact that she has such an angry and rude personality that she ignores those around her. Rylie has always had the habit of fading into the background of peoples memories. At the age of then she lost her mother to Cancer. Because of this she is acutely aware of peoples problems, but is unable to hide her own at all. She is clumsy and stutters often. She is quite smart, calculative, and rebellious, but this also fuels on her sarcastic and rude nature. Like a cat she does her own thing, paying no heed to rules or regulations, and doing what she thinks to be right.
    Choose a number: 5
    Kitta stared perplexed at Leo, face a mixture of shock and anger. "No way." She hissed, stomping her foot, "There is no way in hell you're going out there again." Kitta was clearly appalled that he would even ask, not when he had nearly Died last time he went to the surface. ~~~Falcon Daze By LDM

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    Name: Alice Nicole Archer
    Nickname: (none)
    Age: 16
    gender: Female
    Short personality: Smart, in a devious way that can get her into trouble. She is funny, a bit clumsy, stubborn, friendly, and strong. This little flower might be pretty but she has a mean temper, and her bite is worse then her bark. Getting in a fight with this girl will at least end you with a bloody nose, maybe even a broken one. She is protective when it comes to her friends and family. Though Alice can be one of those people who naturally get attention, she’d rather be in the back ground watching as people’s problems and secrets come untangled and out in the open. Though she might make others miserable, if you’re her friend she would be a good asset. With her skill of lies and reading people, this girl is trouble.
    Choose a number: 6

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    Name: Ava Penelope Zeppler
    Nickname: Aves
    Age: 17
    gender: Female
    Short personality: Clever, witty, sarcastic, smart aleck. She has a pretty cool temper, doesn't get very physical unless threatened. She took a karate class when she was seven, and could really bust some butt with what she remembers(:
    Choose a number: 2
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    (guess who this is)
    Name: Donald Kennedy
    Nickname: Donnie
    Age: 17
    gender: Male
    Short personality: Pessimistic, easily frightened, and paranoid. When not worried he is normal and can be popular, but when something worries him, he is very dark
    Choose a number: 3
    (sorry for my lack of creativity in even the name, lol).
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    Will go get an image. . . .
    Name: Christopher Bones
    Nickname: Chris
    Age: 18
    gender: Male
    Short personality: Chris is who he is, sarcastic, annoying, self reserved and a bit mean.
    Choose a number: 4

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    Exciting, thrilling, and challenging game. Hmm. Nice.

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