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    Default Pangaea Ultima: V

    Hey there! I know its been....quite some time.... Alright, that is a bit of an understatement.... BUT! I figure why not come back with a BANG! Hope you all will join me for my welcome back roleplay. So I hope you enjoy~ xoxo Aoi <3

    Welcome to the New World.
    The Year.... 2000 PC
    Postquam Corrigenda
    Latin for 'After Reform'
    What reformed, you may ask?
    Why, the Earth of course.
    Welcome to Pangaea Ultima.

    As you can see, the Earth is no longer the world we once knew. There are no longer a plethora continents or countries. The governments have all combined into one extreme elite reminiscent of what was once called "So******m", "Communism", and "Capitalism" all combined. The Country is known as Proxima and, as time has told us before, the leaders of said government are corrupt beyond repair. But what is a single teenager to do?

    Proxima is split up into 10 Sectors, each Sector having its own specific Geographical "Identity" (ex. Mountainous, Desert, etc..). Each of these Sectors have their own Economical Role as well. These Sectors are split into Districts (which resemble States) and Each District has its own Provinces (which are much like modern day cities).

    Proxima itself is surrounded by the Amasia Ocean on all sides. The only other Ocean is the Nova Sea, the large body of water in the Southern Hemisphere of the Mainland. In the very center of this Sea is an island which hold a large detention center for the most intelligent, most diabolical, most talented, and most troubled....teens that is. It is here where the characters of our story meet.

    Your character is one of these teens. Nonconforming. Uncontrollable. Evil. At least in the eyes of the government. So, your parents or guardians or the court of law nearest you sends you away to Scotese Island, home to the hell hole known as Verto: a high tech, high security, prison-like school for said troubled teens. It is here you will rot until you can be, as the name suggests, Transformed.

    There is One Student from Each Sector.

    Sector One: Found just above the Nova Sea. It houses the Capital and all other major Legislative Provinces. Charisma. Politics. Wealth. Power. Lies.

    Sector Two: Continuing North, it is above Sector One, bordering the Amasia Ocean. This Sector is known for its large Provinces filled with skyscrapers and machinery. Its citizens are skilled with metals and machinery.

    Sector Three: Moving Clockwise, this region is to the right of Sector Two. It's specialty is power, harnessing nuclear, solar, and other forms of energy to power The Mainland. There are many factories and warehouses in these Provinces, the Northern-Eastern Region.

    Sector Four: This Sector, just South of Sector Three, is skilled with their hands. They are the crafters and artisans, from textiles to furniture to just about anything non-technological found in one's home. Many of the Districts here are Large Shopping Centres.

    Sector Five: Unlike previous Sectors, this Sector is less populated and filled with trees. Found along the South-Eastern regions. The Northern Provinces are mostly Old Growth Forests, the middle section is more Temperate Evergreen, while the Southern End is more Tropical Evergreen. This Sector is known for its Logging Industry as well as some hunting.

    Sector Six: Found along the South, this Sector takes up most of the Southern Border of the Mainland. It is known of its Fishing industry and wide, spacious beaches.

    Sector Seven: Continuing Clockwise, this Sector takes up the South-Western Region. The Southern most sections are filled with plains and fields of crops used to feed the nation as well as farms (both crop and animal). The middle region is filled with rolling hills, expanses of flowers and trees. To the northern boarders are the various orchards.

    Sector 8: This region borders the North-West, consisting of the Patagonian Valleys in its south and the Laurentian Mountains to the North. This Sector is known for its Mining of Coal, Oil, Precious Metals, and other various items.

    Sector 9: The large expanse between Sector 8 and Sector 2 is a vast desert-land known as Sector 9. The citizens from this Sector are known for their subterranean Provinces as well as their astounding technological skills. All of the technology fashioned in the Mainland is thanks to this Sector.

    Sector 10: The only Sector not found on The Mainland, this Sector is filled with anything and everything exotic. Most of the Island is covered in Tropical Rainforest, the Districts containing people found in around the borders with one major District in the center.

    -Obviously no godmodding, taking control, etc…
    -Please don’t use the same character you have on every other RPG, it makes things boring and confusing
    -BE CREATIVE, this is supposed to be fun so go crazy with it!
    -Nobody is perfect so make flaws! The more the better!
    -If you want to drop out please tell me first, I want a smoothly running rpg where it will last more then two pages
    -Be literate; please no little one or two line posts, at least a paragraph or two, preferably more!
    -Please color code either your text or your speech so we can easily differentiate between thoughts and speech
    Ex. Jill ran down the street yelling "I love apples." While thinking 'I hate apples.' OR Jill ran down the street yelling "I love apples." While thinking 'I hate apples.'

    **Note: This roleplay is not about Magic or Special Powers. It is about Brutality, Intelligence, Cunning, Technology, etc... Please no crazy mind powers and such***

    V (Verto) Students (by Sector):
    Sector One:
    Sector Two:
    Sector Three: 23478Z Alastor Firenzelorory Quirinius Perkusons (Niklas_Robert)
    Sector Four:
    Sector Five:
    Sector Six:
    Sector Seven:
    Sector Eight:
    Sector Nine: 01520B Rehybekca Kaylien Isobelle Marvel (myself)
    Sector Ten: 21096E Johan Nikoli Backstrom (*sky)

    Name: This is a strange time with strange ideals: Please give em something unique and strange! (Prononciation por favor~)
    Student Identification Number: Five digits with a Letter
    Class And Specialty: What makes them unique, special. What organization they belong to, crime they committed, what they can do/have done that lead to them winding up at V.
    Ex. Leader of a NeoNazi Group? Head of a Modern Yakuza Clan? Modern Day Mob boss? World Class Arsonist?
    Age: (13-19)
    Appearance: Please elaborate. Add any photos to the end.
    Bio/History: How, why they ended up at V.

    Sector: Sector Nine
    Name: Rehybekca Kaylien Isobelle Marvel (Rey-beck-ah Kay-leen Is-oh-bell Mar-vill)
    Nickname: Bex or Bexx
    Student Identification Number: 01520B
    Class And Specialty: Hacker with Specialty in Computer Uplinks and Networking.
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Rehybecka is taller than most girls her age standing at around 5 ft 10 in at about 150 pounds. Her figure is slim and she prides herself on holding the correct posture all the time. Her skin is fair, with a slight tan to it thanks to her father's roots from Sector Seven and her mother's ancestors form Sector Ten. She has thick eyebrows, a wide forehead with a fairly straight hairline. Her dark brown locks are straight with a slight wave, tumbling down to barely kiss the tops of her chestline. Her breasts are slightly below average with a medium B-cup, her long torso leading gracefully into her even longer legs. Her eyes are slightly small for her face and her lips are uneven, her lower lip being much fuller than her upper. She is rarely seen without make-up because she feels pale without it. Most people from her Sector see very little sunlight because it is too warm during the day to venture into the sun without getting severely burned. She is typically seen wearing glasses and carrying around her various technological 'devices'. Her style is more classy than most of the outlandish styles of the day. She tends to stay away from crazy prints and neons, sticking with black and white with a small hint of color. Her favorite "casual" outfit is her white button up frock tucked into her black, high waisted pencil skirt, her black pumps and a red bow tie matching her glasses.
    Personality: Rehybecka is what you call a chameleon. She should not be trusted, although it would seem she is the most trustworthy of all. She is intelligent to a fault with all the knowledge of the world at her fingertips thanks to her handheld. She has a photographic memory and skilled fingers. She is quick, cunning, witty, and calculating. If you were to compare her to an animal, it would be a fox. She will use people to gain information or aid when she wants and toss them aside when she is done with them. She can hold a mean grudge and is more concerned about herself than anyone else. If she does trust you, you are one of the very few. She will be loyal to the few she is close with. She is skilled at lying and deception, but if she takes a liking to you she will be blunt and honest. She is a quick thinker and, although it she may seem unthreatening, you better sleep with one eye open if you cross her. She will most likely not get her hands dirty, but she had plenty of people who would gladly help. She is a bit vain and conceited, believing she is above certain others because of her intelligence. She hates being told no and hates being coddled.
    Bio/History: Rehybecka grew up like many others in her Province. In Sector Nine, she was a genius. She did not excel in her classes because she did not wish to. Instead, she intended to stay hidden among the masses until the time was right. Her father was killed when she was very young and her mother was too busy trying to make a living to be of any use to her. She only ever really cared for her older brother, who was drafted into the Legion, the army and peacekeepers of Proxima, where he was driven to commit suicide. Or so her family was told... When Rehybecka received a video from her brother a week after his death, she was thrown into a world of deception and corruption where she would never escape. Vowing to avenge her brother's death and expose the Government for its injustices, Bexx started planning her moves. Like a chess game, she used various pawns and pieces to gain influence, knowledge, and power. She was caught hacking into the Government's main database, earning her a one-way ticket to Verto. Little did they know, V is exactly where Bexx wanted to be. Where else would she find the worlds most intelligent and maniacal group of teenagers that hated authority as much as she did? No, they believe to be in control, but Rehybecka Marvel is always one step ahead.
    Other: Bexx may be an evil genius so to speak, but she does not always have a plan. She needs a team. She is the brain, she needs more brawn, more leadership, and more tactical support. Despite what she may believe, she needs help. She is also very confused about her sexuality, unsure if she is interested in males or females. Her physical strength is mediocre to average and the sun can still irritate her eyes if she is exposed too quickly to a lot of light.

    Please Don't Hesitate to ask if you have ANY questions at all~ I hope you enjoy! xoxo Aoi
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    ((Havent RPed in abit, but kinda bored so I guess Ill try it))

    Sector: Sector Ten

    Name: Johan Nikoli Backstrom (Yo-hon Nick-o-lie Back-st-rome)


    Student Identification Number: 21096E

    Class And Specialty: Leader of the rebel group called Truth

    Age: 19

    Appearance: Johan stands around 6'0, but seems to look around 6'2. He has dirty blond hair with light brown eyes. At times he doesnt feel like shaving so he can look scruffy. He has a slight tan due to living on the exotic islands where the sun seems to always concentrate on. He typically likes to wear a short sleeve shirt, but due to the constant rain the island has been getting, a hoodie with jeans suffices. At times he does have to wear the crazy clothing that the rest of the sectors have taken to, so meetings with other individuals among the resistance don't become found (aka he blends in).

    Personality: Johan almost has dual personallities, depending on the situation he is in. Being a leader, he comes off as serious. He doesn't take kindly to those who mess around during times where focusing is necessarily for a plan to go down. Johan has full belief in his ideals and doesnt seem to be affected when trying to be changed. He doesn't trust people easily but once you gain his trust, he will have your back through thick and thin. When off duty, he is almost the complete opposite. He doesn't care what people do, and relaxing is a must in his mind.

    Bio/History: Born into a family of just him and his parents, Johan's father was from Sector One and his mother from Sector Five. This allowed him to experience the politics his father was into and the rough life of fishing and hunting his mother was from. How his parents met or even fell in love was another matter. One was from a very high political backing, the Backstrom family while the other was from a small fishing family. He lived in Section One till the age of 12, for when a tragic event occurred. Johan and his mother and father were at a "Children of the Future" meeting, where the families would discuss their kids and their future among politics. Johan did well in school excelling in most of his classes. The main trait Johan had though was his charisma. When Johan backed you, it felt like whatever you were doing was the right thing. When the other children told their parents about Johan and complemented him, different political families started to plot the assassination of the child. They could not put up with a threat of Backstrom family gaining anymore power, which they felt he could do. At the event, his father protected Johan from a man who walked in on the conference and pointed the gun at Johan.

    After the death of his father, Johan and his mother moved to Sector Ten, hoping to go into hiding from the other political groups. Without his father, the many allies of the Backstrom family started to ignore requests from them and soon started to plot against them also. Through the next few years, John vowed vengeance against the people who killed his father. Cliched? Yes, but the truth remained that Johan also did not believe in this governmental system. At the age of 17, Johan joined a group called Storm. Due to ideal clashes between the two (Storm was more vicious, as it did not care about its members during planned attacks), Johan split off from Storm a year later creating Truth. His charisma brought among many people to join his cause.

    Johan was caught during a raid on a political gathering in a Sector One politician's house. One of his leads betrayed him after information about his arrest and the rewards money was increased. Instead of killing Johan, many of the political families voted to try and reform Johan into their ideal leader for THEIR own causes.

    Other: When off-duty (and at times on) Johan has the typical male syndrome...women watching, drinking, and relaxing. When serious though, no one, so far, can change his plans/ideas.

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    Sector: Three
    Name: Alastor Firenzelorory Quirinius Perkusons (AL-ast-er fu-RENZ-elo-rory kwir-IN-ius per-KUS-ons)
    Nickname: Alastor
    Student Identification Number: 23478z
    Class And Specialty: Building gadgets to harness natural resources, and creating damage to people and landscapes.
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Alastor has slightly above average height, hitting six foot four inches when he was eighteen and probably won't grow any taller. He has a slim face, almost coming to a point below his lips. His lips are always frosty pink, the top slightly thinner than his bottom. Alastor's eyes are round and the color of mud, and quite large. His eyelashes are quite full, and when he looks around sometimes he can see them. Alastor's eyebrows are average for a boy that could care less about his eyebrows, and are usually shaded by his sloppy hair. His hair is thin and the color of a silkworm's fresh silk. He doesn't really groom it other than wash it, and even then he doesn't pay any special attention to his mop. His skin is pretty pale, but not creepy pale where you can see veins or anything. Sure, you can see them in his neck and in his head when he get's angry. But it is a soft pale. His arms and thighs are muscular. He has large hands, perfect for quickly crafting gadgets.
    Personality: Alastor is quite a jokester. He loves a good laugh, mainly at other's peoples expense. He is mischievious and will do anything to get out of doing something he doesn't want to do. He loves pranks. But he has a deep heart. If you disappoint him, you can trust he will be hurt at first, but quickly will come anger. He'd get back at you, then ask for forgiveness. His only weakness: He cares about he people he has let in his heart.
    Bio/History: Alastor had a great family. He was an only child, and his parents were wealthy beyond imagine. His father was the head of a very large natural resource company, and his mother was a stay at home mom. They loved Alastor very much, and stood up for him when accused of things he really did do (ex. set a girl's hair on fire in elementary, stole and smoked illegal substances in junior high, skipped math for three years straight in high school, etc.) He appreciated it, but he couldn't let them do it. It killed his parents. Finally, when Alastor set the school on fire, his parents couldn't do anything about it now. Alastor was technically an adult, but still halfway through his last year of high school. The authorities couldn't send him to any prison nearby, that would look scruffy on his parents. So they sent him to Verto.
    Other: Alastor is a heart-breaker. He is the bad boy, so to speak. He prides himself on being irresistible. Alastor also always feels the need to impress people, and needs somebody to impress. Alastor is quite a fast-runner and a strong character. He has enough brains to pass high school.

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    And It begins... I hope you enjoy! xoxo Aoi

    The sun shone all too brightly through the tinted windows of the hovercraft, causing the irritated techy to squint glaringly at the floor. When she felt the urge, her piercing bronze gaze would lift, her eyes scanning the shuttle with a bored sense of resolve. They had been travelling for roughly two and a half hours, having left the Sector Nine port and headed South East towards Scotese Island. This would be where she would be living for the rest of eternity- at least until she was paroled for “good behavior” with an obvious “transformation of demeanor”. Verto was known for its Transformations. Reyhbekca almost snorted at the thought.

    Her distant gaze changed however as it laid upon the stretch of gold sands, leading up towards green, giving way to a large, metal and stone building. The outside structure left a lot to want for in the area of aesthetics, reminding her of an archaic building known as a “mental institution” or a “maximum security prison”. She almost regretted ending up at a place like this. Almost.

    The craft docked at its loading station, moving through the gate into an enclosure filled with wired fences and high metal walls. The magnetic seatbelt that held her in place during the ride disengaged, and she was finally able to move from her seat. A Legion guard quickly found her side, tugging on her arm a bit roughly as he moved her from the hovercraft. Before she could get a word in of complaint, she was handcuffed and blindfolded and dog tagged, being dragged helplessly and begrudgingly to her destination. The next few hours passed in a blur. She was stripped of her clothes and personal items for a screening, her baggage was checked and raided of anything they considered “paraphernalia”, and handed off to the health center. Here, she was poked and prodded as they determined her medical history before being sent off to the admissions office, but not before inserting various chips into her skin. She was assigned a number and a room as well as a handbook on all of the rules. Her chips were synced with the mainframe, her photo identification taken, and soon she was a full-fledged delinquent. After a stern talking to, the hacker was sent on her way to unpack.

    It was not long before she found her room. 01520B. It matched her identification number as well as her dog tags. By simply waving her hand over the sensor to the left of her room the door opened, allowing the girl entry into her cell. It was simply. A bed. A desk. A chair. A few dressers. A small, adjoined bathroom. Everything was a dull, white. Almost grey. It was very off-putting. With a resigned sigh, Reyhbekca entered the room, beginning to unpack her things. “Just one small step at a time, Reyhbekca. One step at a time.” She muttered reassurance to herself. She could tell that would be the only thing to keep her sane in a place like this.

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