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Thread: Silent Hill: The Truth

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    Name: Nissa San

    - Age: 21
    - Starting Weapon: Scalpel
    - "Static" device: an old version of a cellphone
    - Speech patterns: Unable to speak.
    - How does Character see himself/herself? Not a fighter but a healer.
    - How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? She thinks other people think she is weak.
    - How self-confident is the character? quite self confident in medical stuff. For other things, her self confidence is near zero.
    Introvert or Extrovert? Intro?
    - How does the character deal with anger? She tries to control it.
    - With sadness? Cries silent tears and looks far of in the distance.
    - With conflict? She is pretty much useless in battle -.-
    - With change? Adapts quite well.
    - With loss? She curls up into the fetal position and cries (silently) for a short period of time. . She only gives herself 2 minutes to grieve for the fallen. Then, she gets up walks away and keeps walking.
    - Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? A combination. Depends on the situation.
    - What motivates this character? She is motivated by random, small things. Sometimes she is really motivated, and tries really hard. Other times it seems like she doesn't try at all.
    - What frightens this character? She is scared of loud noises, screaming, yelling…etc.
    - What makes this character happy? She is most content when she is at work. (medical stuff e.g. stitches, treatment of wounds, burns…) This does not mean she loves taking care of others, it just means she does medical treatment for the fun of it.
    - Is the character judgmental of others? Well, she doesn’t judge from looks… She is slow to judge but also slow to forgive.
    - Is the character generous or stingy? She likes to keep her own personal stuff to herself. Otherwise she is happy to lend.
    - Is the character generally polite or rude? Reasonably nice. Can get rude sometimes.
    - Mental and/or Physical Illness: She is mute. (Unable to speak)
    - Why are you in Silent Hill?: Her father was a surgeon, her mother was a doctor. She had a brother, but she cannot or would not remember his name. She had friends, a reasonably good family, and things to keep her occupied. Her life was going well, until that happened. (To be explained later on ^^)
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    What was once a town hustlig and bustling with life and vitality was now nothing more then a hell created by the people who had built it. Of course, Katherine did not mind, after all, since this was a hell she was able to roam freely, in ay guise she wished. In all honesty though Katherine was not human, nor was she called Katherine, and her gender was simply because of the guise that she took on of a little girl. Truth was that Katherine was "The Truth" A god that lived in Silent Hill.

    Even if she was a more recent god, one that nobody had known of, nor paid attention to. The little cult that had once been the gods here were long gone, and now Katherine was the only god. She gave and took as she pleased, creating monsters when she wanted, and when a human dare stray into her home she would put them through test after test. And in the end if they found their way to her she would give them the ultimate truth, and allow them to leave Silent Hill with an erased memory of ever being there.

    Little did anyone know that Katherine was more demented then the creature had ever let anyone know. In the mind she was a god, to herself and everything around her. Things went according to her plans, and only her plans. The fool Cultists had created her, and she would serve her purpouse by controlling every single truth.

    While that happened she let the trivial tasks be handled by her creatures. Such as Pyramid Head, or as she more fondly called him Red Pyramid. He would do what he was made to do, wich was punish and exacute those who felt the need to punish others themseles. And of course there was the little problem of guilt, that would end up having Pyramid Head killing you in an instant.

    Then there were the other gods that Katherine allowed to reside in Silent Hill along side her. Such as Scarlet, who had been ressurected by Katherine after being killed in Shepards Glen. And even the Guardian, who was an amusement to her, and fun to watch. Each god was of their own being and accord, they did not belong to Silent Hill as she did, and it was her choice wether or not they survived amongst the new found world.

    This was her world, and hers alone. And even then she was controlling things that were happening, she had made it so that there would be a train full of passengers heading right into her little game. Wether they played or not was the key.

    Katherine smirked as the sounds around her began to unfreeze, a chorus of screams and growls, hisses and snarls all from the creatures within her perfect world. Through this all something else broke through the fog, slicing into her every thought as it roared by. "Let the games begin." She hissed, watching the train screech to a halt at Old roads station. For the time being she let the fog world continue, but as soon as the train roared away the first test would begin.

    (You will begin at Old roads station, right when your all unboarding the train. After that you can go anywhere, you can team up, and do what you want, but in the next few posts the 'Dark world' Will be introduced.)

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    (JoJo: Oh god, not you again. *Pushes away* Why do I always have to deal with a love struck woman?

    On another note. Why arnt you playing as Kessler and Jame? I mean, I know you hate having to be a Gm and play as irrevalant and non powerful characters, but Kessler and Vincent really bonded lol. And though Jame was an *** you could still be him. And you seemed to handle three characters well in the original version of this. . . Btw, I'm going to use The SH song for my post :P)

    Vincent Kendle Abernathy was not a man of many words, in fact, any words he would have said before that day were lost as the train ride began. Not only had his home, and life burned down, but every possesion he had left of his wife was gone as well. The only reminder left was the wedding ring on his ring finger, somewhat dirty now and worn from the years.

    At that moment frustration tugged at him. They had been on the train for some time now, and though Vincent didnt usually mind long trips, he was not to fond of the trains compartments, that was a four seater, meaning every compartment had four people in it.

    He wouldnt have minded this fact if it had not been for the people he was sitting with. Two guys and a small girl that he had never been fond of. For one the girl reminded him way to much of the wife and child he had lost, most likely because this girl was his wifes sisters child. Her name was Suzanna Sommers, but he didnt really care all that much, and neither did she.

    The two guys were infamous brothers among the people who had lived in Berkley. Jonah and Noah Bracks, idiots who were always getting in trouble. Vincent didnt care much for them, and they didnt even send a single glance towards him either. Instead they were both focused on Suzanna, who despite her releation to some of Berkleys most withdrawn and introvert woman, she was probably the biggest slut he had ever met.

    "So Suzy, you wanna go find a compartment for ourselves." Jonah smirked, eyeing the small blonde up and down, as if she was a peice of meat. Vincent shook his head, slightly becoming aggravated. He stood and leaned over the table that sat in the middle of the compartment, slamming his hands down. "Now Look 'ere, I may not give two cares about Suzanna as a person, but she is family and I aint gunna be listening to this crap." He yelled aloud, causing the brothers to go silent. Suzanna glared at him, "I dont need your help Vincent." She spoke snidely, standing and beckoning for the boys to follow her.

    They shot the older man one last look before taking off, grinning. Vincent sighed, annoyed, but glad that the compartment was now all to himself. With the steady hum of the train racing on the tracks Vincent fell into a nightmare filled sleep.


    Upon awaking the sounds of passengers gathering their items told him that they had finally stopped, and they had arrived at the destination that they had been going to. Nobody had bothered to tell him where that was, so instead of pondering over an unanswerable question he gathered the small amount of items he had, wich was mainly just a mini radio, and a very small bag with his police outfit in it.

    Well, the police outfit was more of a keep sake from his days when he was a rookie cop, working hard and keeping his life in tact, but after his wifes death he had stopped all that nonesense, tore everything from his life, and lived on his own. He cooked, cleaned, fed, and clothed himself. And using the life insurance money from his wifes death he slowly ran himself into bankrupcy. This new town would hopefully make a better man out of him, but that was something that might be impossible.

    As vincent stepped into the crowd of people waiting patiently to get off of the train he hummed to himself. Thinking only of what he would find when he got off of the train.

    Moments later when he stepped off he was met by dissapointment. This place was a fog banked mess, with ash still falling from the sky like snow, and broken down buildings. It reminded him somewhat of an old song that his mother used to tell him, as so scare him into staying in bed and sleeping. He thought back onto that song, eyes glazing over as it rang through his mind.

    Where is Steven, mommy? He can't play and I'm sad.
    You mustn't ask, my darling- Steven has been bad.

    Billy too, and Sally? Did they do something wrong?
    I'm afraid it's true, child- all your friends are gone.

    Beware of he who took them- he goes by many names.
    The Bogeyman, the Shadowed One, but all are he, the same.

    For every sin a child has, must be a punishment to bear.
    Your friends are now beyond our reach; trapped deep within his lair.

    And if they take what is not theirs, there can be no doubt.
    He'll stretch their skin until it snaps, and all the blood drains out.

    Remember to always behave, for sins he won't abide.
    He wields a rusty, jagged blade, to cut out your insides.

    The lying little children, with souls selfish and small.
    Will find their wriggling tongues cut out, and nailed to his wall.

    The bullies and their spiteful wrath will find torment as well.
    Soon he will strike them where they stand and drag them into hell.

    Child, you must obey your parents; do everything they say.
    Little ones who do otherwise, he tortures in the flames.

    Beatings cleanse the soul, they say, and that is what he'll do.
    If you don't control your anger then you'll feel his anger too.

    And while good children live, bad ones cannot escape their fate.
    For once you hear his screeching wail, it's already too late.

    So do not cry aloud at night, stay hidden in your bed...
    Or the Bogeyman from Silent Hill will come chop off your head.

    Vincent shook his head, and instantly knew where he was. The place where the Bogeyman resided. A chill ran up his spine as he branched away from the confused passengers, heading immediatly towards an unknown desitination.

    Where eyes should have been to empty sockets were, the most dark feature of the girl in front of her. It seemed as if she was talking, but when she looked closer she saw the thick black thread that stitched the girls mouth together. ~BLU By LDM

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    (Oh vincent, such the moody little creature you are. I love you so much Bloody lol. Anywho time to bring in Olivia!!! Ahahaha! And yeah, Bloody has a point JoJo, why dont you bring back Kessler and Jame? As I recall you didnt even have to do much with them. And Btw bloody, why in the hell would you send me a PM like that and not answer me when I answer you!)

    Olivia was dreaming. Floating in and out of the reality that she had created for herself. Most people would look at her, and say she was a monster for what had happened in her past, but that was far from what was reality. Her reality was one where nothing happened, where she had been taken happily away from the abusive parents, and given to new ones who loved her and took care of her.

    And that was her dream, a reality that she had created. Call it what you will, but it was what she wanted more then anything. To have control over the life that she had so far lost.

    In her dream everything was perfect. She stood on the edge of a cliff, hanging over a beautiful meadow. If she jumped she wouldnt die, and thats what she did, falling down and down to land softly in the feild of white flowers. At that moment the dream began to shift, her eyes closing, and her head turning. Soft blonde curls lay spread out over the ground.

    Whe she looked up she saw it, the monster that had been haunting her dreams. It seemed as if the creature was a deer, or a stag really, with burnt and charred flesh, and only a skull for a head. Its ribcaged was open and turned outwards, with the rib bones seeming to twist into sharp blades that could impale her if the deer really wanted to. Inside its ribs was a cage, bloody and rusted, with a bird inside that fluttered with broken wings, making a sickening sound. Every step the stag took closer caused fear to flutter up inside her.

    It was such an ugly beast, and she knew its tricks well. It was smart, and would easily kill her if she let her guard down. Suddenly the stag reared up, and crashed to the ground, causing a split in the earth that tore the meadow apart and caused Olivia to fall down into the dark hole.


    Moments later she woke up, beads of sweat gathering on her forehead. Her small frame rested against the back of the seat, oblivious to the three passengers who were staring at her with weary glances. She shook them off, exiting the small cramped compartment, heading towards the front of the train. She glanced out one of the windows, nearly falling foreward when the train began to lurch to a halt.

    For a moment she thought through the cover of fog she could see a distinct shape, one that looked oddly enough like the stag in her dream, but the next moment it was gone. Replaced only by the thick fog that covered the town. When her home in Berkley burned down her entire life went with it, she had no belongings, so it was easy for her to just get on the train with everyone else and head off for a new living space.

    Soon the crowds were begging to pour out of the compartments. Luckily for Olivia she simply headed straight for the door, and headed out, into the crisp air. She had no idea where she was, but a dark feeling swept over her. This place seemed to much like the false reality she had created for herself. Shivering she pulled the wool jacket tighter to her, blue eyes sweeping over the town, before she headed off, ignoring everyone else.

    (For anyone too dense to realize it, Olivia is pronounced like (O-live-E-A) and not (O-Live-E-uh)
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