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    Default Zombie Nation: The Rising

    The year is 3987, a vaccine had been developed for cancer victims, and deployed cross the globe... They had no idea what sort of hell they had created... Weeks after its deployment, the cure began to cause mutations in the human DNA... The people injected with this vaccine would begin to become violent, and, after some point, cannibalistic. Everyone that the creatures bit, they too would eventually become one of them... And so began "The Plague"...

    Zombie Nation

    It's been two years after the beginning of this plague, the entire Earth is a feeding ground for these things... All we can do is hide, and pray that we are not the next victim of their feeding frenzies... Remnants of the United States Military can be found, attempting to aid those in need... Why bother?


    Infected Evolution Stages
    Stage 1:

    Stage 2:

    Stage 3:

    Stage 4:


    Hybrid Layout


    Character Sheet
    Name: (First/Last)(Nickname is an OPTIONAL)
    Age: (16-60)
    Gender: (Male/Female)
    Faction: (Survivor/Hybrid)(Keep in mind, Hybrids are very scarce, due to it being the very beginning of this infection, and if you are going to play a Hybrid, you must be "newborn". Newborns are considered more violent.)
    Appearance: ( Recommended)
    Mental Outlook: (Describe his personality, his/her outlook on the infection, etc.)
    Gear: (Weapons/Supplies)(Weapon Maximum of 1 Sidearm/1 Melee Weapon)
    History: (OPTIONAL/2-Paragraph Minimum)


    On the 137th floor of a ruined office building, Sean Thanders overlooks New York City. The windows shattered, Sean's trenchcoat slowly dances in the wind. Manhattan, one of the most thriving boroughs in New York City, now stands as a relic of humanity's past. Many of it's structures succumbing to the forces of nature, deteriating, collapsing. Most of the occupants of Manhattan are now walking corpses, the streets lined with blood. From time to time, one could hear gunfire from far off survivors, and then, the ear tearing screams of another victim.

    As Sean looked over this collapsing civilization, he began to remind himself of the day this hell began...

    "Come on, Sean!" a giggling voice said, as Sean and his fiance, Marina, walked out of the airport just outside of Manhattan. The day had been like any other in Manhattan, the streets were crowded with both vehicles and people, and the skyline bright with buildings. Sean had decided to take Marina with him on a vacation, natively from Tennessee. They both make it out of the airport, amazed by the sights of New York City. They make it to their rental car, and drive down to the Hotel they were staying in.

    Marina and Sean both set their things down on the single bed, prepping themselves for a nice stay. Marina looks over to Sean, who was unpacking his clothes at the time, smiles, and walked over to him. She put her hand on his shoulder, Sean, stopping what he was doing, listens, expecting her to say something "Thank you, Sean... This really means alot to me.". Sean smiles, and turns around, looking at his soon-to-be Wife, and kisses her "You'll love it here, trust me.".

    Sean stopped himself, he didn't want to remember anything else.Suddenly, he heard a slight rustle behind him. Without looking, he began to visualize what was behind him. One of the infected slowly limping towards him, it's mouth wide open, focusing itself on the "unexpecting" morsel. As it gets closer and closer, Sean, to what seemed out of instinct, grabs one of the magnums that could be found on his belt, and twists around, aiming it at the walker, one of his hands still down to his side.

    He looked over this one, for what seemed decades as it slowly inched towards him. It was a male, Stage 1, wearing what looked like tattered office attire. This Stage 1 was probably an employee at this building. After a few minutes, the walker reached the barrel of Sean's magnum, the tip of it found in the walker's mouth. Snapping out of deep thought, Sean pulls the trigger. The room rings with the loud bang of the magnum, and the back of the walker's head seems to dissipate. The walker, now truly lifeless, flails to the ground. Sean drops his magnum to his side, and looks down at the corpse. Something about it brought back a feeling he had ceased to feel a long time ago. At this, he raies his free hand to his neck, and raises his mask over his mouth, walking out of the building.


    Name: Sean Thanders
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Faction: Survivor
    Mental Outlook: He almost seems emotionless, as he has lost all care for anything after the death of his fiance, Marina. He keeps to himself, rather a silent fellow.
    • Black Tactical Vest
    • Combat Belt
    • Black Facemask
    • Military Class Boots
    • Heavy Duty Cargo Pants
    • .45 Calibur Ammo (Strapped to Belt)
    • 2 "Raging Bull" Magnums
    • Medical Supplies (Strapped to Belt)

    History: (Developing...)


    Altogether, the original Zombie Nation Saga had 856 posts!

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    Anyone who was once part of Zombie Nation, my most successful roleplay ever made, I invite you to yet again be a part of this epic adventure!
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