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    Welcome to animal High this is a place for speacial people who transform into animals .This is where you will learn how to control you're transformation that cause from lose of focus or learn how to transform into an animal.We will also teach how to live in the human world.I will be the teacher for mammals.

    *students and teachers needed*

    Character chart
    Name:Sora Fujisaki
    picture while transformed: she has the fox ears
    special attribute:shes always stuck half way inbetween transformation the first pic is what she wear and the school uniform
    role in the school:mammal teacher
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    Animal High is a community service program for High School students designed to foster and place adoptable animals. Animal High benefits the community and students by utilizing a large pool of energetic, motivated individuals to provide the space, care and time animals need in order to be matched to permanent homes. Through the foster care and adoption process, students will gain a deeper knowledge and appreciation for companion animals as well as the vital importance of spaying and neutering, personality/breed matching, public education, nutrition, shelter, veterinary care and exercise.

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