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Thread: Skyrim: chapter one; Welcome to skyrim

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    Default Skyrim: chapter one; Welcome to skyrim

    ((Yep, it's time for skyrim rp's))
    You are a prisoner, riding on a cart through skyrim, for an unknown crime.
    You stop in the hold of Falkreath, in the town of Helgen. your name is called, the smell of blood is repulsive, and you walk up to the line. Are you prepared to go? Is this the end?

    This RP is based on the popular game series The Elder Scrolls, specifically the fifth, Skyrim. All rights of locations, factions, and other things that may be in this RP belong to Bethesda soft works.

    Rules: no swearing, no sex, no God modding, Guards are more powerful than you up until specified by me, they will one shot you if you bounty is high enough.

    You don't as in the game have follow the main quest line. Its basically free roaming within the Whiterun hold.

    You will keep your own inventory in your posts.
    No epically good weapons in this installment.

    If you need more info, go to this site

    Character sheets:
    Appearancepictures if possible)
    Main skill focuses: (smithing, destruction)
    Play stylesuch as battle mage)

    I shall not be playing as i will be the "game master," I shall give items, and set bounties, and play NPC's.

    Please enjoy, my best regards, and happy holidays,

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    Apart from the minor setback of there being too many VEC abbreviated projects already, everything is going according to plan. We've renamed it to Virtual Entertainment Head Quarters and it will function as planned.
    Digitize Coverage will be integrated into our new site and the previous sites will vanish from their impure and ultimately unnecessary existence. Skyrim Coverage, on the other hand, will stay open for the time being, given that that's where people are going to go .The intensive focus on the VEHQ website unfortunately bears some negative impact on the degree of activity, which will be displayed on the current Coverage pages - meaning that there will be practically none. After that I will start posting on VEHQ instead.

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