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Thread: Any non-korean MMORPGs out there?

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    Talking Any non-korean MMORPGs out there?

    I'm just sick of all the korean grind-fest mmorpgs. Only kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill and level and then repeat x100. I'm now looking a MMORPG which:

    -is NOT korean
    -has something else to do than just mob killing
    -can be P2P if it has option to pay through bank account (i don't have CC)
    -doesn't cost more than $10 monthly.
    -is 3D or 2D (no PW/Konfuze/Mirage source)

    Got any for me? I know i can be picky.

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    i would suggest world of warcraft

    -its not korean
    -u can do more than killing mobs(this game has tons of quest)
    -but its 14$ a month ( u can mail it or buy a game card "available only at wal mart ")
    -its 3d with a cool grapics and there system requirments r low too (for some reasons)

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    I would like to suggest guildwars. tons of quest, cool skills, no monthly fee.

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