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Thread: Heading over to Nostale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chronotrigga View Post
    I'm giving Nostale a try since everyone mysteriously left these boards. You can see me in game there if I ever get it installed.. IGN Chronotrigga.


    P.S: If the party system is good, we should have like a Dragongem Cult, and we will all party together and get our levels higher than the normal ones. So in like 2 weeks (Screw the first few days of school cuz its nothing important, especially if you're High School and below, trust me. All they tell you are rules, etc.. blah blah you're gonna break em anyway in the middle of the year and they could care less), we would be like top notch.
    nostale is point and click isn't it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duo View Post
    nostale is point and click isn't it
    yes it is....its like ragnorak very boring in my point of view

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