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Thread: Heading over to Nostale

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sivart View Post
    Ok, Ragnarok Online is THE greatest game. EVER. If anyone objects, I will flame them soooo much, I'll probably get kicked. But it will be kicked for a good reason. Iro is hard, but if you play on private servers (10/10/5 rates are good, though I also play on a 1k/1k/100 server for fun), it will be the BEST gaming experience, ever. Ever...ever..ever... OK, this is a DG forum, not RO, but w/e. It still eats DG, which is fun as well.
    first of all nostale is way better than ragnarok in every way possible. RAGNAROK SUX ***. Flame me pl0x nublet

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    Yes, but the english version is horrible and Nos could use some more customization. Kor version pwns eng version.

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