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Thread: Graphic Designers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Proxzor View Post
    Around 7 years ago I started it up as a hobby and got pretty good at it. I then started a study for it 3 years ago and my interest in it slowly fade away. After passing my study I completely stopped with graphic design because it is very hard to get a job in it and I must say I like it as a hobby more. Even though I was the best student in each year I just found it very boring and quite easy to do. I'm the sort of person that seeks challenges. I still do some freelance work if I need some extra cash but I have no interests in doing more than that.

    edit: oh I forgot to note, I can actually make anything its not a problem at all but I lack the inspiration most of the time, I was actually thinking for 2/3hours on my exam what I wanted to create, easily finished in time though but inspiration is definitely the most important thing to have for this kind of job So if you really enjoy doing this i'd say just go for it. Why the hell not? You'll see where the ship sails. Just follow your dreams even though people tell you not to
    From personal experience, inspiration comes from great ideas & concepts. Some of my best work has been when a client has an idea that literally gets me excited.

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    Haha I lost interest in it after I felt like I exceeded my expectations about 4 years ago.
    But I honestly don't want my hobby to be a "job" which being a mechanic would make that happen. A "job"

    So I recently got back into design because it seems like something I'd have fun doing with its "competitiveness."

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    If Graphic design is something you are really interested in then go for it. However, to get a leg up on the competition you're going to need to be a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. What do I mean by this?

    Since the economy has gone down the tubes there is a derth of Graphic Designers looking for work. Companies want those graphic designers on their payroll that can do more. Every graphic designer can create a logo or a website with a WISYWYG editor.

    Companies want the graphic designer that can do that and hand code HTML, JAVA Script, CSS, and Actionscript. You apply without one or all of those skills besides design and they are going to round-file your resume when you send it in.

    Want to work at a gaming company? You'd better be able to hand sketch as well as have experience with Maya, 3DS Max, Mudbox, Zbrush, and have a kick *** demo reel even if you are doing static background environments or just want to be a texture artist. Getting a degree through some place highly reputable like Full Sail would be imeasureable here because all of their job listings ask for the potential candidate to have a shipped title of some sort. The only thing that would get you over or around that roadblock is to have a degree from a kick butt game design school / Design school that the big companies head hunt out of. I only say Full Sail because they have graduates that have worked on THE best games that have been released in a long time such as Skyrim and Halo.

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    for anyone reading this.

    do something that you like (and somehow pays the bills). just know the harder the path, the more rewarding the payout; this doesn't always mean money-wise. if you dropped mechanics to look into design of any kind (provided you had some prior knowledge in either) for reasons like you didn't know if it would be a dead end career....then design will make you lose interest unless you are very competitive and creative.

    this applies to anybody in any field. do it because you love it and do it well. the money & attention or whatever you desire will come after

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