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Thread: Want to help make a Sandbox MMORTSRPG?

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    Question Want to help make a Sandbox MMORTSRPG?

    Here's the deal. You might like to know, before you read on, that you'll have to work for free. But you will probably get free Admin Rights, with special Admin Gear and free Resources at the beginning of the game. Other than that, however, I have nothing to give but a spot on my Development Team. I have a few spots open -
    Assistant Artist (because I am already the head Artist) -
    If you come into this position, basically you'll be doing concepts and design with me. If Spriting's you're thing, however, join me as...
    Assistant Spriter (because I'm a Spriter, too) -
    If you want to be a Spriter, you'll be doing 2D Game Maker-size spites. There are some Sub-Positions to Spriter, so, unless you want to do all of them, I might need several Assistant Spriters. The Sub-Positions are; Character Spriter (Who, quite obviously, does the character sprites, as well as armour and clothing), Block Spriter (Though my characters and objects aren't blocky, the game employs a Minecraft-Style Block-based world generation system - so the block spriter will sprite the blocks with me) and Object Spriter (Who'll sprite the trees, weapons, and other world pieces and character gear. Unless the character spriter wants to do it, the object spriter will also sprite the beasts, pets and other mobs).
    Assistant Programmer (because, yet again, I am a programmer) -
    I'll need a couple of programmers for this. They might need to know I'm programming with Game Maker, too. So, anyway, I'll need some guys who know how to program...
    AI - for NPCs, Pets and Mobs
    Physics - for anything, from Blocks to Mobs, Players and NPCs
    World Generation - to make different Terrains and Land Features
    Customisation - for Characters and Custom Gear
    That's it. But now I'd like to give you some background information as to what this game really is about.
    You start out with nothing in your inventory, so you need to start gathering resources. You first need to start quarrying flint, which you’d then combine with sticks you either find on the ground or pick off trees to make a skinning knife, a butcher’s knife and a spear. You then need to use this spear to kill some animals, the skinning knife to skin it, and the butcher’s knife to get the meat. You now have all the resources you need – some skin for tanning and leatherworking to make armour, some meat for something to eat, and a skeleton for you to break up to use the bone to make your next level of tools. Then you need to make a bone woodcutter’s axe, so you can cut down trees and make a wooden shovel to dig down to stone. Then you need a wooden pick to get some stone to make a stone pick, then you need to go digging for ores. Hopefully, you can see where this is going. It’s sort of a Minecraft-style gear leveling system. You just keep on mining for metals, making alloys, mining for tougher metals, making even more alloys, then getting gems to sell...
    There you have it. If you want to know anything more about the game, either, feel free to ask.

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    You know your project sounds a bit like what Im making. I wonder if instead of doing seperate projects, we could cocreate something. How far along are you on the project? I just finished a topdown shooter mouse mode. If you are pretty good at graphics design, I could use someone like you on the project Im working on. Coding is not a big deal to me as I love problem solving. Even though I already have kind of a plan on the gameplay, I would be more than willing to change some ideas around if you have any good suggestions.

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