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Thread: Creation of Eden

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    ((Okay before we start Chaos and BloodyJane will have armored security vault suits along with their regular ones and a baton. Chaos however will also have a pistol.

    The last thing Delano could feel before loosing complete conciousness was the vault shaking from the bombing over head. He was scared. He was so scared...

    "Good morning valued Vault-tec cust****. Beginning wake up sequence. A little nausea may be experienced when exiting your relaxation bed. Please watch your step and have a good stay at the Vault-tec Vault 66."

    A sweet electronic voice spoke to Delano. His eyes began to open. The world was a light blur. He heard a hiss as the door to his ERCB opened. Delano stumbled out. His first instinct was to run to the trash can and vomit. A little nausea was the understatement of the year...

    As his vision began to come back, which fortunately didn't take too long, he went to his locker. He pulled out his vault suit and slipped it on. He picked up the water and the pills and took them quickly. Delano sighed with relief. Those med-x worked wonders sometimes. His headache was quickly going away. He reached into his locker and grabbed his pistol. He handled it gently and carefully as if it was fragile and could break any second. He glared at it thoughtfully. Finally he put it on his holster. He took out a Nuka-cola and laughed. Ridiculous product placement. Not like anyone could buy nuka-cola any more. He opened it and took a drink.

    Finally he looked around. When he first arrived he didn't have a chance to inspect his room. Unlike the rest of the inhabitants, who were in a room separate for the ERCBs, Delano's ERCB was in the Overseer's office. His office now. It was against the wall. He walked over to his desk and set down is drink. He activated his computer and it informed him that all beds were running well and their resting guests were healthy and alive. So I woke up before everyone else, he thought to himself. He decided it was time to wake everyone up. He tapped at the Key board and the screen read.

    ~忠誠、献身、公正、恥ずかしさの感覚、洗練された行儀、純粋、謙虚さ、倹約、戦争の精神、名誉 と愛情~

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    "Doctor Reynolds," she yelled, "we have to go! I have to get you to the vault!" Rebecca had her keys in hand and was halfway out the door. Her superior was finishing up an experiment, but she knew they didn't have time. The bombs were getting closer. "Doctor!" She yelled again.

    "Rebecca, I have to finish this!"
    "Doc, it will be useless if you're not there to utilize it in the future! Please!" She pleaded, unsure of how she was going to convince the man who had taken her under his wing and taught her almost everything he knew.
    "Rebecca, you don't understand. It's now or never. I'll never get these materials again. Just go, I'll catch up. Here," the older man tossed her a walkie talkie. "I'll let you know when I'm on my way." Rebecca looked at him unsure, but did what he said and headed for Vault 66. She waited at the entrance to the vault for her superior, but she hadn't heard from him. She pressed the button on the walkie,
    "Doc? Doctor Reynolds?" She said worriedly. a few seconds of static passed before she heard the click,
    "What's taking so long?"
    "The electricity shut off, so I'm running it on the backup generators."
    "Doctor, there's not enough power in those generators to get the mass spec to finish identifying the substance! There's just no time."
    "There's always time, Rebecca. Rule number forty-six: there's always time, and if you think there's not, make some."
    "James..." she half whispered into the walkie. "Please." Rebecca looked up from the walkie, towards where the medical building was, wishing her long time friend and coworker would just forget about the experiment and go be the doctor he was meant to be. She saw the bombs dropping close to where she knew the building was. Her heart started racing. A man dressed in army fatigues, carrying a heavily loaded weapon jogged down the crowd that was forming outside of the vault and Rebecca heard a snippet of what was going on over the military walkies.
    "(kshh) fourth and thirty-second street is gone. over"
    "(kssh) fourth and thirty-third street is gone. over."
    "(kssh) fourth and thirty-fourth street is gone, medical buildings two, three, and five, gone. over."

    Rebecca reached out and grabbed the man's arm, he turned towards her and asked what she needed.
    "Did your walkie just say medical buildings two, three, AND five are gone?"
    "Yes ma'am. Why?"
    "Doctor Reynolds, who's in Vault 66 was in medical building five. Is it really gone?" The man pulled out his walkie and called his commanding officer.
    "Lieutenant Foster here, commander. I have a citizen who says Vault 66 Doctor Reynolds was in medical building five. Can I get an affirmative that medical building five is no longer standing, over." A few seconds which felt like a lifetime passed by.
    "Affirmative, soldier. Medical building five is gone." The soldier waited a moment before reaching out and placing a hand on Rebecca's shoulder.
    "I'm sorry, ma'am. I do have to be going now, though. Is his replacement here?" Rebecca dead panned. Her superior was dead. She was his replacement. She was next in line for Vault 66. She felt like she still had so much to learn. "Ma'am?" The soldier pressed.
    "Wha--? Oh. Yes. I am. I am his replacement. He can't be dead."
    "Security clearance code, ma'am?" Rebecca continued to ramble about how Doctor Reynolds couldn't possibly be dead. He was so sure there was time. "Security clearance code, ma'am?" The soldier asked a little more urgent. He pulled her arm so that she was walking with him. "We're pressed for time, ma'am. Security clearance code, please?" She looked up at him,
    "Bravo Tango Romeo Mike," she responded slowly, not fully comprehending the scenario. The soldier pulled out what looked like an iPad and typed a few things.
    "Password, ma'am?"
    "Alpha Bravo Zulu."
    "Cleared; follow me." He stowed the device again and gripped her forearm rather tightly. Rebecca winced at the pain but kept up with him. They passed a few checkpoints until they entered the vault and found a room that was labeled Doctor James Reynolds.

    Rebecca traced her fingers over the screen that displayed her superiors name. Suddenly the screen went black, and when it booted up again, it read: Doctor Rebecca Mason. She pulled her hand back and internally winced; this was really happening.
    "Have a nice life, ma'am." The soldier said as he nodded and jogged off to leave the vault. Rebecca stepped in and looked around. She saw a few labcoats, a few sets of scrubs, a jumpsuit, a locker, and a huge metal chamber. The chamber door was open and had what looked like a bed inside of it. The room shook with the force of the bombs and Rebecca looked up, half expecting the ceiling to collapse, half expecting to wake up from a dream.
    "Well... Here goes nothing." She stepped into the chamber and the door slid closed.

    Rebecca closed her eyes as the bombing continued overhead. Her ERCB shook with the force of it, but she remained focused on what her life will be like when this is over. I can't wait... to see... what... Her thoughts trailed off as she fell into the deep slumber.

    "Good morning valued Vault-tec cust****. Beginning wake up sequence. A little nausea may be experienced when exiting your relaxation bed. Please watch your step and have a good stay at the Vault-tec Vault 66."

    The electronic voice sang as Rebecca's eyes fluttered open. The hiss of the door opening helped her to focus on what was happening. She stumbled out and gripped her head, which was throbbing uncontrollably. Her stomach flipped upside down and she leaned forward to throwup, but managed to control herself. Rebecca blinked a few times before looking around the room; she saw the locker and headed straight for it, remembering about the medication. She threw open the locker and gulped down the pills, following those down with a big gulp of water. Her headache cleared almost immediately, and the nausea dissipated as well. She raised her arms over her head and stretched long and slow, hearing her back crack. Rebecca smiled. That's better... She thought as she walked over to the lab coats. Three of them had Dr. James Reynolds, Vault 66 embroidered on them, and the other three had Dr. Rebecca Mason, Vault 66 embroidered on them. She traced her fingers along the other man's name before taking it off the rack and sliding her arms into the sleeves. It was a little bigger than her, but she liked being able to wrap it around herself. "Dad..." She whispered. A tear fell from her eye, but she wiped it away as she walked around the room. The door to the room opened and she walked out, looking both ways down the hall. No one was in sight, so she decided to stay in the room rather than explore. She slowly sipped the water as she wondered who else was down here.
    "The Greatest Thing You'll Ever Learn, Is Just To Love, And Be Loved In Return."

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    Abagaila Moreen Walker.

    Abby stared almost ruefully at the name plate. Her hand hovered over the name, indisicion lacing her every move. Did she really want a second chance? Did she really want to live a different life? She nodded to herself, completely comfortable with her own self silence.

    For just a fleeting moment she pictured her mother, those last moments they had spent together. Wrinkled old hands had clutched her own, mothers crazed blue eyes capturing the picture of Abby. The thoughts dissapeared as quick as they came.

    Bombs dropped in the distance, her heart leaping into her throat. Abby choked back a scream, the erratic beating of her heart too loud in her ears. For a split second she paused, mind swaying with thoughts. At last a bomb dropped too close, shaking the building and causing her to propel foreward and at last lay in the chamber.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _

    Abby awoke to noise and light, a pounding headache thrashing wildly in. Her skull.Abby whined her dissaproval, stumbling into the open air and towards the locker with her name on it. She took the pills, dry swallowing them before opening the Nuka Cola and drinking it down. Abbys head cleared almost instantly.

    She glanced around her, pulling one of the white coats on and shivering inwardly. This was her new beggining. A chance to change and forget. "Well," Abbey started, smiling to herself "Its a start."

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    Anthony and Avery Banks awoke only minutes after the noise of talking subsided. Anthony promptly stumbled up and towards the first trash can he could find, emptying his stomach into it and sliding down the side of it. Avery fared much better, head pounding, yet still she smirked at her older brother and called him a word her mother would definantly not approve of.

    Avery winced, thinking about her mother. Where was the b-word anyways? Avery figured she would be the very first one to wake up. Anthony finally got a hold of his stomach, standing and stumbling alongside his sister towards the lockers. They stood side by side after popping the pills and downing seperate drinks. Water for Anthony, Nuka Cola for Avery.

    "Let's find Shannon." Avery suggested, slipping her hat on and grinning inwardly. Anthony sighed and nodded.


    Shannon had been awakened quickly, going into defense mode before realizing where she was. She made quick work of getting herself ready, grabbing the gear she would need and glancing around. Others were beggining to awaken, and she needed to try and find the other officers. She passed by a woman in a white coat on the way, not bothering to stop and chat.

    Shannon spotted her children, flagging them down before telling them where she would be going. As usual Anthony nodded, giving her a small less then heartwarming hug. Avery wrinkled her nose and said "Whatever Shannon."

    She didn't say anything to Avery yet, but there would be a huge fight about it later. Instead she took off, searching for her comrades.

    Where eyes should have been to empty sockets were, the most dark feature of the girl in front of her. It seemed as if she was talking, but when she looked closer she saw the thick black thread that stitched the girls mouth together. ~BLU By LDM

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum. Don't worry though, I'm not new to RPGs. So, I was wondering if I could add a new character. Actually, reading Chaos's post about adopting a child gave me an idea. How about I play the kid that she adopts? It would be interesting because I like the rebellious types as characters, and since Chaos's character is the police captain, I think the dynamic would be cool. I could enter the story as a malfunctioning ECRB, one that didn't get the command to open and wake me up. If it is alright with Chaos, I'll make up a character bio right away

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