Creation of Eden

“Congratulations you have been accepted for the Vault-tec Vault 66 post-apocalyptic survival program. In the event of a nuclear war you will be safely evacuated to the Vault 66 facility. Once there you will be escorted to your Extended Relaxation Containment Bed. There you will rest easy knowing that you are safe and sound in one of our many trusted Vaults. The door will seal and you will be snuggly secured. In due time, you will awake to a new world and create a new society.”

Seconds before Vault 66 was sealed for…
“Look the Overseer was in an accident on his way here. You’ve been chosen for his back up alright?”
“I don’t like this. I don’t think I’m ready for this kind of job.”
“I’m sorry but it’s the way it has to be…. Here put this on. You’ll be asleep for the next 150 years. When you wake up… well I don’t know. We’ll worry about that later.”
“Goddamn. I mean, I know I signed up for this but I never expected the bombs to actually fall.
“None of us did.”
“… Well I guess I’ll see you later.”
“… Ya… Sleep tight.”

//DATE: 2077, OCTOBER 23

>Vault open sequence activated<
>Vault door closed<
>Vault door sealed –E.T.O. 150 years-<
>Vault Occupants “Extended Relaxation Containment Beds” activated
-Rest Easy Valued Vault Tec Cust****. Know That You Are In Safe Hands…


Plot: The year is 2227, all of us have been accepted into the Vault 66 program. It was designed to have the modern day interests in mind. Instead of the occupants going about their normal lives once inside, the occupants of Vault 66 were put into a deep sleep in the Extended Relaxation Containment Beds (ERCBs) which would last 150 years and then we would wake up to the new world to start anew. We just kind of live the way we decide.

Vault 66
It has a fully equipped with living quarters, mess hall, atrium, armory, agricultural center and everything. Once we exit our ERCBs there will be a locker next to the ERCB that has our Vault 66 jumpsuits, small personal positions, work related gear, two med-x pills to recuperate from your extended rest along with a bottle of purified water, two bottles of Nuka-Cola, and your very own Pip-Boy 3000. The vault is powered by geothermal energy. The reactor is down at the deepest level of the vault. This vault, unlike others, was not stocked to hold feed its occupants for several hundred years so it isn’t very well stocked. We have 4 10mm pistols, two assault rifle, and 4 police batons; along with 3 suits of police armored vault jumpsuits for police only (First three police get one of these in their lockers, and a baton until we run out if we do. Everything else will be in the armory, only the captain and the overseer can open the armory. However the overseer and police chief both have a 10mm in their locker. Only one chief). The overseer will wake first in a room adjacent to his office with only the Police Chief with him. The Overseer will wake the chief and together they will wake the rest of the dwellers.

Professions include: (positions available)
Doctor (2)
Police (3)
Police Chief (1)
Engineer (5)
Cook (1)
Other (Would prefer that this was done only when we had one of each the others)

Character Sheet:
Age: ((Can be a young adult))
Profession: ((Not G.O.A.T. assigned, the G.O.A.T. was a Vault 101 experiment and wasn’t in any other vaults. Can have none if a younger adult, but unless most of the jobs are filled I would like that you at least have another older character with your younger one.))

Name: Delano
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Personality: He is a brave man, but he is caught unaware by this sudden change of profession, he is feeling unsure of himself, but puts on a confident face knowing that his fellow vault dwellers know nothing of the fact that he wasn’t supposed to be their overseer. The only other person who knows about the original overseer’s demise is the Chief.
Appearance: He is tall and muscular. He has plain, light brown, hair and very pretty, light brown, eyes. His hair is kept neat and he is clean shaven. He is very handsome holds himself high.
Profession: Overseer, but before he was supposed to be one of the engineers for the generator (Not the only one, there can be more engineers.)
History: He worked at an old car garage before the war. To make some extra money he signed up with Vault-tec. He was always a bright man and has always been excellent at solving problems, but unfortunately he never did very well in school. He has been coasting by for the most part. He was just as scared as everyone else when the bombs dropped, but he knew he had a place to go. It was a terrible shock to hear that the overseer had died. He didn’t know what to expect, but he knew that when he opened his eyes he would have to be ready for the worst.