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    WarriorsRealm is a brand new F2P Text-Based Browser MMO. In WR you can build as many Warriors as you want. Battle them against others in a multitude of different turn-based arenas, or one on one battles. The Lone Wolf arena is a free for all turn-based arena, ran once per day. The Clan Wars Arena is just that, turn based clan action. The SimArena is filled with strategy on how to build your Warrior. WR Features 1000s of Weapons and Armory, and around 300 Collectable Items. Battles, Dungeons...Everything you can imagine all in one site!

    Launch Dates
    3/19 - Site goes Live, players are able to signup and create warriors, Dungeons/Battles go Live
    3/24 - SimArena goes live, Dungeons/Battles start resetting everyday.
    3/30 - Clan Wars/Lone Wolf Arena Starts for the first time.

    Any questions, you can catch me on Skype: Deluca0903

    Starting to build up a nice small little community.

    SimArena is gonna be launched for Friday. Which will crank up the action.
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