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Thread: The Mysterious Case Of Moons View Lake.

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    Default The Mysterious Case Of Moons View Lake.

    It's finally summer, a time when kids can forget all their worries about school, and adults can worry even more about how they spend their time. College students around the globe party hard and do what they do best, taking some time off from studying to be free and live.

    Lauren Claire has just inherited her dead grandmothers lakeside cabin, a perfect place for a summer party. After inviting her close knit group of friends for a vacation, Lauren and the others find that things aren't all too great at Moons View Lake.

    A sudden disappearance of a friend, and the locals creepy stories concerning the lake house lead both the kids and detective Jessica Knight to cross paths in a fight for their lives.

    Plot Breakdown: You job is to play one of the kids (Which really most of you are adult aged)or one of the locals living in the town not far from the Lake House. There is a local legend about the Lake House, that includes Lauren Claire's dead grandmother in it. The legend goes that when Francesca Claire (The grandmother) was a young child her father slaughtered her two brothers before her eyes, then killed himself. To this very day the tortured souls of those two boys still roam freely through the house and it's surrounding woods.

    The kids will be staying there for an entire week, one of them disappears, and others begin to be slaughtered. It's up to the remainder of the kids plus Jessica Knight to solve what is going on.


    1. There will be a number of NPC's, so you're characters wont actually be killed off. Just the NPC characters.

    2. No godmodding.

    3. Keep vulgarity to a minimum. Or star it out, either way.

    4. Stay in character please, don't have you're characters do something they normally wouldn't.

    5. Lauren and Jessica are being played by me and Bloody.

    6. I'll control most major events, the minor events are up to you guys.

    7. Have fun!

    Character list:

    Lauren Marie Claire as Played By BloodyJane

    Jessica Celia Knight as Played By Essishore

    Character Sheet.

    [Image here, can be any kind, anime or realistic.]
    Nickname: (If any)
    Apperance: (Description please)

    My Character:

    Name: Jessica Celia Knight

    Nickname: Sealie, or Knight

    Gender: Female

    Age: 31

    Personality:Jessica has lost the child hood insecurity that she had for years and found a new way to live, mostly vicariously through her work, and experiances that other people have. It has been a long time since Jessica has really felt anything but tired, exhausted, pained, and greif stricken. Her line of work comes with many hassles and puzzles that she has to put together. With that said her life has been filled with hardships, and sights that she would rather never see again.

    Some of the things she has seen and heard weighs down heavily on her, and not once in her past years of being a detective has she let herself be happy. Everything to her is work, and finding the truth. She is passionate about her job though, she takes it seriously, and does not take time to relax or play. When she is on a case thats all she thinks about, day and even sleepless nights, worrying, pondering, thinking about the truth and the puzzle in front of her.

    When she was younger though this was not all that she had been about, indeed, she used to be a bright and cheery child, but that all changed when her mother was murdered in cold blood. She began to study, she read everything she could find about police work, and investigators. She spent day and night thinking about what she needed to do. Jessica became a recluse, hiding in the deep shell of her shocked mind until she set out to do what she had intended to do. Of course, you wander how a thirteen year old could solve her mothers murder.

    She couldnt, and afterwards, she felt guilt, anger, resentment. She became insecure, even more reclusive, and hid behind her studies. She worked as hard as she could, and ended up graduating at age fifteen. Jessica was a child prodigy, but she was still cold to others, not happy as she could have been.

    "Sometimes it seems dark and cold in my world. What about yours?" Is a phrase that Jessica would often say to people who ask about her life.

    History: As a young child growing up in poverty, Jessica was quite the cheery young girl. Being born under the name Natalia Burnette, she legally changed her name to Jessica Knight when she was older. But before that, her life was not what you would expect from a young child.

    Her parents were both in some sort of law, her mother a big shot lawyer, and her father a police officer. Despite this they fell into poverty, mainly because of debt, and the fact that buisness for lawyers was slow going, and her fathers job paid very little.

    Jessica was always being pushed to be a lawyer like her mother, Anne Burnette, who was at the time very immersed in her studies. Because of this, Jessica pretty much grew up on law, learning what she could about it, even though she didnt particularly Want to be a lawyer like her mother. In fact, she only wanted to be a normal kid, playing outside, and being with friends instead of being stuck inside a hot stuffy house with nothing but books all day.

    This was however soon diminished, when she reached age thirteen year mother was murdered by a past client, whose son was put in jail.

    (Say hello to a character I have on another website lol. She has been with me for a very long time.)

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    (I'll make my character later Essi. Lol. I'm tired. I think Bleed is joining as well, and i'll convince some others xD)

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