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    Default Take part in my research

    Hi everyone,

    For those of you that like to get started quick:

    For those interested in the details:

    My name is Frank and I am from the Netherlands and currently doing my Master Thesis in Communication Science at the University of Antwerp in Belgium on MMORPG-gamers and their experiences and motivations.

    In order to complete my Master Thesis on gaming and advertising I need your help. The goal is to explore the possibilities of incorporating advertisements in video games in a non-offensive, tasteful way.

    What I would like is for people to take part in the following survey. It contains 36 questions and will take approximately 15-20 minutes depending on your pace.

    If you fill this I shall be eternally grateful and youŽd provide valuable data to academic research.

    Disclaimer: It is important to realize that non-fictional brands are used in this survey with no commercial objective in sight.

    I see there have been 87 views on this topic; so that means it is well-viewed.

    Did anyone have any trouble completing the survey?

    Thanks so far to whomever completed it. It is very much appreciated. So far I have 70 surveys completed, and counting. I still need a hell of a lot more though, so if you guys would be so generous to spend some of your time on completing this survey it would be much appreciated!
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    hello i read your test i must admit those are quite good questions you have there great job im sure this will help you complete your research

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