Pretty self explanitory.

However, I do not know all of this stuff, so I need you guys to help me with it. If you know what the site is, where the download is, and how to log in, post it and I will edit this post to make a nice little guide.

Here's what I have so far:

Site: (seems to be down)

login by and then just type username and pass (thanks to sensetarget for this) (Thanks to lilboy98 )

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I simply made an entirely new game & game acct. I did NOT login like it asked me to when the account was finished being created.

Instead I closed down IE totally ... waited a couple of seconds.

I double clicked the shortcut for nostale on my desktop, logged in with the new account and it sent me a page to accept thier privacy policy ...

timed out on me, had to hit the accept button a couple of times but it went through eventually ... be patient.

and VOI _ F**KIN_LA! I am in after 4+ hrs.
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found off of

by: Ruku

1. Download from the following URL:

2. Use WinRAR and extract the contents of to any place you want, then go to that folder.

3. Inside the folder is the important ActiveX file named NostaleWebLauncher.ocx, confirm that before you go on.

4. Download and install ActiveX Manager (it's a trial, but you'll only use it once to whatever) from the following URL:

5. Install and start it up, on the right area of the program is a bunch of buttons, click Add Control.

6. Point it to the folder you unrared to and choose the file NostaleWebLauncher.ocx and then click Open/Ok.

7. You should get a message that it's installed/registered. Now restart your Internet Explorer, make sure you turn all of them off so it's totally restarted. Then go and log in at (or whichever url you used to log in, it's different for some) and when you're logged in, click the Game Start button and it should work.

8. If it doesn't work, restart your computer. It should however work... If it doesn't, i'm sorry but then it's totally out of my league.

This helped me alot more than the guide on the first page.
quote this on first page.

Download (ActiveX, thank's to sketchy)[WARNING: Has an adware program.]

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1st of all go download this (IT is an active x manager)
now download this
fixed link
(if somone can upload it on a ftp server it would be nice)
Ok install active x manager and all make a new folder and throw it anywhere in c drive where it wont get in the way, YOU HAVE TO DO THIS because once u register the file it wont let u move the folder or anything.
So now unrar the file with the 2 files named NostaleWebLauncher.ocx and NostaleWebLauncher.inf and boom double click the nostaleweblauncher.ocx and U CAN PLAY
Please, add what you know (make sure you're not repeating someone, though confirmation would be nice).

Also, I will delete any posts in this thread asking about where to find this stuff (though I don;t think you guys are that stupid), and I will probably start locking threads asking about these things once this thread gets off the ground.