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Thread: Zodiac Online (zelda mmorpg? <3)

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    Lightbulb Zelda Online (Graal)

    What is Zodiac? - It is one of the many servers of Graal online, it's nothing like the classic graal if you have played on the old servers. it has a stronger rpg feel with tons of skills and classes. Think of it as WoW / Aion / Tera with little quests in 2d that has free customization (you can make your own heads, bodies if you look up on tutorials on youtube) The game is completely free without any trial system!

    sign up here your email will be used as your account and the password will be generated and sent to your email.

    Here are the download links for Windows, Mac, Linux

    if you use Windows
    if you use Mac
    if you use Linux

    Don't judge a book by it's cover, just give it a chance and you may enjoy it!

    classic server just starts you off with a sword and shield and you can customize the sword/shield but in zodiac you need to buy or earn the weapon and meet the class requirements to equip it like an mmorpg. zodiac also has better graphics
    Feel free to hop in! also when you start, your community account is shown as Graal# (Example:Graal999999) that is the name you use to whisper to others. press f7 to see users online, you can pm them by double clicking the players. also on your first login make sure you use press tab then type /toggleguifix to address a gui bug.

    To customize your character press E (7 if you use my keymapping)
    and look at levels in your graal folders then click bodies / shield / hat
    and type in picname.png (if animated its .gif) example zbody-rawr.png

    you can use any heads / bodies / shields / hats in the game as long as it starts with zhead- zbody- zshield- zhat- you can always upload the heads from other servers but it will take about a two or three days unless you luckily meet a staff to quicken the process

    after the tutorial (its annoying but it should finish within 10 minutes) type /keymapping click inventory then you will see Q mapped on that key i suggest you replace keys in this order inventory 6 status 7 skillmenu 8 options 9 radio (leave this one empty) guilds (press shift \ to make it a | next to the backspace button) remove pvpqueue or put it on ? key

    Macroing spells isn't hard, you press n to open up the keyboard left click the button you want your macro on then press 8 to open skill lists choose a skill you want then press d, once you're finished press n to save the macro, you can now use that macro. there are some other macros like click ` near 1 on the macro keyboard then type /targetclosest press n. there is also /cleartarget which i put on shift ` and /sit on -
    /clear on 0 to clear messages on the bottom left screen when people talk too much and stuff lol. you can right click to confirm which skill was macroed

    What can you do in this game?

    Walk around mindlessly LAWL
    You can Hunt to level your character or kill bosses for drops
    You can Fish, Chop Trees or Mine for money (or join farm parties but that needs some equipment to start off)
    You can Pk outside or Spar 1v1
    Lastly you can join events when they are held (many different mini games!)
    Or use it as a chat messenger? xD
    Here are some commands.

    ctrl+qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm for emoticons
    unstick me - warps you to osl
    /toggle pk - people can't harm you (it's already on when you start so don't use the command unless you hit someone (the command can only be used at osl)
    /shop - if you add a account name then you can shop others if not it opens your shop and you can add prices / ammount. to buy an item press < arrow
    /charselect - you have 5 slots for characters you can change in non pk zone
    /partytrans 1 - this shows your party members in party 0 makes it disappear.
    /pinvite - add account name or Graal# to invite people to team
    /s - shout, please don't spam xD /ct - is trade chat /t - whisper /r - reply
    /lookup - try /lookup Hedgebane or /lookup Vampire Fang to see stats
    /Toggle Ginvite - lets you accept guild invites.

    How to make money?
    There are three good ways to make money, people have mixed opinions on which being better. Fishing, Mining, Farming (massing or party instances)
    there actually is a farm where you plant trees but its a waste of time & money

    How to Fish, first locate the fishing shop follow the map shown in this picture buy the rod and look for fishes in the water and spam s button, note the fishes glitch out sometimes and dont want to get caught, you should unequip the rod and equip again and try to press s near the water.

    Mining cave is right near OSL lmao buy the pickaxe from the mining center and sell stuff to him once you get alot of ores, sometimes you get nothing but it's not that bad

    Lumbering / Chop down trees - first locate the lumberhouse some lumberjack sells you the axe and you go around the overworld chopping trees

    these professions have no use at the moment but most of these will be used as a crafting material in the near future, fishing for spoils (the fishes give you sunken spoils which is worth 8k-10k gold per a bag because it has a chance to grant you a random race essence.) selling the spoils to players via /shop and saying /s selling spoils [shop] or /ct selling spoils [shop] (i suggest using both chat channels like that)
    could get you alot of customers then you could quickly gear up after shouting out that you are buying certain armor.

    Bank - Trade Coins
    Your Gold caps at 3.6m aka 3600000 Gold, to solve that you can deposite gold after buying a storage or buying trade coins (people usually go this path)

    you can only buy trade coins from the white haired man but you can sell them to any npc for gold when you need to buy something from a player shop.

    Classes and Races!
    CMP are class mastery points, at lv.60 you still earn exp and you can raise some hp, stamina and an offensive stat or a passive buff for your skills etc.

    There are 6 base classes Mage,Monk,Priest,Scout,Thief,Warrior

    Mage are one of the dps with spells that have various element, frost lance is one of the strongest spells when you cast it around mobs (they must be gathered properly!) you can instant cast your ice coffin and spam currents, frost lances in pvp, earth is a must for pvp utility as it provides you stuns to connect combos easily

    Monk - they use fists and does combo attacks and have special effects when you finish a combo, they got ka me hameha
    no need a weapon, how money efficient is that? good starting class minus the part where you cannot join farming parties lol...

    Priest having lv.6 priest in your build lets you have blessing of acsent it grants boosts to str,dex,sta,int. they have heals, party heals and absolution buff (this is usually used on a tank or a squishy target that is near death, the target is immune to damage and heals are increased)

    Scout is a bad dps and use bows and daggers and at scout lv.52 they can buy tempest edge skill to use bow skills with daggers, they can't hit anything unless ensnare (2 second bind that breaks on contact) connects

    Thief another dps that mainly uses daggers (can use katars but they are weak) they rely on stealth and hitting enemies from behind, the class isn't as powerful in pvp but is a fair dps because it has scavenge buff (it increases drop rate)

    Warrior When you use the Phalanx it becomes one of the best tanks but it could be a bit boring, the normally use axes but if you have a werewolf essence you could roll a sword warrior, they can use whirlwind, laceration (this is very deadly for dpsing and pvp, it bleeds the target) I believe the combo is Taunt or Pulverize with 20 berserk stacks (note: if you use taunt to start combos you cant cancel casts from afar) normal attack, throw axe normal attack Laceration normal attack Leg Trample normal attack rush (this is a disarm so you can use it or save it) there are various builds, Stygian is the best for pvp warriors, or Zombies (you must eat a dead body to make this effective, you can get infected viles from being eaten by zombies)

    Lv.42 Warrior Lv.12 Monk Lv.6 Gladiator (this would give you gladiator damage buffs, more defense and more stuns warcry has a nice range for a stun to get in combos easier)

    Lv.42 Warrior Lv.12 Scout Lv.6 Thief (this build is for classes that kite you, but the build above might do just fine, warriors just cant help it with certain casters or necromancers unless you get 20 stacks from monsters and show up out of no where and pulverize and combo him)
    this build isn't as power as before but stealth helps ambushing your foes, sprint helps you run faster and rapid strikes lets you hit faster (its an active skill that is preferred to be macroed on the same key as Laceration)

    Lv.52 Warrior Lv.6 Monk Lv.2 Priest (some would ask why 2 priest, exorcise has a decent attack range, and you can target monsters from afar to drag them to you without having to move there.) THIS IS A TANK BUILD AND YOU REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING: Gaia Punisher, Defender Hallowed 4/4 Berserker Band to tank effectively, that should cost you 5m-6m. Draconian Race is required for tank warriors. Zombie tanks work just as fine as long as you got another zombie or two in your party 5% defense,damage,magic defense, magic damage per zombie ally! so that would be some one crazy dps team full of zombies! :Xeno:

    here is a warrior vs gladiator video (the gladiator is with a sword, and he hacks)
    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Necromancer the class that raises the dead, it can summon wight, lich, spawn in this level order, Lich is the best pet for dps, wight is for pvping melees that need to be binded for you to kite effectively, this class can spam dark fires, explode their dread (any class with 18 levels of necromancer can explode or use dread) this class is mainly a reviver and a dps for your party and Midnight dagger is a cute dagger
    which is only worth 500k. Spawns can be used while waiting for lich/wight cool down if they died, spawns do little damage and are fragile but you can explode 5 of them and deal massive damage or absorb the pets to heal and take reduced damage.
    There are Hybrid Classes that requires lv.10 of two classes to unlock.

    Assasin - Lv.10 Warrior + Lv.10 Thief : uses daggers or katars and pinwheels (are situational they have malice coil that reduces damage taken by 50% for only 2 seconds and they are fragile) it is more suited for pvp because they have a party stealth, and waylay that stuns the target (so you got two stuns) they also have shadowbind that silences the target and blade toss (throws dagger/katars at target) finishing blow to do 4k damage to a low hp target.

    Dark Knight - Lv.10 Warrior + Lv.10 Necromancer : its like Death Knight from world of warcraft, they use a Scythe, they have a few slows, long sleep duration (cant attack back until you attack them or until 12 seconds) they drain a lot of hp so they also make good tanks in farming but you require Defender's Hallowed 4/4 which is 500k a piece, they also make good dps with dark wave, blood vortex, miasma + blightbomb. Melee build is Lv.12 Warrior Lv.6 Scout Lv.32 Dark Knight, Casters usually get Lv.10 Warrior Lv.20 Necromancer Lv.30 Dark Knight
    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Druid - Lv.10 Priest + Lv. 10 Scout : good starter healer class based on earth element that has heal over time (hot) or burst heals
    you can obtain a free staff of leandril and archmage's shadowed 4/4 is only 400k-600k, you just need a ring of druid to start which should be 50k but if you can't you should buy a blue flag badge or arcane band for 100k-200k. Elf is a good and cheap race for them for more heals.

    Gladiator - Lv.10 Warrior + Lv.10 Monk : The Most balanced class in Graal! they got high defence, high attack and hp regeneration and use swords. they are so annoying to pvp against because they have alot of stuns they charge into their enemies, throw shockwaves to stun them war cry to stun them again, rebuke to counter attacks (even arrows) it's madness!!

    Ninja - Lv.10 Thief + Lv.10 Mage : uses katana and throws kunais, shurikens! Melee Ninja build is 18 thief 10 mage 32 Ninja, you mainly use Tataki Koto to warp to the target and slash them (don't spam it your mana usage multiplies if you use it too quickly) you can silence, slow with your seals, weaken their defense with seal of earth and save seal of fire for situations when a enemy is a stealth class, they cast steath, you cast fire seal and it cancels it for about 4? seconds leaving him unvulnerable to your utsukage, dag ketikte autohits, most popular weapon for ninja is Virulent Edge because it deals 2500 total dots regardless of gear, it might get nerfed eventually, next is White Squall it stuns, and also has critical strike (deals damage based on max hp almost 2k damage) however its worth 50m or a lot of dungeon tickets.. Cursed Blade of Blood has a curse proc that lets you drain health this applies to party members too, its worth 3m.

    An alternative build is 10 thief 30 mage 20 ninja for caster ninjas, you need 30 mage for ice coffin, for pvping you will mainly use seals and currents, frost lances, you will want fae essence for spell damage and manashield to withstand things. a stealthing mage with autohits? OP!!!
    if your fund allows it, Stygian can be a fair choice as it absorbs damage for 4 seconds without the loss of mana

    Paladin - Lv.10 Warrior + Lv.10 Priest : uses a sword or hammer and has light element skills, they can heal themselves for 3k+ health
    and take reduced damage for 3-4 seconds, they shoot lasers and have a mastery that instant casts the lasers they have a few stuns, they are quite powerful especially when properly geared!

    Ranger - Lv.10 Scout + Lv.10 Thief : the best Bow dps class with three imbue arrows and traps think of hunters in ragnarok but weaker ^^ the earth + fire trap combo deals 70k damage in pve but it only does 500-700 in pvp, you can use wasd controls and use aimbow
    to be more accurate (you fire arrows with your mouse, with practice you can be accurate)

    Summoner - Lv.10 Mage + Lv.10 Priest : a caster dps that can summon a pet, really interesting and powerful! after the buffs they're very hard to deal with in pvp. wind and earth pet are the strongest (earth is mostly a bulky pet with annoying utility, wind pet deals tons of damage and makes you move very fast) water pet isn't that bad it cleanses when someone binds you.

    Prestige classes also exists in game but they need to be unlocked through class quests. some prestige classes are hybrids now (if it has level + level you do not need to level it from lv.1, if there is no Lv.+ Lv. it means you can only raise lv.60 of THAT class)

    Dragoon - a lot easier to unlock, all you need to do is go to the osl building, enter the top right entrance which leads you to osl2 right click Draigo, look for two partners on shout by saying /s lf dps in abraxis and head to the volcano entrance, there will be an entrance at the north leading you to the instance with a black dragon boss, your goal is to kill this and if your whole party dies his health recovers back to full, kiting works best, you can sleep, blind with Dark Knight, run around with pet Lich. once you kill abraxis speak with the Draigo and /charselect to level Dragoon from lv.1 (preferably with a Stygian race and a Typhore's Impaler weapon) note: this class has been nerfed greatly...

    found a prepatch dragoon gameplay
    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    Runeprowler - Lv.10 thief + Lv.10 necromancer, you must offer 80 items with different prefix, suffix names on a rune, closest one is located at the Fire Spawn Cavern, go right in that dungeon and go up to see a stone say /Offer Red Akai Fist /Offer Red Akai Fist of Thirst for example. so if it has an extra prefix or suffix you can use more than one akai fists, you may offer Lich Dust, Training Sword, Lich Bones and even 1 Trade Coin, it's best to copy paste 80 different item names with /Offer on it to quicken the process. once you have offered 80 items you must go to the timeweaver's castle instance (you need blue sand and yellow sand to enter and also require atleast 3 more players to enter the instance, in the instance you need to go south twice and go left and you will see a dead end say RulOrmSerGra and now you can build into Runeprowler. the usual build is Lv.16 Thief Lv.10 Necromancer Lv.32 Runeprowler Lv.2 Scout for pvp, the class is pretty difficult to play, but you can build into Lv.44 thief Lv.6 rp Lv.10 necromancer Lv.2 Scout for dps for farming.

    Battlechanter - this class is a bard and it's also easy to unlock but I was told that it was nerfed, they used to be the best dps, it may be fixed soon, I will update this class when they fix it. You play step mania and get 500 minimal points just play the right arrow keys and pay attention, press it before it passes the white lined box and you will have a fun class that can play songs on a flute, guitar, harp, more info about bcs here

    Avenger - Lv.10 Scout + Lv.10 Monk : I would say these guys are like a samurai that moves fast, dash and retreat when they want, you can also use bows and flurry to fire tons of 500-700 damage arrows for the lols of it, they have a neat stun lock combo HOWEVER! it is difficult to unlock this class as it requires a puppin essence and 100 event coins (team events would give you a chance to obtain 100 in a week or 2 weeks but the puppin essence only drops from fishing sunken spoils) I suggest building into Lv.12 Monk Lv.16 Scout Lv.32 Avenger
    also the avenger quest npc is located in a underwater cavern of Elmdale Island, you can find Elmdale by pressing F on your map at the 5 o' clock direction.

    Bladeweaver Lv.10 Warrior + Lv.10 Mage : Magic Knight, Spell Blade, Mage Knight sums the class up they have three blade imbues heat blade that burns target, more dots as you keep hitting them, the popular build is to use Lv.10 Thief lv.10 Mage lv.10 Warrior lv.8 Bladeweaver lv.22 Ninja this build lets you use katanas and use autohits and warp to enemies to stack heatblade easily, the normal build is lv.18 Warrior lv.10 Mage Lv.32 Bladeweaver this one doesn't let you use swords, takes a lot more effort and gets kited easily however they have a bind combo, you must first get near your target use water artifact buff and discharge to freeze them (this bind breaks in 2 hits) cold blade imbue slows targets but it has a short duration and requires 8 stacks for it to be powerful. you can uses dispatch your blade imbues for elemental damage, heat blade is fire, cold blade is water and spark blade is wind (spark blade dispatch also works like a vaccum so its a good utility) HOWEVER!! this class is very difficult to unlock because some Blades are hard to come by

    == Bladeweaver Requirements ==
    Azure Skies Cutlass - Snow Golem, Tribal Berserker Seryl Doppleganger drops this but the area is shut down but you can find a couple Tribal Berserkers at the east in the Nightmare Dungeon
    Hades Blade - Agara Spawn Elite, at the Agara spawns and Kyess, Flame Master in the main island volcano spawns drop this
    Miasma Blade - Elven Swordman is a miniboss at Elves that drop this, it appears at the end of the dungeon with a sword equipped.
    Infernal Sword - Pyralis drops this and is at the center of Volcano Entrance, he has a lot of hp
    Black Crystal Blade - Goblin Ironclad drops it, he has the blade on with a helmet, check the goblin cove (the cave in the water near the tower)
    Dread Sword - All vampires drop this but the Ancient Necromancer and Undead Lord has as higher drop rate. there is a mansion and a house!
    Blood Sabre - Dark Knight Guardian drops this, he is located in Drawde Gladiators at the end of the dungeon (when you see two entrances, head up then go left four times.)
    Golden Twinblade - this is the main issue.. it's worth 5m gold for its rarity.. Dark Shade is a miniboss located in Port Anchorage that drops this.
    Katana - this is common from Ninja npcs located in Ninja's hideout
    Opaque Katana - Drops from Calamity Elder located at the left side of the Nightmare Dungeon
    Here is the race info, there are usable items called essence that carries a certain race (ex:Vampiric Essence) they can be earned through a drop but it isn't THAT common excluding Draconian Essence because volcano dungeon drops it frequently~ (tanky race) or from sunken spoils if you fish enough spoils and open them, you can get any of the essences excluding taelef (it was some event race)

    Affinity increases a certain elements damage including normal attacks if your weapon has fire attribute etc.

    Elf (Elven Essence) is 200k-500k and are suited for thief,assassin,scout,ranger,ninja for the 15% accuracy, critical rate and critical damage, other classes are welcome to use elf essence because of the same reason. druids can get it for the nature affinity. it's best to use it with earth weapons, otherwise you lose out on the 10% damage (big difference!)
    1 Dexterity every 5 levels
    1 Intelligence every 5 levels
    1 Luck every 10 levels
    Precision - 12% Critical Damage 15% accuracy 3% Critical Rate
    New skill: Plate Splitter - Next attack ignores armor - it oddly has no effect with the overdraw spell from scout. :Psy
    Nature Affinity (+10% earth damage dealt, -10% earth damage taken)
    Cannot be Monk

    Fae (Fairy Essence) is 400k~800k and are suited for mage classes including priest or even druid - Caster classes benefit from this race alot due to 6 Spell power and +30 intelligence. also they have a buff called mana shield that renders most of the damage with the cost of mana (magic shield in maple but with a bigger penalty due to big mana loss so be careful when you use it!) Summoner class loves this race!
    +1 intelligence every 2 levels
    Trait: Innate Magic (+1 spell damage every 10 levels)
    Trait: Fairy Glow (-10% magic damage)
    Trait: Mana Shield
    Cannot be Warrior, or Monk

    Vampire (Vampiric Essence) is 1m and are loved by most classes due to 3% drain 8% haste&damage at night! i prefer to use them on Ninja / Dark Knight / Thief / Assasin / Necromancer / Runeprowler for the best benefit you can kill the vampire bosses around lv.40 and it should drop within a few days.
    1 Strength every 3 levels
    1 Intelligence every 4 levels
    +1 dark affinity every 6 levels
    Trait: Red Feast (Returns 3% damage done as HP)
    Trait: Nightstalker (+8% haste and damage at night)
    Active:Culling: Increases move speed towards targets at less than or equal to 30% max life
    Cannot be Priest or Monk

    Werewolf (Lupin Essence) is 1.5m is known to be the best for Gladiator or Sword warrior for the high speed buff and sword damage %
    1 Strength every 3 levels
    1 Dexterity every 4 levels
    Wolven Howl - a 5 second party buff that grants 20% attack speed
    Lunar Rise - 5% damage during full moon (damage % is lower based on the phase of the moon)
    New skill: Slasher - Increases damage with slashing weapons by 10% ( pinwheel / sword , katana )
    Cannot be Priest

    Draconian Essence is good for poor people, it's only 5k and provides you a 7% of defence and Increases Fire damage dealt / Reduces Fire damage taken. Monk,Paladin,Gladiator,Dark Knight goes well with this essence. if you're a mage that wants to spam fire balls you can use this for some damage increase but if you can make the money, it would be best to go fae. for spell power.
    Fire/Strong race
    1 Strength every 4 levels
    1 Stamina every 3 levels
    Trait: Heat Affinity (+10% fire damage dealt, -10% fire damage taken)
    Trait: Hardened Scales (-7% physical damage taken)

    Daemon (Demonic Essence) is 300k~500k and is only good with Dark classes, Abyssal screech allows your whole party to deal more damage to the monsters, Necromancers, classes with dark element weapons could make use of this during farming.)
    1 Strength every 5 levels
    1 Stamina every 5 levels
    1 Intelligence every 5 levels
    Trait: Shade Affinity (+5% dark damage dealt, -5% dark damage taken)
    Demonic Windrunner : When used it increases the user's movement and swinging speed and decreases the spell casting time by 30%. Lasts for about 10 seconds.
    Abyssal Screech -
    Cannot be Ranger, Priest, or Monk

    Goblin Essence is 200k-500k and provides you nice fist/hammer/axe damage, if you're warrior/paladin/monk then go for it! ^^ 10% damage also applies to chain maces Paladin however is best as a Seraphim or even Stygian (because it increases both magic/melee damage)
    1 Strength every 3 levels
    1 Stamina every 4 levels
    Smasher is 10% damage with all blunt weapons.
    Battle Shriek now lowers defense of nearby enemies by 10%.
    New skill: Greedy, lowers duration of incoming disarms by 20%.
    Cannot be Scout or Mage

    Naiad (Aqueous essence) is 1.5m but isn't as popular, it's only good for swimming speed and more damage with katar/spear/bow. Dragoon or Freelancer is the only class that would want to use this..
    1 Strength every 5 levels
    1 Dexterity every 5 levels
    1 Intelligence every 5 levels
    Piercer - 10% armor ignore
    Cold Affinity - Adds 10 Water Affinity, 20% swim speed, & Increases damage with Water weapons and spells by 7%
    New skill: Flood - Makes an area of the ground into water causing other players to swim in it

    Zombie (Infected Vial) - this is one strange essence as you see it grants 30 stamina which is about 3000-4000 health, you can only obtain this through getting cannibalized by a zombie! it's powerful with monk and brute classes that rely on strength.
    1 Strength every 2 levels
    1 Stamina every 2 levels
    -1 Intelligence every 2.5 levels
    Necrosis: Due to your rotting flesh you benefit less from speed boosts and attack slightly slower.
    Cannibalize: Devours a corpse, giving back HP and boosting speed temporarily. (temporarily... it lasts 2 minutes, need the staff to fix it!)
    Swarm Mentality: When near other friendly zombies your capabilities become greater. 5% attack,magic damage, defense,magic damage per zombie party/guild member I think it maxes out at 8 so that's 40% boost to all stats!
    Can use all classes

    from here are races that are more difficult to obtain, some are in high value for it's rarity.

    Puppin Essence is worth 8m because it's used to unlock the avenger class, you also require 100 event coins, anyways this race is only good for dodge based classes or with a wind weapon.
    1 Dexterity every 3 levels
    1 Intelligence every 4 levels
    Crafty - reduces duration of controlling effects on yourself by 20% and raises 5% dodge (passive)
    New skill: Ruse - Raises dodge chance by 30% for 5 seconds
    Gale Affinity - Adds 10 wind affinity and 7% increased wind damage

    Stygian Essence an all rounder class, i would say that it's the joker of zodiac, being able to avoid damage for 4 seconds is big, some classes like timeweaver are hard to avoid if you don't have a stygian, as you see they have 7% damage regardless of your element the price for this is surprisingly only 1.5~2m!
    +1 Strength every 5 levels
    +1 Dexterity every 5 levels
    +1 Intelligence every 5 levels
    Stat Passive: Sanction of Oblivion (Magic increases by 7% and physical damage increases by 7% for user (3% magic and 3% physical damage for all party members)
    Unique Passive: Damning Touch (Every time you land a physical attack you place a 1 second debuff on your target, next time they heal, drain, or regen you take 40% of that for yourself, then the skill is placed on a cooldown.)
    Active: Ethereal Form (For 4 seconds you become immune to damage, but not controlling effects. Buff is removed prematurely if you attack or use any skill.)
    Can use all classes

    Seraphim (Seraphic Artifact) - if it wasn't obvious already, they are the angel race based on light element so paladin, priest, timeweaver loves this race!
    1 Strength every 4 levels
    1 Intelligence every 3 levels
    Stat Passive: Radiance (Adds 10 Light Affinity, & Increase damage of weapons and spells of the corresponding element by 7%)
    Unique Passive: Ascendance (Reduces the skill cooldowns by 15%.) this means you can spam more spells!
    Active: Seraphic Flight (Grants you immortality, but prevents you from taking any action.) duration is 2 or 3 seconds but you can't move
    Cannot Be:Thief, Necromancer, Gladiator, or Ninja

    Taelef (Flourishing Essence) - you cant get this anymore it was a said to be a drop from wobby boss event
    1 Dexterity every 6 levels
    1 Intelligence every 4 levels
    1 Luck every 6 levels
    Aromatherapy - Places a small AoE around the caster which cleanses everyone within its radius. Each player affected (outside of the caster) is slowed and pacified for a moment or until they take damage.
    Photosynthesis - Grants HP and MP regeneration during the day. Standing still slowly increases the effect.
    Abundant Growth - Increases the potency of your heals by 7%.

    Here is the map, press m in game to see it OSL = Online start location. stay in one spot for 30 seconds then say unstick me to return to osl. i marked OSL building in yellow, press d to see the levels of training places and hunt there.

    OUTSIDE OSL (beware you can be killed after 30 seconds if you stay near OSL) also your pk protection is canceled when you hit someone, to toggle it back you need to say /toggle pk at osl

    First thing you should do when you're in game is press r and click keymapping.
    change the keys in these orders so you can use QWERTY for skills
    make sure you press apply to apply the changes of the keys.

    Inventory 6 Status menu 7 Skillsmenu 8 Options 9 Radio , and Guild .
    Also you should macro your skills or items you want to switch by pressing n

    I usually put the buffs on 1 2 3 4, long cool downs on qwer and short ones to a zxcv g but it's up to you! (you can't macro d so dont try it) you can put /sit on macro, after you choose a button & type /sit and press n to save it.

    How to Level?

    In this game you can 1v1 monsters or mass them (gather)

    Massing requires you to have some defence and or weapons with drain to mass you only need to walk near the monsters and they will aggro you if they are facing your direction or if you get near enough, the guy that hits it first gets all the items that drop on the floor :3

    The exp you gain is not reduced no matter how many party members are in the party, so this means 1 person can mass and have other 7 sit still for easy levels, however the exp is decided on the masser's level so you can't stay at the same map for too long. /toggle exp can stop your experience gain to help others catch up, but its pointless using /toggle exp on a high level because you already kill the exp.

    Best leveling method so far is using Mage you will first need to try hard to slash liches one by one and /sit to recover (macro this to a key preferably on - or =) Fireballs no longer deal 3000-4000 damage but it still does 300-400 damage so you will be able to kill them at a fair speed until lv.4 Mage then you learn Crush, it's harder to use this spell but it has slightly bigger area of effect, you hold it and release when you want it to hit in that location, it will be difficult at elves unless you got another partner preferably a monk or a guy with atleast 6 monk levels and lv.25 armor (if they use pigeon peck, they might be able to handle it with lv.20 armor) lv.26 mage spell is Frost Lance the damage varies on the amount of monsters gathered into one place, you are likely to one shot elves if done properly and have a blast until lv.32 when things start to get really tough Gladiators deal 400-600 damage and die in two frost lances until you get enough intelligence (probably around lv.36?) you will have to finish them off with crush (or run around for just a couple seconds to cast frost lance again)

    Leveling Locations

    Lv.1~lv.6 Lich - go down the stairs, don't mass them like her, you will die if you don't have a peasant set (fox's drop these, untradeable)

    lv.2~lv.8 Fox Den - they give peasant gear and training katars +3 to all stats and high defense (use it until Gold Platemail armors, mage cant equip platemails though)

    Lv.6~Lv.15 Crocodilemen - enter the waterfall, they hurt so beware :P

    Lv.10~lv.16 FireSpawn - they hurt a lot if you don't have lv.8+ armor (peasant armor would be best)

    Lv.15~lv.22 Ninjas - i enjoyed fighting these

    Lv.15~lv.25 Vampires - I would go here for free lv.20 armors and lv.22 vamp fang (fangs might not drop for you but the armors drop easily) Vampire Bosses are at the very end of the map and drop vampiric essence worth 1.5m to 2m though watch out of the drains, if you're weak without drains.. If you have peasant armor you can probably stay here and get lv.20 armor.

    Vampire's haunted house is located on a island west outside OSL

    Vampire's Mansion located on a island south west outside OSL

    Lv.25~lv.32 Elves - finally a map that drops essence! rates are low though
    you might earn a several lv.25 armors here but vampires drop armors more

    Agara Elves has a smaller map but it has a better chance to see drops here.

    there are also Elves in Agara which is near vampire's mansion.

    Lv.30~Lv.34 Dragons - one big map full of dragons? please~ go top from osl building there is a lv.1 sign because there is a lich dungeon located there but if you go up and proceed to the stairs you will see another sign that tells you it is a dragon cave, this is one big map that you can gather all at once but beware.. if you overmass, you may die!

    lv.30~lv.42 Drawde Gladiators - there is a group of powerful soldiers, beware they will hurt like hell if you don't have lv.25+ armor (you really need lv.30-35 armor to withstand them and as a melee class it is a must to have Vampire's Fang / Hedgebane / Blood Sabre) it isn't hard if you got a monk gathering the monsters for you and you or someone else as the mage uses frost lance (requires lv.26 mage) to kill them in one spell, if you are experienced from massing elves with a mage then yeah you could pull it off solo.

    Lv.38~Lv.48 - Lich Brutes located below the three way bridge, you need to cut through the bushes with a sword or dagger to get through and enter cave

    Lv.42~Lv.55 - Bad Dreams, there are two, one in Agara (Nightmare dungeon) one in the middle of the ocean. you have to go in bed and it will take you there, agara ones hurt more. once you're reach lv.52
    keep training here while saying /s Looking for massers in Rogues and go to Rogues hideout when someone replies.

    Bad Dreams located above Koth (kothlopolis was removed!) + Maze Video Guide! <3

    Agara Nightmare Dungeon, which is located near Agara Vampire House. Sleep on the second floor bed to enter the dungeon!

    Lv.52~Lv.60 - Rogue's Stronghold : hurts ALOT you need lv.55 armors with at least 1 depletion prefexs which gives you drain to withstand these so i suggest Lv.55! Rogues hideout gives alot of equips so you can make a little money :P if there is someone there join their party and take a seat on the floor while they mass for you until you max out your cmps.

    Feel free to explore areas that you have never been that are in your level zone! It should only take a few days even for casual players to reach Lv.60 From then you can hunt some more for cmps that can make you more powerful, all thats left is making money for equipment

    For Starters Tanks need Taunt and Iron Wall to save your team if they aggro the monster xD - Tanks uses Draconian, if you have 50k~100k go Goblin

    Raise 52 warrior 8 monk for Tough skin and more stamina boost per level if you want to tank with draconian essence
    Raise 42 warrior 6 thief 12 scout for sprint move speed, rapid strikes double hit and stealth (for pvp but they have been nerfed a bit)

    End game content
    the game's end content is farming,spar(pvp inside building 1v1),Pking outside,walking around like a zombie, chasing people for no reason, capture the flag and raiding raid points or castles (but raiding requires a nation, so this is up to your luck on joining one.)

    Farming needs the following tank,thief,healer,necromancer(for revive and dps),battlechanter(for buffs, you can sit and relax after you cast them) and 3 more dps (thief is counted as dps but atleast 1 is required to get rare drop rate effect) for a full party, you don't really need a full party but if you like it fast and furious gather a full party!

    Tank,Healer,Necromancers are the most wanted classes in parties because the others are populated.
    Necromancer and Battlechanter and the rest of the prestige classes can now be unlocked without suscribing, their quests are easy and quest information could be found on the web easily.



    The End. (Requested Guide) not bad for a 30 minute guide lol

    I'll add a ctf screenies and such later you need to be lv.60 to join ctf /ctfqueue to join o_o

    updated: added some pictures incase people want to join nations and raid in the near future.
    raiding in graal online zodiac is like having castle siege but you can take over a flag by damaging it then set respawn there then take down gates to enter the fort and have 5 people circle in each one to take defenses down, everyone needs to gather up in the buff room to capture it to earn fort buffs.

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    I started playing this yesterday and it's pretty fun

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    Good guide! Thankyou We should party together and stuff, i find that i get bored without any friends lol!


    Edit: A guide requested by me i assume, lol

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    Time for my default question: is there open PvP?

    If there is, not going anywhere near the game. It looks like you can toggle it off purely by accident if somebody walks in front of you fighting a monster?

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    When I was signing up it said you can only play 6 hours a month without gold membership, is this true?

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    Very complete except.... you forgot to put the link to the game's homepage.

    And the first google hit gives: which doesn't seem to be the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sutasafaia View Post
    Time for my default question: is there open PvP?

    If there is, not going anywhere near the game. It looks like you can toggle it off purely by accident if somebody walks in front of you fighting a monster?
    You fight monsters in dungeons and you cant PvP in dungeons ^^
    (from what ive seen and experienced though)

    Quote Originally Posted by ControlKill View Post
    When I was signing up it said you can only play 6 hours a month without gold membership, is this true?
    I've been playing for 19 hours and i signed up like 3 days ago, their information must be outdated.

    Quote Originally Posted by KurzedMetal View Post
    Very complete except.... you forgot to put the link to the game's homepage.

    And the first google hit gives: which doesn't seem to be the game.

    Download the client, login, Zodiac server on the left

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    what client the classic one? do i need facebook? :s
    i dont get it lol. all i get to choose is the classic version -.- and some itunes bullshit.

    edit: i checked everywere and theres no such thing as a registration page or download without installing additional software. what a horrible site... ill try KurzedMetal's download
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    Choose the last one, Graal Kingdoms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gattsu View Post

    Download the client, login, Zodiac server on the left
    Thx for the help, for the rest of the mortals who didn't understand which client to download:

    It's the Player worlds client. And It's free to play so far.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gattsu View Post
    Choose the last one, Graal Kingdoms
    Weird i logged in with the Player worlds client, it must be the same client.

    Soon as i figure it out, i'm going to post my IGN or account or whatever you guys need to chat/party in-game if anyone is interested.
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