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    Sector: 6
    Name: Masciousus Shomaber (Mask-Eo-Sus Show-May-Ber)
    Nickname: Mascus
    Student Identification Number: 74843Q
    Class And Specialty: Leader of the pirating organization Ocean Beasts, He is excelent with head to head combat and naval tactics
    Age: 19
    Appearance: Mascus is a tall dark skinned teen. His heritages skin was darkened after many years of living under the hot sun on the open ocean. He wears his hair in dreads that he has in a pony tail behind his head. His face is very rugged but clean shaven. His eyes are dark grey and his hair is brown with a red tint. He has scars across his chest from battles with government ships and vicious sea animals. He has broad shoulders and large muscles. He is a menacing figure and casts a shadow over a room. He rarely wears a smile on his face. He is very tall reaching 6 feet and 10 inches.
    Personality: He is a quiet man and only speaks when it is necessary. He always acts the strong silent type because that's what what it tool to control his men. He has a soft spot for the helpless and the poor, those who do not have the ability to protect themselves. He loves many people but when he is angered he has a hard time controlling his feelings.
    Bio/History: He started a band of pirates at the age of 16 to steal from the government and give the helpless what they can't get themselves. His operation was made up of 6 ships, all with complete crews. Finally the government was fed up with him. They sent out a naval commando to bring Mascus in. When the commando named Jassohem finally caught up with Mascus they met head to head in conflict. In the end Jassohem's 4 warships lost one and Mascus's ships lost his flagship and Mascus was captured himself. Mascus's other ships made it away at the sacrifice of himself and his flagship. Jassohem continues to search for the 5 remaining ships but to no avail.
    Other: Mascus's largest scar comes from a Prox Shark (New breed of shark discovered just after the forming of the new nation). Prox Sharks are big and very fierce. But the Prox Shark didn't fair well after giving him Mascus that scar. When he was captured his signature weapon, a scimitar, was taking from him. If he could only get it again.
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