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Thread: WoW, Rift, or something else?

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    Default WoW, Rift, or something else?


    Kind of want to start playing an mmorpg with nice graphics, gameplay, etc. Not sure if I want to bother with ftp as most I've played just don't fit what I want(either the graphics aren't good enough, or some other reason).

    I played WoW until mid 2009, so I know kind of what the game feels/plays like. I also played Rift the first 4 months it was released(had a bad computer then, so it was laggy). Loved both games, but not sure on the current statuses, like if Rift is still populated, if WoW is losing people to new games, etc. Are these games worth playing with other games coming out?(D3, Tera, etc)..

    I just can't decide, I don't think I'd like Tera, and the only reason I'm not sure about playing WoW is I'd have to buy the expansion, and get ready for MoP expac, I know they're not expensive but if it's a waste of money I don't want to bother lol.

    Any recommendations? WoW, Rift, or a different game? P2P or F2P.. Also I haven't played any mmo's for months, so I've been looking through some recently released f2p games and the graphics are just kinda, meh.. I got a new laptop so I don't want to feel like I'm wasting it with a game thats not graphically intensive...

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    Describe your meaning of graphics? 3d good looking, sorta what tera looks like. Anime style with heavy line around character and etc.

    If you are asking about diablo 3 I'm playing it right now because well because I don't want to waste $15 per month for unused time. The graphics style looks similar to what D2 looked like just more fixed up. Now they implemented an auction system which makes trading more convenient. But they dumbed the game down like wow. No class spec selection and etc. You get what you get as you level.

    As for WoW I'd say it's the same thing got to play that for about 3-4 months and reasons already stated about why I don't want to play. They game is extremly dumbed down. You no longer need to put in effort to level. All you pretty much need to do is grind dungeon finder and depending on your effort in one week you are maxed out. Then there is the gear. You still need to put some effort into this but it they made it easier by adding raid finder (LFR) which pretty much dumb down the whole point of raiding. The LFR armor still don't compare to regular or herioc raid armors though. Basically what blizzard developer is doing is lowering their standard for those people who whines and crys about leveling too hard it's too grindy. To put in my two cent it is a mmorpg it is to be expected to put effort in the mmorpg you are playing it's not a fps where everything is pretty much handed to you. Then there is MoP the talent system is gonna get demolish. You no longer get to pick the spec talents like you use to you just pick a spec. The spec special is giving to whatever spec you picked so if FFB in fire spec is said to do whatever effect it is set in stone you can't change it. Talent only a comes by once every 5 or 15 level I forgotten and you only get to pick 1 talent for that respective level.

    C9 seemed like it had some good graphic but that's not out yet, played it for a short time I played the beta. D3 is pretty fun for how dumb down it is but for right now they are having some server issues other wise it's not bad for now.

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    World of Warcraft currently has a great promotion.

    If your account was inactive prior to 03/01/2012 and you receive
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    Other MMOs similar to WoW?
    StarWars: The Old Republic
    EverQuest 2
    4 Story
    Age of Conan
    Runes of Magic

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    thanks for the replies!

    hmm it seems like I'm never going to find an mmorpg I like, lol. I mean WoW, maybe again.. dumbed down doesn't mean it's necessarily bad, just easier for everyone =/. When I played last, it wasn't that hard to level or anything, just raiding was difficult(and half the time it was because other players don't understand not to stand in fire, etc lol).

    I'm not sure if I want to get D3, I did play d2 but I feel like it's just going to be the same repetitive stuff, farming the last acts boss, rushing people, whatnot.
    And yes C9 is pretty fun, I started playing but realized it's one of those instance-based games where there's no where to actually explore(saw about 25-30 people just standing at the first instance entry.

    as for Excaliblur, unfortunately I've played every game on that list except EQ2, and didn't like any except Rift and Allods, but people say that game is somewhat dead. I'd prefer a lot of people, even with the server merge they are having(I think?), I don't know if it will be enough.

    I'm picky and there's not many choices

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    Let me put in a good word for Rift. I've been playing since the later stages of Beta and have watched the game evolve. There are much fewer shards than there once was and some of them are suffering from low population. But Rift is very much alive and coming out with new things all the time and we are seeing a lot more coming as well. If you enjoyed Rift before you will adore it now.
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    Try Allods if you cant find a nice game to play. Btw, only this week (till sunday, so almost over) you can get a free mount at EU server. (don't know about the US server)

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