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Thread: Counter intuitive request - reversal in the evolution of gaming.

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    Default Counter intuitive request - reversal in the evolution of gaming.

    Lately games have been stepping up their game. Becoming more and more complicated and fast paced. Immersive and full of action. The only problem is, when I get home at the end of the day I am beat. I just want to relax. But sometimes I want to play a game too. And lately those two wants have been clashing.

    I would like a simple game - and by simple I mean easy going.

    Runescape would probably be my perfect game if it wasn't for this evolution of combat crap that's just going to make things more complicated. Also I've rather outplayed it. But the reason it would be the perfect game is because you can practically play it with one hand. There's no active skills or mana to keep track of. It's an easy laid back game to play but at the same time there's no lack of content and the graphics don't look like Tibia. It can hold interest.

    It's full of content and tons of things to do but at the same time it incorporates the addictive simplicity that I'm looking for and is frequently updated.

    I'm looking for something like that. Any suggestions please?

    EDIT:: Preferably a very high level cap. Or constantly added content.
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    The original Everquest was way more difficult than nearly anything you will find on today's market. Try... Anything that your friends currently play. The easiest game is the game where you can follow your friends and do what they tell you to do on voice-chat. Many a clueless Maple Story noob has performed high-end content in other MMORPGs because they had a decent guild.

    But if you really, Really, REAAAALLY want to relax at home, then play a game that has no players. Players are the worst thing that can exist in an MMO. But also the best thing that makes us play them. My Dad is a number-cruncher who has grinded to level 99 on cooking and magic on Runescape. EvE Online is the perfect game for him because he could just do mining and number-crunching all day long in high-security systems (non-PvP). But you need to spend a few hours learning the game interface. Just like there was a short tutorial for Runescape. Trickster Online, Maple Story, Realm of The Mad God, and PsyPets are also simplistic games, but you may not like the graphics.

    Like Runescape and Entropia, EvE has been adding content for almost a decade now. Oh yeah - Entropia. That game would also interest you, but unless you are a number-cruncher then it will cost you money
    This is the guy that taught me how to play Entropia. Also... The links from Google to OnRPG threads are all broken

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