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Thread: Aaaand the internet exploded today. (Obamacare)

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    All I know is it sure would be nice if I could go see a damn doctor. Almost a year ago my dad lost his job and I lost the insurance I was getting through him. Around that time I started having a lot of different complications. It's taken untill June at my current job to have open enrollment for healthcare and now till July for it to take effect before I can finally see a doctor, even if I can hardly afford it.

    If I run into some "preexisting condition" bullshit because of this situation I'm not sure what I'll do. At least what is wrong with me isn't something I've seen a doctor about before.
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    And here's some even more insane reactions, more variety than just everyone saying they're moving to Canada.

    I'm especially amused at the people that compare what Obama just Hitler.

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    Eh I am not really happy about my taxes being raised for anything, but at least this time it may be going to actually help people instead of defense projects and maintaining our all ready grade D average infrastructure. Though knowing the nature of people this will more than likely turn into a giant money pit that very few, if any people will actually get any benefit from. So only time will tell if this works out or if it was the straw that broke the camels back that will really put us extremely deep into debt. As this would be the only reason I am against it as we as a nation need to stop spending not keep the current level of spending then jam tons of extra spending on top of it. Also I am glad it works for other nations but you guys are not exactly rolling in the dough either so why should a nation all ready in debt carry on the practices of other nations who are also in debt (and some of them literally falling apart)?

    As I said this may turn out to be all right in the end or it may just be what finally brings the debt to an unsustainable (in the short term as well as long term) for our nation.

    So lets see what happens before we all go jumping on the "Oh shit America is a dictatorship band wagon"....that has got to be the stupidest thing I have heard in a very long time...and you should hear the shit drunken college philosophy majors will say.


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