I have been playing CA for about 1 and a half to two months and to tell you the truth it is fun. I love fast-paced gameplay. On the note, I am fed up with the players on the game. Hackers are growing in numbers, glitchers are abusing more and more, and harassment is really REALLY bad.
I'm a sniper and I tend to aim quick and fire cause I've learned where players run out and how much space i need to give my sights from the wall to where they come charging out, and for that thinking I am called a hacker sometimes. I do encounter the occasional good sport who says ns but not that often.
Thats not the reason that I'm probably going to quit CA, no it's not the hackers or the glitches cause they arent always in every game. It's the Harassment. Just today I guy said and I quote, "All white people should go back to the EU server". I live in the US so I've never even been on the EU server. I reported this like I always do cause I like fair games and not having to see someone being rude and speaking racist remarks, but I don't expect anything to be done.
At first I thought the report system was a good idea but I have seen a bunch of the players that I've reported still playing cause frankly I dont think Nexon cares. Man_Gaga is a "top ranked" player on CAs official site, but I reported him TWO weeks ago for massively hacking THREE of the games I was in. It's unfair and I'm just fed up with the "report" system. Nexon has good games but CA is just starting to run more wild everyday I get on. Been cussed out twice today and I was only on for an hour. Thank you. -Cifer