End of Days Game is the first title under the Rainy Day Games banner.

We are very passionate about this new venture, to create a game that everyone will enjoy playing.

We are about to launch the beta version which has been in development for a month and is already looking very promising, overtime we plan on launching more additions/features to the site.

Below is a list of the changes/additions to the current version.

-A redesigned crime system which now works on xp and includes progress bars.
-A Market system for buying and selling item's.
-Profile upgrades with new ranks for number of kills, crimes committed and wealth.
-Stocks will be complete, once the version goes live.
-Headquarters has had the members list added.
-Reputation has been added and also a wanted level. Which will affect your standing with the Police and other Corporations
-Layout additions and tweaks.
-Loads of bug-fixes too many to list here.
-Community forum will have a revamp.
-More additions to the security of the site.

We hope everyone will enjoy spending time on it as much as we have loved working on it.

Website : http://www.endofdaysgame.com