Orbis: Duels of Magic

Orbis is a Browser Based Multiplayer Card Game.

Browser Based means you can play it on your computer without downloading and installing any software, using only your web browser. Multiplayer means the game is designed to be played by many players at the same time and it features lots of player interraction. Card means that the game mechanics are built around collecting and playing cards. The cards represent different magic powers available in the game.

Players duel each other constantly improving their skills and tactics. Meanwhile, they design their decks in order to defeat as many opponents as possible. In order to make their decks powerful and versatile, they earn different currencies which can be used to purchase new spells to use thruoghout the many battles to come.

The game is designed to fit multiple playing styles. You can invest as little as 2 hours a week and still notice huge improvement of your deck. You can also spend hours a day playing the game in order to improve faster. Regardless of your playing style, the game has a lot of fun and challange to offer.