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Are you on Scania?
I'm on Khaini <3

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I got to level 107 today! I am getting off for the night. I plan on 110-115 tomorrow during 2x. I have a lvl 16x evan from my guild wiht epic gear who hits in the 300ks waiting to ks me a channel. I want to monopolize on the 2x to get as close to 120 as possible. I will probably hit 120 on or by the 2x on new year's.

and my new training schedule 1-120

1-10: Snails
11-13: Pigs/Ribbon pigs
14-18: Blue ribbon pigs
18-20: Hat quest
20-30: Rotting skeletons
30-36: Mush kingdom
36-45: Blakes dream
45-50: CDs
51-68: Ludi tower (Pink teddies, Rolloducks, Trojans, Robos)
68-82: Jesters
82-110: MP3
110-120: Himes.

After this i dont really know....

I know 120+ will be the new castle area with the chaos update on jan 18th. This will introduce UAs, the new area, gear up to level 140, and easier training for levels 120-200.
I think Vikings should be better when you near 120 (at least for TB since Vikings are weak against lightning )