After seeing Ellondu's Maple Story Guide, I remembered I had made a Metin2 guide a few years ago. The Guide is for Black Magic Suras.
I edited a bit to fit the new gameplay.
There might be some spelling errors, as this was written 4 years ago and copied from some gold selling sites (which copied it from me), which usually suck at english.

Here it is:

To start out with being a Black Magic Sura, you should train your Sura to level 5 and then talk with Bl. Magic Prof, Ben.
Every new player who chooses Black Magic gains 4 Skill points.
You can choose to add these wherever you want but I would advice you to add them to:

*Darkfire = Unleash a line of pulshing flame, burning all nearby enemies.
*Shadow Bolt = Sends a Dark Hole suching the life force from your enemies.
*Entangle = Unleash Demon Energy to your target.
*Bloodrage = Unlesh Evil Spirits to attack your enemies.

Why I advice this for a starter is because it hits the opponont harder than normal sword attacks so you level easier.
When you reach level 6, you get another skill point (you get one for every level) which I would advice you to add to Ritual of Doom, which is a DOT skill great for PvP.
Then comes level 7, now you will unlock all your skills when you follow this guide and add the skillpoint to Aphotic Shield, it is a shield skill which transfers damage you take to your MP instead of your HP.

Time to Master a skill!

Ok now you have all your Black Magic skills unlocked and ready for use so it is time to level up untill atleast level 23.

When you level up every time until level 23 I advice you to add a point to Ritual of Doom because it helps you in handeling great mobs and is by far the best PvP skill.(mobs in this case being the monsters who move with 3 at the time)

There is a chance that at 17 points in Ritual of Doom it will become Master skill (also called level 2 skill) but if it doesn't, you can do 2 things.

1. You can go to Old Lady and ask for a Stats Reset.
2. You can level up 1-3 levels because at 20 points it automatically becomes a level 2 skill.

Now at level 2 Ritual of Doom will do about 800 damage every 3-5 seconds on your target.

Now at level 23 you can start training in Maadi on Black Wind and Black Tornado monsters. When you reach level 25 you can go to SujinDen and kill monkeys to get a horse medal, which you can give to Stable Boy to get a horse (you can also buy the horse medal from players).

You will have to kill 30 Savage Archers in 30 minutes to get a horse, then talk to Stable Boy, wait 1 day and then you can give him 100k to get a Horse Sword which if you right-click it summons your horse, you only have a 15% chance to summon it, you can make this a bigger chance by reading Horse Summoning books.

Once you reach level 28 go to Northern Maadi and train there on Savage Minions & Infantry's because it gives good exp at that level.

All the skill points you get from leveling after you have gotten Ritual of Doom Level 2 should go onto Darkfire if you want to be stronger in mass-PvM, or onto Shadow Bolt if you want to focus mainly on PvP.

At level 35 you can start asking for BO Parties in the shout chat, as they give the best experience at that level.

BO Parties will level you up and when you reach level 39-42 it is time for your second Master skill, which should be either Shadow Bolt or Darkfire (this is my advice, you aren't forced to choose these skills!).

Now at level 40 you can go get a language ring and do the next Ancient Page quests.

PvP or PvM (PvP = Players vs. Players, PvM = Players vs. Monsters)

Now it is time to chose what direction you will go, the PvP or PvM direction.
When you chose the PvP direction you should start putting skill points in Shadow Bolt.
When you chose the PvM direction you should start putting skill points in Darkfire.
You can also go both ways by putting skill points in Darkfire and then when it is mastered, start putting in Shadow Bolt (or the other way around).

Now you go and level up, after Darkfire/Shadow Bolt/Both I would advice Entangle as it can slow your target, and last but not least Bloodrage.

Skillbooks and how to use them

Skillbooks are the skillpoints after you received a level 2 skill.
So for example to go from Darkfire M1 to M2 you need a Darkfire Skillbook.
The amount of skillbooks needed differs per level!

M1 to M2 requires 1 Skillbook
M2 to M3 requires 2 Skillbooks
M3 to M4 requires 3 Skillbooks
M4 to M5 requires 4 Skillbooks
M5 to M6 requires 5 Skillbooks
M6 to M7 requires 6 Skillbooks
M7 to M8 requires 7 Skillbooks
M8 to M9 requires 8 Skillbooks
M9 to M10 requires 9 Skillbooks

When you reach M10 your skill will turn into a level 3 skill (G) which is the highest level of skill possible in Metin2.

When your skill has reached G you will not need any more skillbooks, but Soul Stones to up your skills.

Tip for getting to G quickly:
Buy from Item Mall: Hermit's Advices because they make certain that reading a skillbook ALMOST always succeeds. When buying all those Advices you can also buy Exorcism Scrolls with your Q Points, which resets the 24 hour time that has to be between reading 2 skillbooks. With this you will have G skill in no time.


These are my tips to be a good Black Magic Sura in terms of stats:

1. Get your CON to 20
2. Max out your INT
3. Get your CON to 40
4. Every level you get 3 Stat Points so use them as followed: 2 STR, 1 DEX every level until you have 60 STR and 30 DEX
5. Now it is time to raise your CON further so do as followed: 2 CON, 1 DEX every level until you have 80 CON and 50 DEX.
6. So now you turn it around and do 2 DEX, 1 CON until you max out CON which gives you 70 DEX.
7. Now you have 90 INT, 90 CON, 60 STR, 70 DEX.
8 Time to start doing 2 DEX, 1 STR so that when you max out DEX you have 70 STR.
9. Now simply add STR until you max it out.

*NOTE: The Stat Build was written 2 years ago. I don't know what the majority of the players does now, but it should still make you a strong character. Also, I am not sure whether these gold selling sites made any editing to this build, so there might be some calculation errors in it.

Have fun guys