Some of you guys should check out <Minions of Mirth> it isn't some super heavy on graphics MMORPG like the other games posted on MMOHUT but i have found it has gameplay that more than makes me happy and im a picky gamer, i have been looking for games for long time that i can enjoy for a while before getting bored. It is an MMORPG it has the following races | Darkelf, Halfling, Human, Elf, Drakken "Short 2 legged dragon sort of thing", Gnome, Ogre, Troll, and a few more..there are plenty of classes to choose from and the wicked thing is you can Multiclass in the game 3 times, meaning you can be for example "Warrior/Necromancer/Cleric" but there isn't a system to hold the classes back like you have to split your max number of level's between the can take all three classes you choose to level 100 which is the maximum level achievable. Sorry for the long post guys it's just this game is quite fun but under is free to level 15/5 but for 29.95$ paid once you can get premium and unlock it all. Website >>> Minions of Mirth

~Fumbles~ PS it would be cool if the owner of MMOHUT could do a 10 min review of the game! 8)