Looking for a new game? Request what you are looking for here. In this topic, you can also look for other people to play with.

Let me give you a few tips before posting a thread here;

1. What type of game are you looking for?
- MMO Games
- MMORPG Games
- Shooter Games
- Sports Games
- Racing Games
- 3D Games
- 2D Games
- Fantasy Games
- Scifi Games Games
- ...

2. What does your game need?
- Player vs Player
- Player vs Enviroment
- Easy User Interface
- Easy Lobby-system
- ...

3. What setting are you looking for?
- Medieval
- Fantasy
- Ancient China
- Egyptian
- Ancient Roman
- ...

4. Be specific with your order.

5. Look into other threads with the same expectations.

6. Be sure you mentioned what game you have tried before.

7. Make sure to let people know what continent you are from, for instance; North America (NA), Europe (EU),...

8. Make sure you take a look at the gamelist too.

9. Looking for people? Most of the rules from above apply. Be sure to mention what game you are going to play if already decided.

10. Be sure to add eachother on whatever messenger you use or ingame for that matter.

If you have tried 10 to 20 games, you should not mention them all. Before you post, think about this first;
Is MMO(RPG) really my type of game? Are shooters really my type of game?
This might be a bit rude, but if it isn't then stop looking for it. If they are and you found a game before
that you had a lot of fun with, try staying with it.

P.S: If you are looking for a lot in your next game, make sure that your thread is somewhat clean for a good overview.

That's all, happy hunting.