So this is my idea. And I am going to do it alone probably even if no one wants to join. I play maplestory a minimum of 2 hours a day. I am looking for others who love maplestory and want to play together in a group. I know other groups have failed in the past, however I am a steady mapler and I will definitely be playing consistently. My idea is to start on a new world (Not new as in Zenith, And Arcania) but new as in new to us and a little less populated. I figure it will be more fun to level with a group of 5 consistent players rather than by yourself 4/5ths of the time, which is how I am currently playing. I am getting 50k nx on the the 3rd and I am really thinking about transferring my WA to another world to make a MapleStory world and guild for MMOhut.

Please let me know what you think.

I am really looking for opinions from people who would either play the game seriously or who already do. AznTechie this means you.