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Thread: Problally finishing this game i planned for years

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    Default Problally finishing this game i planned for years

    Im kinda new to the boards but i come everyday to check out these forums!
    Im problally going to work on a 3d isometric game called Chronicles, ive been planning this for months but never really started on it. Since im totally into 3d design and modelling i will problally show up some screenies soon (of the models) because my teacher of school that really helped me out with 3d design and stuff he gave me a copy of 3Dmax Cinema4D Bryce and Maya ive been using this alot and I really like working with them so that was the time i thought of making an RPG.

    Ive never really been into coding, thats why im using Flash to make my game since im already highly expirienced with Flash. My friend is happy to do the Actionscripting so that wont be a problem! Flash may not be the easiest way, but its the most comfortable way for me and my friend. I will give you a quick explanation about the game.

    -The game will be made in 3D, in flash but in 3D with an Isometric style.
    -It will be offline, problally. If the game works out well it'll be a single player online game (so leveling/skills/expierence and everything will be on a scorelist)
    -There is much involved, like Skills, Leveling, Enchanting, NPC's and more and there also be a little extra, maybe not new I dont know but its a kind of unknown thing its building your own weapon but mostly the colours though to make your weapon/armor look detailed
    -Monsters, offcourse. There also might be NPC slaughtering and Guard killing.
    -A different thing then any other game this time, as you might have seen Lord of the Rings the white city Rohan (atleast i think:confused: might have forgotten), there will be that kind of map in the game, a large scaled city with lots of features. This time problally NO dungeons though, yes I really hate dungeons since the start of playing RPG's ive never really been fond of it, this will be replaced with farms and small towns etc. There might be a LITTLE dungeon though, like a mine or something but not a large-@$$ scaled map with 1000 skelets with a sword and a shield waiting to be killed.
    -Money making offcourse, a little different too. Yes you will be able to get money from monsters but, there also will be a new feature of money making. Assasination, combining skills and showing off your armor/weapons etc to other people in the village to obtain money from them. There also might be a real job involved like killing other people for a clan/guild to obtain money or items.
    -Since this whole project problally take more then a year the beta testing will be really late... Although an official website will be done.. Soon... Could take months because im really focusing on the game right now... But screenshots will be posted soon with models, landscapes and towns etc. Im looking for a site with good free textures so if anyone has an idea please share it

    There problally will be alot more features but i cant name them at the moment because im still focusing on modeling and visual effects and such, im looking for an artist or sketcher or any other to draw some art for the game, like the characters in 2d art made in Photoshop. You dont have to do it yet but once we have some screenshots it'll be really helpfull to have some photoshopped arts and sketches we'll be thankfull and your name will offcourse show up in the credits.

    Greetings from Fan Studios

    PS: I hope all of you have a little trust in this idea and so do we, it may take a while before I post some models and landscapes, buildings and everything but it'll problally be posted soon.

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    Well done too you, seems like your close to doing what you wanted to achieve, Ive only started my adventure in making a game today, if you need beta tester - I like to play games and would love to try out your game.

    But anyways, good luck to you and your game along with your teammates.


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