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    Default STO 3rd Fleet

    If you play Star Trek Online and are seeking to join a Fleet please consider 3rd Fleet.
    We are an International Fleet consisting of 4 Divisions- French, Spanish, German, and English (UK/US)..check us out at 3rd Fleet ! If you like what you see-apply today =)

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    Welcome Captain's to Star Trek Online. No doubt by now you have seen the many challenges and adventures that lie before you. You are the Captain of a Starship and Starfleet has invested much time and resources and selected you for a special purpose. Your ship and your crew depend on you for survival. In these harsh times when the prospect of exploration and peace hangs by a thread, it's now more important than ever that we ask you, fellow Captains, to join us to defend the Federation once more!


    Third Fleet is a large, multinational fleet with interests in all areas of the game, members all over the world and the experience, drive and sense of fun needed to take on any challenge. Our members consist of casual gamers, hardcore gamers, roleplayers and tribbles!

    We have four large divisions encompassing English, French, Spanish and German with the desire to expand further if necessary.

    Our regular activites include:
    All STF's (Special Task Force) on a regular basis.
    Regular fleet leveling parties.
    Large and active fleet RP section.
    Experienced crafting group.
    PVP-oriented players within the fleet organise events in this area for less experienced members.
    Fleet Actions at ALL levels.
    Just about anything else. If you can think of it, we'll take it on.

    The fleet is organised with an active support and leadership team meaning you, the gamer, are free to game your way.

    Our four divisions (English, French, Spanish and German) are each in turn split into three sections - Tactical/Command, Science and Engineering. This allows our members to play the game their way, and learn from experienced members within each of these fields.

    If this all sounds appealing, head straight over to 3rd Fleet


    Whether you are an Andorian, Human, Vulcan, Bolian, Trill, Liberated Borg, Klingon, Caitian, Ferengi or even an Alien species we can all agree that space is vast and full of dangers and intrigue. Let us ask you the following:
    Ever needed help with a difficult mission?
    Ever felt like you are in space with no one to talk to?
    Ever needed tips on what sort of weapon to fit aboard your ship or where to spend those skillpoints?
    Check out the new ground combat with friends?
    Do you want Borg or Aegis set items?
    Do you feel like you're playing a single player game?

    If you answered yes to any of the above then 3rd Fleet is the fleet for YOU! We have a great atmosphere, helpful players and passionate leaders that want nothing more than to enhance our gameplay by enhancing yours! A fleet is only as strong as it's weakest member and this is a sentiment that we all share in 3rd Fleet. By helping our members we become a cohesive unit. When you join our fleet you are part of something unique. You are part of a collective of players that share the same goals and a sense of adventure.

    We also have a dedicated website with our own domain name, a Teamspeak 3 server and other back up servers and a fully functional forum with tons of features such as a shoutbox and an arcade. It is also a place to share ideas, access information about missions, STF's, Fleet Actions and the daily operation of 3rd Fleet. Our forum is interactive and constantly evolving.


    We certainly don't think so! Our fleet is home to the casual players! We understand that real life comes first and sometimes things happen that is beyond your control. It's not so much rules and regulations but merely a set of guidelines that we have put in place to make sure that our members are treated with kindness, fairness and given the attention they deserve. I'd say that our officers are the ones that have strict rules to follow but our members - the core of our fleet - have guidelines. As an international fleet we strive for excellence and to bridge the gap between cultures. In doing so, we have to take into consideration the many values and needs of those in our fleet.

    To summarize our code of conduct, we ask our members to treat one another with respect, represent 3rd Fleet in the most positive way that you can and to have fun as being part of something greater. That's it! All our members share this sentiment and we are proud of it.


    Our website at 3rd Fleet will provide you with answers to many frequently asked questions. Additionally, you may contact any of the following members of 3rd Fleet:

    Recruiting Department: ENGLISH DIVISION (Click on a members name to contact them directly!)
    Head of Global Recruitment - Deputy Director Trip@night04
    Executive Officer Global Recruitment - Captain Ma'ra Fa'aren@Reizor
    English Division Recruitment Officer - Commander Pitt@oldsarge
    English Division Recruitment Officer - Commander Rylos@rylosstark
    English Division Recruitment Officer - Lt. Commander Ffion@Ffion
    English Division Recruitment Officer - Lt. Commander Lassiter McTavish@Ryghan
    English Division Recruitment Officer - Lieutenant Cali@AuroraNights

    Recruiting Department: GERMAN DIVISION (Click on a members name to contact them directly!)
    German Division Executive Officer - Commodore Three of Eight@neo_82

    Recruiting Department: FRENCH DIVISION (Click on a members name to send them a PM directly!)
    French Division Recruitment Officer - Captain Cyluss@Kilang
    French Division Recruitment Officer - Deputy Director Youlrish@YouIrish
    Jr. French Division Recruitment Officer - Commander Whirlwind@Whirlwind79

    Recruiting Department: SPANISH DIVISION (Click on a members name to send them a PM directly!)
    Division CEO - Admiral Sevak@Almiranteross
    Executive Officer - Commodore Animal@pedazoanimal
    Recruitment Officer - Deputy Director Rorg@Cenovita

    3rd Fleet would like to thank you for your interest in our fleet. As we are growing at a steady pace we'd like to mention that it is players like you that give us the enjoyment of being in a community and we welcome you with open arms as we set a course to boldly go where no one has gone before!

    =/\= END TRANSMISSION =/\=

    Website: 3rd Fleet
    Application: Enlist today!
    Recruitment Video: English Version [HD] | French Version [HD] | German Version [HD]
    Vice Admiral Rhys Delta
    Deputy Commander in Chief (2IC)

    =/\= 3rd Fleet International =/\=

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    If you play STO, please check us out, 3rd Fleet =)

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