Hello all,

I have been playing this game called The Lacuna Expanse for a while now (short description: think SimCity meets Master of Orion). I feel the community here would enjoy it.

You start off by customizing your species and home world. You then develop the home world. There is full circle economy: produce resources, manage/reuse waste, minimize pollution, keep your citizens happy, and trade freely with other players on the open market.

It is slow-paced game - you can play it just few minutes a day, or you can spend more time.

This game is for the serious strategy gamer, but anyone can pick it up.

Take a look, try the tutorial.


The Lacuna Expanse - Massively Multiplayer Online Space Strategy Game

Some features include:

Over 60 types of resources.
Over 100 different buildings to customize your planets.
You can never lose your home planet.
Integrated chat system.
Play anywhere with a browser or your iPhone.
Create your own species.
Mine asteroids.
Unique espionage-based combat system.
Full trade economy (resources, currency, ships, and more).
Over 1 million worlds to explore.
Explore more than 100,000 star systems.
Always fresh; new content is added to the game every week.
Play as an isolationist if you don't want to engage in battle.
Non-linear game play. Choose your direction.

Good luck