10. The more souls, the more joy.

MMO-games have the 'Multiplayer'-tag for a reason. They are more fun when you play them with a few people. If you prefer solo, then go solo. The only problem with that is that there are instances and other stuff in the game that require a group. It's a lot more fun if you play with some people that you know. This is when a forum like MMOHut comes in handy or others. It all comes down to your prefference.

9. Got stuck? Look it up.

If you got stuck on a quest or at an area, which can happen, look up what to do. Don't spam the GameMasters or anything like that. It can get annoying for them too since they want to enjoy the game as much as you. Game forums are there to help too.

8. Join a guild

This falls in the same category as number 10. Only thing is, these are groups of people (in case you didn't know) ingame which can help you out with quests easily and where you can have a chat with at lonely moments or just for fun. They are there for a reason.

7. Don't lose motivation

Motivation is a bug on people that can bring down there enjoyement of the game they are currently playing. The obvious factor is; 'making it feel like a job'. With some games, you'll have to waite till mid level for fun, while others even at late game.

6. Take your breaks

Don't rush anything. Gaming shouldn't be a job. It should be for fun. If you need your sleep, take it. Don't switch the day & night cycle. (been there, done that). It ain't healthy. Eat on time and don't game for more then 2 to 4 hours straight if it ain't needed. Some off-screen time can also do wonders.

5. WTF is IRL?

Internet is a way of communicating too, this can also be done ingame. This doesn't mean that you have to forget about your real life, also known as the outside-life. Not even when your friends are constantly on the internet. It might do good if you go outside every now and then.

4. There is no wrong. (ingame)

Play however you want to play. This one of the main factors in MMO's. Especially MMORPG's. A good thing is not to hack the game or anything as it can work on the nerves of the people you are playing with, though. Build your character how you want to build it, play the race you want to play,... You'll meet up ingame eventually.

3. Don't take trolls serious

You might have heared of them; noobs calling you out for the smallest thing. Don't pay to much attention to them. Dont' do it yourself either. You only break down someone their game-experience. There might come a day that you keep owning them yourself or they don't know something that you know.

2. Communication is key

A huge factor in MMO's. You won't get far if you stay under the radar. If you want that armor, just ask to the person wearing it; where to get it.

1. Have fun

Fun is something you create on your own, with whoever you are playing with. If a game isn't fun for you, you might have done some of the things above in the wrong way. Another solution might be to just stop the game. Take a break for gaming in general or narrow down your gaming time.