This is WackyModder85 here!
I am here today to show you guys a Mecha MMO that plays 90% IDENTICAL to Exteel! *Even more than Cosmic Break*
And to be honest, this is without a doubt, one of the GREATEST GUNDAM GAMES I've ever played in my life. I just had to say that. I am of course talking about the whirlpool of awesomeness known as SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online, a.k.a. SDGO, for the PC!!

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online is a Massive Multiplayer Online Third Person Shooter/Role Playing Game (MMOTPS/RPG) that is not released in the USA, Canada, or Europe. HOWEVER, even with this unfortunate fact into play, that does not mean it's impossible to play this game! You see, SDGO currently has 5 working servers in effect:

- Netmarble *Korea*

- 9you Mainland *China*

- 9you-Gamezone *Hong Kong*

- Wasabii *Taiwan*

- Japan Server (IP BLOCKED)

Let's talk about them in order, shall we?

1.) Netmarble:
This server is the ORIGINAL SDGO SERVER out of the 4. It currently has the most updated content out of all 4 servers, but the only thing about this server is that it's practically IMPOSSIBLE to get into now. In order to get into it, you would need to find yourself a Korean SSN that actually MATCHES somebody's REAL NAME in Korea. But even if you do that, good luck trying to get past verification, since they send a letter to the person's house to verify! QUITE LITERALLY!!

Regardless, though. If you can somehow find a way to get into Netmarble; DO IT!! It is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

2.) 9you Mainland China:
This was the Second server that was made after Netmarble. Currently, it is the 2nd most updated out of the 4 servers. This one is actually WAY EASIER to get into, but the only problem is that you still need a random Chinese ID Number to get thru registration on this server. It doesn't have to match anyone's name, all you need is a random one, so far. The only thing I find kind of annoying with this server is that it HEAVILY relies on M Coins, the game's system for using Real Money. Similar to Exteel's NCoins system. A LOT of items in this server all require M Coins to buy, but there are still ways to buy MANY MANY things in the game without M Coins, with just regular game currency.

3.) 9you Hong Kong:
This server is the 3rd most updated out of the 4. Again: Fairly Simple to register for, but you still need a random Chinese ID Number to get into this server. What I really like about this server is that its not TOO FAR BEHIND the 9you Mainland China server, and yet it relies WAY LESS on M Coins than the 9you Mainland China server does! 75% of everything in this game can be purchased with Game Currency! And surprisingly, theres A LOT of people who speak english on this server!! So you are actually more able to cooperate with your teammates with missions and PvP mode!! I play on this server quite often with my squad, whenever they're on. Whenever they're not on, I always play on Netmarble, but that's beside the point.

4.) Wasabii:
This is the 4th and Least Updated server of the 4 servers. Now, you're probably thinking: "Least updated? Who the hell would wanna use that server if its the least updated??" Good question! And to answer it, I am happy to announce that Registration for this server is A BREEZE!! IT requires NO FORMS OF ID OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT!!! Registration is purely straight forward! The only thing you gotta keep in mind is that one you REGISTER the account on Wasabii, you will then have to ACTIVATE the account shortly afterwards as well. But as long as you activate the account, you should be fine!

5.) Japan Server:
The NEWEST and most RECENTLY RELEASED SDGO Server is the one in Japan; but FORGET ABOUT IT!! Unless you personally live and thrive in Japan, that server is 99.9% impossible to even TRY to get into! The SDGO Japan Website as it clearly stands, is GLOBALLY IP BLOCKED to the whole world except for Japan itself. I've been told that certain Proxies work in getting you to access this site, but so far; I've had NO LUCK. If you manage to get into the Japan Server, CONGRATULATIONS, but remember to BE AS DISCRETE AS POSSIBLE, since they'd probably ID Ban any foreigners who get caught sneaking onto the Japan Server. What's good about the Japan Server tho, is that if you DO get on their website somehow: Registration is SO ****ING EASY, and requires NO FORMS OF ID OR ANYTHING. Not to mention: SDGO JAPAN has CUSTOM CAPSULES that none of the other 4 servers have!

Okay, so that's all you need to know about the Servers. Now then, let's talk GAMEPLAY!!

The gameplay for this game is quite a hybrid, if I do say so myself! It's sort of a combination of....
Exteel + Gundam VS. + Gundam: Encounters In Space
Yeah, that sounds about right!

There's a buncha gameplay modes in this game to pick from. Let's talk about them one at a time.

1.) Mission Mode:
In this mode, you are given multiple missions which you can play up to 4 player Online Co-Op with. It's a good way to gain experience for your Gundams/Mobile Suits quickly. VERY FUN, especially with friends!

2.) Deathmatch:
Self-Explanitory, really. If you don't know what deathmatch is, and you're a gamer. Something is wrong with you, there!
It's what you'd expect: Kill as many enemy players as possible, the one with the most points at the end is the winner. Simple stuff.

3.) Team Deathmatch (Point):
Team Deathmatch is also self explanitory, except instead of Free-For-All Deathmatch, you're on teams. This game only can do up to 8 players in a match at a time, so the max you can do is 6 vs 6. But even with that, regardless. It's still FUN AS HELL!!! Same shit as before: Kill each other for 5 minutes, the team with the most points wins. Good old fashioned gameplay!

4.) Team Deathmatch (Stock):
This form of Team Deathmatch is a little bit different from Team Deathmatch (Point). Instead of competing for Points, this time around, each player has a limited amount of lives. Whenever a player's lives are depleted, they are no longer allowed to respawn anymore and they are done for the rest of the battle. But they are still allowed to spectate other players, though. So they won't be staring at one spot the rest of the time! Once all enemy players have their lives depleted, the surviving team is the winner. Be advised: This gametype doesn't allow dilly-dallying. So make sure you don't do anything stupid to possibly cause you to waste lives.

5.) Team Deathmatch (Battleship):
This type of Team Deathmatch is where the gloves come off!! This is the 1st form of ELITE Player Vs. Player that you will unlock. You much be at least a Staff Sergeant Rank to play this mode, and for GOOD REASON!! Once you reach the rank of Staff Sergeant, you will unlock 2 free Battleships: a Salamis Class and a Drake Class. These 2 ships are for putting your mobile suits into to be used in this mode in particular. Each ship has a weight limit, and the stronger the mobile suit is, the more weight it takes up. So make sure that you balance out what mobile suits you play. Anyway, this form of Team Deathmatch is pretty much Team Deathmatch (Stock) with a BIG TWIST!! You see, the number of lives you have is determined by how many mobile suits you have on your ship that you have chosen to use for this battle. For example: If you have 3 mobile suits on your ship, you will have 3 lives in the game. One for each mobile suit. If you lose a mobile suit in battle, that mobile suit you died as is gone for good until the end of the battle. Meaning, you will respawn as one of your other mobile suits you have on your ship. However, if you know your mobile suit is low on health, you have the ability to Tag Out your mobile suit to swap it for another mobile suit on your ship. That way, your mobile suit won't die, and you'll have a whole new mobile suit with full health to fight with. Once all enemy mobile suits are defeated, the surviving team is the winner. BE ADVISED: THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO ****ING AROUND with this mode!! It takes very skilled players to master this mode!!

6.) Clan Battle:
This mode, I have VERY LITTLE INTEL on. From what I understand, this mode is only in the Netmarble Server to my knowledge. But I assume it's for clan battles of very high ranking players. So yeah, I don't know what else to say here... ???

Overall, though. Even though you're probably thinking: "Is Team Deathmatch ALL this game has to offer, besides Mission Mode??? :". Well...yeah, pretty much. But even with the somewhat lacking gameplay modes, that doesn't take away a DAMN BIT from it's fun factor! Why? I'll tell you why!! Let's talk CUSTOMIZATION!!!

Here is the BEST FACTOR of the entire game: It has mobile suits from EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY GUNDAM SERIES EVER MADE in this game!!! Players can go and buy/win their favorite mobile suits from their favorite Gundam Series and fight other players with them!! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!! You can also CUSTOMIZE THE **** OUT OF YOUR GUNDAMS!! And by that, I'm talking: Paint Color Schemes! Performance Enhancements! Special Abilities! Badges/Emblems! YOU NAME IT!! You can customize it!!

By default, each mobile suit/Gundam comes with 3 special abilities. 1 of the abilities is always its Special Attack. That will be the 1st thing you will unlock when you level up the mobile suit for the 1st time. the 2nd and 3rd times will unlock the other 2 abilities for the mobile suit. These other 2 abilties vary depending on what mobile suit you're leveling up.

Now, since this game has SO MANY GUNDAMS/MOBILE SUITS to choose from, theres a couple of options you can take to getting ahold of the ones you need:

1.) Capsule Machines:
The capsule machines are the 1st and most common method of trying to get mobile suits. Depending on what server you play the game in, there will be a varied number of capsule machines to play from, since each server is at a different updated level then each other. Wasabii is...I think at Capsule #34, 9you Gamezone is as Capsule 36, 9you Mainland China is at Capsule #38, Netmarble is at Capsule #45. But yeah, this is how capsule machines work: Each Capsule Machine has 6 mobile suits listed in each. Normally theres about 3 C-Rank Mobile Suits, 1 CR-Rank Mobile Suit, 1 B-Rank Mobile Suit, and 1 A-Rank Mobile Suit. Some Capsule Machines differ from this, but this is the standard thing that MOST of them go by. The formula here is, the higher the mobile suit's ranking, the harder is it to win it from the capsule machine. Each Capsule Machine has its own required Price to use the machine. Some machines cost 800 points, some cost 1600, the REALLY BIG ONES that have all high ranking suits in them can range from 7200 to 14800 points!! But, if you manage to get enough points to play in that capsule, then Congratulations! You will be walking away with at least a B-Rank or an A-Rank Mobile Suit!! 8) But yeah, when you pay the fee to use the capsule machine of your choosing, the machine spits out a capsule at random, and inside that capsule is one of the mobile suits that the capsule has inside it. Click on the capsule that pops up, and the capsule will open; revealing what mobile suit you won from it. It's a tough gamble, but if you're lucky enough, you will get good results!

2.) M Currency:
M is pretty much the easy way out for getting mobile suits/gundams you want really quickly. M works pretty much exactly like NCoins from Exteel. You pay a certain amount to get a specific number of coins, and you can buy all kinds of shit with the M to get the really powerful mobile suits quick and easily, without having to constantly try for them at the capsules or work on a Mixing Plan to build them. CN-USA actually sells PREPAID M Cards there which you can use on 9you Servers!! The more you pay, the more M you will get out of it!
Here is the link to where to get M Prepaid Cards from:

- 9you-Gamezone Server (Hong Kong):

- Wasabii Server (Taiwan)

3.) Mixing Plans:
Mixing Plans are the 2nd most common method of getting high performance mobile suits, and some mobile suits you can ONLY GET with a Mixing Plan. Here's how it works: First, you have to buy the mixing plan itself of the mobile suit you wanna build. On that mixing plan, you will see a list of mobile suits. You must find a way to get all required mobile suits on this list in order to build the mobile suit on the plan. The mobile suit listed at the top of the list is known as the "Key Unit". This unit MUST BE Leveled up at least 4 Times in order for you to be able to use it in the mixing plan. As for any B-Rank Units in the mixing plan, those must be leveled up I think at least once. If not, twice. C-Ranks don't need to be leveled up at all, you just have to have them in your possession, that's all. Now, once you have all the necessary mobile suits and made sure the higher rank ones are leveled up properly. You may then proceed to activate the mixing plan! Once the mixing plan is finished activating, a capsule will appear. Click the capsule to open it, and the mobile suit that you wanted to build is now all yours!!

And as a temporary thing if you ever needed it: If you go into the shop, you can RENT some of the more powerful mobile suits out there for 1-3 days, depending on how powerful the mobile suit you're renting is:

- B Ranks: 1-7 Days
- A Ranks: 1-3 Days
- S Ranks: 1 Day Only

From the shop, however, the only mobile suits you can BUY AND KEEP from there with points are the C Ranks.
C Rank Mobile Suits cost 4200 Points in the HK Server, and I think 4800 in the Wasabii server? Idk, something like that.
But yeah, If you buy a C Rank from there, you can keep it.

Okay, to rap up my discussion here. Let's talk QUESTS!!!

This game has a WHOLE LIST OF QUESTS which you can do. Quests can give you things such as Game Currency, Free mobile suits, Mobile suit Mixing Plans, Items, Skills, etc... You can have up to 3 quests activated at a time. The way questing works is like this:

1.) You bring up the list of quests 1st
2.) You click on the one you wanna activate
3.) Click this big button on the bottom left corner of the list, the quest you activated should turn Green; indicating that you activated it.
4.) Do what the quest asks you to do
5.) Go back to the quest list, the quest you just did should have turned gold; indicating you completed the quest
6.) Select the Completed Quest
7.) Click the big button in the bottom left corner again, the quest should then Grey Out, meaning that you did the quest and collected your reward. you're done with it.

If for some reason when you get this game and you get lost trying to navigate the menus or figuring out how to do quests and find out what all the buttons do. Then FEAR NOT!!! This game has its own WIKIPEDIA!!! This site will tell you EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING you need to know about the game if you need help at all! It even has its own FAQ!!!

Here's the link:
SDGO Wikipedia

SO YEAH!! Now that I've pretty much explained almost everything there is to know about this game. LET'S SEE SOME GAMEPLAY UP IN THIS *****!!! :cool:

Strike Freedom Gundam
Freedom Gundam
Destiny Gundam
Gundam HeavyArms Custom
Master Gundam
God Gundam
Wing Gundam Zero Custom
Gundam Virtue / Nadleeh
Nu Gundam
Nu Gundam HWS
Tallgeese III
Gundam Kyrios
Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom
Infinite Justice Gundam
GN-Arms Exia Type E
Gundam Exia
Akatsuki Gundam **Oowashi Skypack**

And THAT, my SDGO!!

If you still have any questions about anything I didn't mention here, then here's my 7 part Tutorial about SDGO.

Account Creation Tutorial (Wasabii Server)
*NOTE: The part about the Confirmation Email no longer applies, and you can skip past that part up to the part where I show how to activate your account.*

Gameplay & Menu Tutorial Playlist
*NOTE: Even though my tutorials are for the OLDER style menu systems of SDGO, I did put a video at the end of the tutorials that showcases how to navigate through the New SDGO 3rd Generation Update Menu System. The tutorials in general will still give you the basic idea of showing you how to play the game either way.*

If you have any questions, then they should be answered somewhere within these 8 videos.

Hope you guys enjoy the game!!

This is WackyModder84, SIGNING OFF!!