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Thread: MapleStory: KuroKage

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    Default MapleStory: KuroKage

    Haha you thought it was something new didn't ya?
    Well no it's a new guild in the CHAOS server (Keep this in mind)
    And we are recruiting ANYONE, no lvl requirements and whatsoever!
    We had an old guild among us but that had to go down and now we a new and fresh again!! We are back and running again looking to recruit anyone!

    We are a guild that strives to be the best, reach max lvl (lvl200), help each other out with quests, items, crafting, and everything else anyone needs help with! So you should come and join us

    I notice how there are many people against maplestory because of various reasons... I myself was against maplestory until I tried it out and now it's a wonderful game <3 ONLY if we have friends to play with which makes it more fun!!!
    The guild, KuroKage, are your friends and you WILL enjoy it here!!!

    Just send
    a whisper in the game so that we can recruit you into the guild

    We are extremely active, friendly, helpful, casual, we love to chat!
    If you have any more questions about this please don't be afraid to post :3

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    sounds more like a
    for people to join an
    (put the two caps words together)
    id understand if he had linked a website that had a bunch of ads that make him money...a referral link or something along those lines.
    but i dont see any of that here.

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