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Thread: Shadow Era A free to play online card Game not on your site

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    Shadow Era A free to play online card Game not on your site

    I didnt know where to put this thead

    I was thinking that what if I know of a game not on your site It looks like I do

    you may want to think about form area where people could suggest games you may not know about

    or maybe that you sould review on youtube or whatever

    just hope the search the site befor the suggest a game

    Shadow Era Trading Card Game - Free TCG for iPhone, Android and Web here a link to Shadow Era

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    It's best to suggest the games for first looks and all on Youtube page. Either ReMo is guesting the forum a lot or he just forgot he has one, so I don't think it will get noticed. After First Looks theres usually review that comes with it. Again, best bet is youtube page.

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    The Graphics look pretty nice and smooth, but unfortunately I'm not a huge fan of card games that arn't ********. :P (especially online)

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