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Thread: New Forum section (LFP)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jelena23 View Post
    Then where should they look? :confused:
    Instead of asking on forums ask the friend you already know for longer. With those you know that they won't just disappear on you. Don't have any friends? Get some! Friends are never bad. You can find friends everywhere. But only every 10th friend will be be a suitable gaming partner.

    Alternatively just find friends INSIDE the MMORPG you are playing. It's not that hard. Just to some smalltalk with the people in the town and you can get random internet friends like crazy.

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    Yep people should just add each other on skype/xfire/msn/whatever and then actually decide on a game, all these threads ''choose out of 5 games to play together etc.'' never end well cause not everyone gets their first choice, so one guy will quit then next will follow him in a week and tada you have another thread ''halp find gamin friend or something''.

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