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my GTx 660 costs 200+ euro where did you get the prices from ? ... my pc costed me 1.1k with intel and nvidia ... i don't think i will ever change from intel to ati just because of some 100 or 200 euro i still think that intel gives better quality stuff ...
ATI was actually AMD's graphic card brand until they merged them all under the house name. Therefore your sentence should really be "I will never switch from Nvidia to ATI." Though I would question your motives in that because the R9 280x is better and cheaper than the 770, the R9 290 is on par with the 780 and cheaper, and the Reference 290x Uber preforms slightly--5FPS--worse than the the 780 Ti @ 4K resolution but is substantially cheaper by something like $200 USD.

AMD processors on the other hand... I completely agree, but I like to pack as much performance for as little money as possible.