GTH is 3D Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG. The game was oryginaly released in 2004 but was shut down couple of years later, apparently it has relaunched and as far im aware there are 3 websites with 1 server each.

Gate To Heavens - MMORPG 3D Free to Play

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The game is story about Hermits who have mystic powers. These hermit must do battle with monsters in there new world now that it has been seperated from the human world.

The seperation was created by a massive earthquake in the Gonryun mountain range on Gonryun Continent. The hermits were sent to the place were they belonged after the mountain range when the worlds were split. The earthquake only stopped after a female hermit named Zuru sacrificed herself. This seperation from the earth is considered the beginning of Hermit history by the hermits.

The hermist seperated themselves into two cultures based on the nature and living conditions of the earth they resided and developed their unique culture up to now. They 4 clans were divided into the North and South and were totally alienated from eachother and would not recognize eachother if they were to meet. Peacful cultures were created in both areas but that was soon to change.

The Ancients of the Hermits sensed that more was to come and something evil was in the air. Another earthquake occured in Gonryun but this time after it subsided terrible demons energies emerged into the Hermit world turning even the most ducile creature into an evil being. This energy stregthened the mutants of the world and created new monster to infect the world with evil.

The lives of many hermits were mercilessly siesed. It is your job as A new hermit to this world to vanquish these demons and bring peace back to your culture and allow once again for the Hermit world to be a joyful one with a proud history.


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The gameplay is similar to most MMORPG out there but it does have its differences.

-Auto Quests
In this game you not only get quests from NPC and monster drop you also get them automatically at certain levels and points during your training.

These Quests are given at certain levels and when you achieve a certain amount of EXP after you level. These quest like any are good ways to get experience points and Nak(in game money). Once you complete the quest an in game sequence will start and an angel will come down and present you your reward for completing this quest. The same angel will come down when your automatic Quest begins.


The leveling system is percent base. You achieve levels by getting Experience point by both killing monster and completing quest. Most experience you get will be through killing monsters. You can gain more exp faster if you join parties of people killing monsters you should start doing this once you are level 10+ Its less exp in physical form but because everyone is killing everything it accumulates to be much more unless you have a bad party.

In addition to your traditional Level you also have a Zen Level. The zen level is always less then your actual level. This Zen level is the level that is used to obtain your Abilities in game. Certain quests will give you only Zen experience which is benificial to you because you will be able to obtain skills earlier in your levels.

-Battling System

The battling system is of Real-Time like any other MMORPG. When you engage and enemy it will aggro to you however you can still have another person attack you same target. If the person who attacked with you achieves more damage then you he will earn the rights to the drops even though you attacked first. If you achieve the most damage you recieve the drops and an Attack Bonus which gives you more exp for the kill.

-Group Play

You can have a maximum of 8 people in any one party. When in a party everyone can loot your kills which some times cause in people looting your items if you have a good leader most of the time they will just kick a person for looting. A group is the best way to go for fast experience.


The PvP system in this game is pretty cool. There are Arena's in the two main cities Liberty Haven and Zheldet. In these arena's you can fight with another player for exp, money, or items. To challenge someone you speak to the NPC in charge of the arena in the city which is usually right next to it. You put yourself into the waiting room and when someone challenges they will set the terms of the duel and then if you accept you will be transported in to the arena and the duel will begin.

The dreaded(read best) part of any PvP system is the PKing:eek:. You dont have to worry about this untill you reach about level 45-50 depeding on when you start training in one of the Pk areas. All areas over 50 are pk areas the two first and most known and dreaded are Labryinth and SeducingCooridor. They are the two most common area's for PK. You have to go to both of these areas in a quest called Almighty Weapon which can be done at any time so if you to scared of getting PK'd you may wanna wait but the benifit of the quest early on are worth it to me.

Character Classes

There are four character Classes in this game. Wind Hermit, Soul Hermit, Water Hermit, and Earth Hermit. Each class at level 30 goes through a quest to awaken which alows you to branch off in to one of the two sub classes.

-Wind Hermit

This is the archer or assassin class of the game depending on what you awaken as.

If you awaken as a Wisdom-Eyed Mystic Archer you will be an archer with incredible range and attack power, It is a Hit and Run type class so if you are into melee it is not for you but if you like casters this a great class. I find this class to be fun and it has the ability to go into areas higher then its levels and be able to hold its own.

If you awaking as a Wandering mystic Archer you will be a dagger wielding assassin with the ability to teleport instantly to its target and take it by suprise. If you like a fast melee class with unique abilities and skills this is the class for you!

-Soul Hermit

This is the warrior type of class. You can chose to be a powerful Two-handed user or a quick One-Handed warrior.

If you awaken as a Knight Of Wandering. You will be a powerful Two-Handed weapon warrior with ability to increase its speed by summoning angelic wings. With its arsenal of heavy attack power skills and it incredible power this is any melee'r dream class.

If you awaken as a Knight Of Commitment you will be a noble and quick One-Handed swordsmen. With its quick attack and power it makes quick work of monsters it is a great class for any melee'r who like speed with some power.

-Water Hermit

What is a game with our a Mage or a Healer. Well this class can be either.

If you awaken Destruction Mystic Sorcerer you will be a powerful mage capable of taken down it target it in a matter of a few hits. Dealing massive damage with its spells this class is perfect for any mage player out there who craves power through spells.

If you awaken Gaurdian Mystic Sorcerer you will be a much desired Cleric. This class with its buffs and healing powers it wont be hard to find a party ever. This class is desired by every party and every guild. You choice to make this class will make you loved by all.

-Earth Hermit

The power of Transformation is what makes this class a desirable one. And if not tranformation its massive amount of RA(Health Points) as a tanker.

If you awaken as Transformation Spirit Socerer you will be a druidic power house able to transform in to a variety of beasts to improve you attack power and strike enemy's down. If you like melee with a twist this character class is what you want!

If you awaken as Defense Spirit Socerer you will be a wall of pure RA that any party will want for taking on those big bad bosses. You will wield a might axe or hammer and do a consistent amount of damage. If you are the tanker melee'r type then this is the class that will satisfy you need for excesive RA.


In closing what do you guys think of GTH ?