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    The Big Free to Play MMORPG PVP Category List

    Copypasta from a post in another thread. This list shows what MMORPGs (Free to Play ones) have PK / Open PVP. In case Omer doesn't update his list on, this one will be with user input. If you find a game that's Free to Play and has PK / Open PVP, please reply to this thread so I can add it to the opening post. The thread also now has a Duel-Only / Arena Only Section
    1. PK / Open PVP / FvF (You're there!)
    2. Restricted PK / PVP / Servers / Channels
    3. Duels / Guild Wars / Arenas Only

    Open World PVP / PK / Faction Versus Faction
    This means that the MMORPG has Open World PVP / PK and is not always restricted to FvF. Some of these MMORPGs have disciplinary debuffs and point systems to balance the issue of greifing, blackmailing, trolling, etc. This section is for all servers and channels. Safe Zones are also usually added to help balance these issues as well (Usually around NPC Villages, etc.)

    Age of Armor §
    PK Maps, according to google.

    It may have PVE Servers. However, all of its servers have at least Faction-based PK and if you're in an area that has a territory war going, that entire area is open PVP / PK, no matter if it's a PVE Server. New players must watch out, as citizen players may gank / attack non-citizen / faction players. It sports a 30-day newbie armor set from the item mall that has the stats of level 40 equipment. Using this set, you will be able to get to the third or fourth areas easily, if you keep buying said set. After that though, prepare to be ganked and blackmail, as Aika has trolls and whatnot in the PVE Servers that like to troll new players that don't know that PVE Servers have PK / PVP all over.

    According to this page, it says "As with anywhere else, when you defeat an opponent of the opposite faction, or an NPC from the Baluar". Also some faction versus faction in the 2.0 expansion:

    According to user Dmytro, Allods is Open PVP past the new player maps. Even users at Level 1 can participate.

    Source: Alganon

    Anarchy Online §
    Source: PvP Guide -- Anarchy Online: Lost Eden Vault

    According to Vinzix, there are zone PVP Areas, however, some story / required quests are in them. You will be required to PK / PVP In such zones. Vinzix did not know the level at which these happen.

    ARGO Online
    Faction-Based PVP / Open PVP / PK. After level 30 maps, you will be subject to PK / Open PVP against the other faction. No way to avoid it.

    Battle of the Immortals
    Source: Battle of the Immortals - Free Fantasy MMORPG | Play Free Online Video Games

    Blade Wars §
    Source: Blade Wars ? Free to Play Kung Fu MMO

    Cloud Nine §
    Faction Versus Faction starting at a certain area:

    Conquer Online
    Source: PK Rule - A Free Classic PVP Online MMO and MMORPG for PC, Mac and iPad ? Conquer Online -

    Craft of Gods
    Search for pvp here: Craft of Gods Pedia

    Source: PvP and quest help needed, some questions - Newcomer's Harbor - Crazy Tao

    Cronous §
    CTRL+Select another player: CRONOUS

    Race wars / and bible blood wars.

    Source: Image

    Destiny Online §
    Source: Where Legend Meets Reality-PvP System

    Divina (§ Unknown)

    Dragon Oath §
    Source: Dragon Oath ? No.1 Free Fantasy MMORPG with 75 Million Global Players ?Play Free online games from

    Dragon Raja

    Dragona Online §
    According to TrollDuck, "As for PvP from lvl 15 players can engage in PK anywhere outside safe zones, in addition players can participate in arena battles which are carried out daily on destined times as pvp events and be rewarded for winning." (Official Guide to PK)

    Although it doesn't say such on the FAQ, the game will ask you if you agree to PK rules, and say "You are entering PK Mode" when joining the server.

    Entropia Universe (§ Unknown)
    Land Ownership is pretty much the base of this MMO, so yes, it has Open PVP / PK:

    Eudemons §
    Source: Information - PK Manual - Eudemons Online - Official Site

    GodsWar §
    Source: Faction System - Game Guide - Godswar Online

    Heroes of the Three Kingdoms
    Source: FAQ - Heroes of Three Kingdoms wiki

    Kabod Online
    Source: ::: Kabod Online :::

    Kal Online § (All communities are offline / inactive / etc.)
    According to user VaNilleZ, it has many PVP PK Options: Dueling is a standard "someone asks you to duel." Assassin is where you put on a special piece of equipment known as the "Assassin Mask," which allows you to kill anyone you meet, save for safe zones. Triangular Battles is a standard tournament sign-up system. Castle Wars is a standard Defend / Capture system. Protecting The Leader is a system where guilds face off, while protecting their guild leader from harm. There are three rounds in this system. Each round, roles are reversed, attackers become defenders and vice-verse. Suffering Valley is where two guilds take on hordes of monsters to gain points. Higher level monsters are worth more points and killing players from the opposing guild awards even more points. After one hour, the guild with the most points is the winner. Key Point Destruction is where two teams destroy towers. After three small towers are destroyed, a giant tower appears and is the next target. The team with the most kills and most tower destruction, wins. (Source)

    Karos Online (aka: Rosh Online)
    Source: KAROS ONLINE

    King of Kings 3 (§ Unknown)
    Source: Guide | King of Kings 3 | Game Information | gamigo

    Kingdom Heroes

    Last Chaos

    Lineage II
    Castle sieges, and Open PVP / PK.

    After level 20 or 30, I forgot the level. You are thrust into PK. PKs apparently are heavily disciplined in this game, but not the way I desire them to be. IE: Solving PK with PK.

    Lucent Heart
    Source: PvP & GvG - Lucent Heart Wiki

    Luna Plus
    At some point, some maps have PK / PVP that's unavoidable. (Source)

    There are three types of areas in game. Safe, restricted, and PvP. Safe zones allow no PvP. Restricted PvP zones allow PvP but with a bit of limitations (more on this later). PvP zones allow unrestricted PvP action. If a player kills enough players in restricted PvP zones, they become flagged as a griefer. When you're flagged, your name turns RED! Once your name is red, if you're killed in a restricted PvP zone, you drop all. of. your. gear. (unless it's marked "never drop.") It does take a bit to be flagged, and if you are flagged as a griefer, extended good behavior (and time spent) in game will allow you to lose the red name, and live life as a normal Luvinian! (Source) (Alternative Source)
    Maestia (§ Community Forums Down)
    Although no where is it listed on the site, ******* has detailed information about the PVP Systems it has: http://feature.************/maestia/system.shtml This, combined with the backbone of all character development, Maestones, require Divine points, which are only obtainable in Faction versus Faction / Realm Versus Realm Open World PVP / PK areas.

    Martial Empires (AKA Seven Souls) §
    Source: (PK Button Enabled)

    Metin 2 §
    Source: Metin2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Myth War II §
    Source: Myth War II Online Community Site, Free online adventure game

    Battle Portions: NosTale

    Pandora Saga
    According to their PVP Guide, Pandora Saga has later level zones (with potentially required quests) where nations can attack each other. As such, this is Faction Versus Faction.

    Priston Tale II
    Source: Priston Tale 2 - Guides - PVP

    R2 Online β
    I don't know much about it; but apparently, at level 5, you can participate in PK / Open PVP.

    Ran Online
    Originally all PVE. It's a school-based MMORPG, it is now completely PK / OpenPVP.

    From user Lenero: Another open world PVP / PK game. People use the PVP / PK to "De-level" by dying and losing exp. This allows a player to grind easily and farm job points to increase the skills they have. High levels will hunt down lower leveled people to accomplish it.

    Realms Online (§ Potential)
    RvR Combat

    Red Cliff Online (§ Community Forums Won't Load)
    Source: Top 5 List Of Free-To-Play MMORPGS For PvP

    Regnum Online
    Realm Versus Realm. Source: Regnum Online | Free to Play MMORPG (F2P)

    Remnant Knights * §
    After level 24 in level 24+ areas, you will be forced to deal with players from the opposing school. This can cause you to grind long weeks.

    Return of Warrior §
    Race Versus Race, according to google.

    RF Online (§ Potential)
    Race Versus Race: RF Info - PvP System

    Rohan Online §
    Source: R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud | Rise of the Elements

    Silk Road Online (Angry § Since They don't allow non-members to see the forum.)
    There are varied modes: Free PK (Duel System), PK (Alt+Click), Battlefield and Capture the Flag. You can find out more about any of the systems on their website: JOYMAX.COM - Global Hub of Fun :: SilkroadOnline (Check Game Guide, System, Info, etc. on the left side.)

    Soul Order Online §

    Storm Online §
    Source: Pages · Storm Online |

    Sword 2 §
    Faction Versus Faction: Sword 2 – Free to Play Online MMORPG Fantasy Games – GamersFirst

    Tales of Fantasy §
    Faction Versus Faction: PK

    Talisman Online §
    PK Areas with quests: Talisman Online

    Uncharted Waters Online (Epic § due to Forum Activity)
    Source: Uncharted Waters Online - Explore, Battle and Conquer to Make History!

    Voyage Century Online §
    Website has no information on the system, but according to Dmytro, it does have PK / Open PVP.

    War of Angels §
    Good Vs. Evil?

    World of Kung Fu
    After Level 20, you are forced to PK, everywhere, outside of the instanced towns. You cannot avoid it, when I played the game, it seemed as if there was no penalties. High levels often camp the exits from the towns to grief new players and whatnot. There is a chance to drop an item when killed by a player. There are apparently disciplinary measures now, however.

    With Your Destiny

    Xenimus §
    The entire game is based on "Real Life" according to the website. Just like real life, there is an evil / good system. Kill a good person, become evil; kill a bad person, become good. You are allowed to PK pretty much everywhere, and there are PKs who camp safety zones according to their faq.

    Zentia §
    Source: Zentia ? A Fantastic Fantasy Free to Play MMORPG

    Zero Online § (Be aware their site may freeze flash plugin.)
    Source: PK and Protection - Game Info - Zero Online ? Free Sci-fi MMORPG ?

    Zu Online (Potential §)
    Source: Zu Online Community Site,Chinese Kung-fu Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game

    Total: 60

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    Restricted PK / PVP Zones / Channels / Servers
    This means that only certain areas, channels and servers. Sometimes you must flag yourself for PK / PVP. If having the flag off only disallows you to attack other players, but can still be attacked, the game goes in the Open World PVP / World PK section, not here. Also, if story / required quests are in PK / PVP Zones, they go into the first category, not here.

    9 Dragons
    Source: http://9dragons.************/guide/pvp/whatispk.shtml

    Angels Online * †
    PK / PVP Servers, AND, every territory war, channel one on all servers will have PK / Open PVP in territory capturable areas.

    Asda Story / 2
    PK Maps were added after I left the silly game. So I don't know what they were about. Asda 2 apparently gets rid of them, and now uses instanced territory wars.

    CABAL (§ Potential)
    PK-Based Channels. You need to know which color is which though, and I had a hard time finding out. Had to wait about two days to get a response, I don't even remember the color that is PK.

    Dungeons and Dragons Online
    Source: (Brawl / Bar Fights While Waiting for a Room)

    Dynasty Warriors Online
    This took 5 minutes longer than it should have, as the wikis all over google have no information whatsoever, nor the website. A GameSage there was flabbergasted at what I meant, then I told him the three categories, and he said to put it in this one.

    Eternal Lands (§ Potential)
    Source: (The PK Server is 5 USD per character. Thus, not free to play.)

    Ether Saga Odyssey / Online
    PK-Based Channels and Territory Wars in the field. Channels show (PK / PVP) next to them if they are as such.

    Everquest 2
    PVP Servers:

    Florensia (§ Potential, if not already.)
    This may be moved to category one, as I do not know if it has PVE Servers / channels. Source:

    The game is restricted to dueling, arenas, siege. Save for their Demian Server, which is PK:

    Forsaken World
    Restricted to PVP Servers and flag system.

    Grand Fantasia FR / USA († Partial) * (§ Potential due to Eden Eternal)
    PK / PVP Servers. If you die on one of these servers, you lose EXP and money and durability as if you were killed by a monster. No disciplinary effects, actions are taken at all at PKs. There is only a 5 second invincible buff protecting you from PKs in this game if you set your spawn point outside of a big city. NPC Villages outside the three cities are not safe zones. Unlike Perfect World.

    Hero Online §

    Iris Online
    PK Areas. In these Areas, you get more EXP from monsters. You can also get quests for special materials that make Purple-Grade armor / weapons that are stronger than most equipment. You can, however, go the long way around. If you go into a PK Area that has a botter camping the portal, you will not be able to escape the PK Area easily. As you don't have spawn points. If you die you have two options: Spawn 10 meters away from the portal or so you last came from, or spawn where you died. PKs who are mages can sit in an NPC Village and attack you as you come toward them, with spells. You, however, cannot attack them, as they are in a safe zone, and you aren't.

    Jade Dynasty
    PVP Realms / Channels:

    Knight Online (Moving to netgame / mgame)

    Legend of Martial Arts
    According to Google, it has PVP and PVE Realms (a la Ether Saga.)

    Mu Online
    PK Servers. There are also guild wars on the Non-PK Servers. On PK Servers, you have a chance to lose items if killed. There is also a PK Point system, changing your name color and whatnot. You lose more EXP at death if you kill too many players.

    Perfect World
    Server-Restricted PK, You need to join a PK Server, and when you hit 30, you cannot un-flag yourself for PK. NPC Villages are the only places (maybe dungeons?) where you can't PK. If you are killed by a player, there is a higher chance to drop non-bound items. Monsters can also make you drop non-bound items. If your name is red / pink, you have an even higher chance to drop said items. In a PVE Server, after you flag yourself for PK, you must wait several hours before you can un-flag yourself. Avoid the central quest hub north of Archosaur City, it has PK duelers, and if you fly over them, you may get one-shotted by a mage.

    Prius Online
    According to MMOHut's Weekly Recap of what's been happening, Number 53 Issue (2 minutes 50 seconds in), the game will be merging all of its PK / PVP Servers into one, and opening a new PVE Exclusive server. The official announcement of the PVE Server can be found here, and its name is Primus.

    Ragnarok Online
    Restriced to Private Servers and an Official Server (Not US.) Guild Dungeons also have guild versus guild content. They have PK events every now and then in the main city.

    Requiem §
    Quote Originally Posted by TrollDuck View Post
    In Requiem PK is server restricted, as far im aware there are no penalties for PK except for gaining negative status of a murderer, heard somewhere that you cant buy from vendors too for a while but im not sure. Now feature that is available on every server are PvP Arenas/Battlegrounds which are cross-linked with the other servers where battles can be fought up to 500 players on each side. There are also other Battleground modes which are explained HERE and more details about PK HERE. Rest is up to you ;]
    Runes of Magic
    Servers are PK Restricted. In Non-PK Servers, duels and guild wars / arenas are the only way to PVP.

    Scions of Fate §
    Server Restricted PK.

    Seal Online (§ Potential)
    Channel / Server Restricted, Source:

    There are "Difficulty" Settings. At the highest difficulty, if you die, your character is deleted. The lowest I believe has no PK / Open PVP.

    Tibia §
    According to Gerberos, there are three options / worlds; Optional PvP: PvP only enabled if both parts agree. Open PvP: You can attack anyone but are punished by the skull system if you kill too many players. Hardcore PvP: Kill anyone anywhere without having to worry about skulls/skull hunters.

    Total: 24

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    Duels / Arenas Only
    This section is for games that have no Open PVP, No PK System.


    Asda 2 (§ Potential)
    Guild warfare

    Battle of Destiny (Angry § due to forums down.)
    Player Created Instance Maps

    Black Prophecy §
    PVP Missions:

    Bright Shadow (§ - Guilds will flock to the starting area when people see newbies.)

    CardMonHero §
    See Player Versus Player tab on this page:

    Continent of the Ninth β

    Digimon Battle (§ Potential)

    Dragon Nest
    Clarified by Dmytro

    Dragon Saga

    Dream of Mirror Online (As a note, as of June 30th, it will SHUT DOWN.)

    Dungeon Fighter Online

    Eden Eternal *


    Fiesta Online

    Free Realms

    Grand Chase
    Versus Mode?

    HolyBeast Online §
    Only guild / pack battles it seems, among duel systems.

    Kitsu Saga


    LIME Odyssey * β
    Currently, the game is slated to have an Arena System (5v5) and Guild Wars (50 v 50). (Source)


    Mabinogi *

    MegaTen (§ Potential)

    Monato Esprit

    Mythos §

    Neo Steam

    Planet Calypso
    Player and GM Run Events:

    Rakion §

    Red Stone §

    Rose Online
    PServers usually have PK.

    Scarlet Legacy (§ Potential)

    Sho Online

    Soul of the Ultimate Nation §
    There are mixed pieces of information about this game. However, the general consortium says that there is only PK in dungeons that people make into PK.

    Solstice: Reborn (aka: Secret of the Solstice)

    Spiral Knights

    Tales of Pirates II (§ Potential)

    Trickster Online

    Twelve Sky 2 (§ Potential)


    Water Margin Online (§ for English)
    Battlefields and Duels

    Wind Slayer §

    Wonderland Online * † (§ Potential)

    WonderKing §

    There are plenty more I am missing. Starred MMORPGs have housing systems that I know of. Red Named MMORPGs have Pay/buy to play PK Servers. MMORPGs with a † have a botting system. Games colored Slate Grey are "SHUT DOWN" Status and do not count toward the total amount. Games that have a Section Symbol ( § ) are likely dead / almost no player-base. Games with the Beta Symbol ( β ) are guess what, in Beta!

    Grand Total (PK): 85
    Grand Total (No PK): 42

    § Total: 43

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    My short description of Tibias different worlds.

    Optional PvP: PvP only enabled if both parts agree.
    Open PvP: You can attack anyone but are punished by the skull system if you kill too many players.
    Hardcore PvP: Kill anyone anywhere without having to worry about skulls/skull hunters.

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    Shaiya has faction vs faction pvp so in this case lighties vs darkies and as far i have played lvl 40 in normal and hard mode, on lvl 15 and lvl 30 there were lobby based maps like factions battlegrounds which are mostly specificly meant for pvp where they were conquering altars and pvping each other gaining points for kills which could be later returned for charcter attributes but also had quests in field but only few at which point of progressing them opposite faction could attack u, then there was map for 1-60 or somethin with open world, altars, quests and even dundgeons where opposite factions could ambush each other.

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    It's under restricted PVP Anyway, TrollDuck.

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    add mu online
    they have guild wars and if you are on a pvp server then open pk
    the penalties are that you are at risk of dropping items if you are a killer
    if you pk a killer (red name) you can become a hero and lose less exp if you die and your probability of dropping an item is less.

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    Added Mu Online, thanks Lenero. Also, added Tibia, forgot that one.

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    Keep it up to date, guys.

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    Rappelz is another open world pvp game people use this to "De-level" by dying and losing exp and be able to grind on easy to kill mobs and farm job points to increase the skills they have.high levels will hunt down lower leveled people to accomplish it.

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