General / FAQ:

  • If you have a request for a First Look, please request it on the Youtube-Channel.

  • If you can't get a beta-key, please consider that the keys might be gone.

  • If you noticed mistakes in reviews or typo's and what not, post them here.

  • A Guild? This has failed many times in the past. If you do want to play with people of the community, you can post here or waite for the next community event.

  • When is the next community event? Don't worry, it will be announced on time. That doesn't mean it will be announced on Youtube.

  • If you want to see a change on the forum and have a somewhat decent suggestion, be sure to poll it. If your suggestion gets enough support, be sure to contact a moderator.

  • If you are experiencing slow loading of the site or forums or if it is bugging out and it keeps happening, be sure to contact a moderator as well.

  • Feedback on reviews or other things is always appreciated, don't be shy.

  • Be sure to look into other posts on this section, to prevent double-posting.