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Thread: Non-target / Action MMORPG List

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainyEmotions View Post
    Hmm how does one get their game recognized?
    By making it have over 1000 players online at once for months on a single server. Having a bunch of ads on the Internet, have its own twitter account, etc. It also can't be "Fuzzy Select" Tab-targeting like Guild Wars 2, etc.

    Only reasons why Planeshift and The Mana World get noticed (And they're not action anyway) is because they don't have cash shops, and survive completely on donations and both have native Linux support (Without mono iirc.)

    The reason why your game won't get noticed is because it's BYOND.
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    I think Neverwinter fits this criterion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ellmattay View Post
    I think Neverwinter fits this criterion?
    Do you need to target your skills manually and can you dodge enemy skills?

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