[Insert Overly Hyped MMO Here] Goes Free to play, is in open/closed beta. The starting areas are packed with 1000 newbs trying to get a feel for the game, doing their quests. In my head I am thinking: "Oh my god, this is going to be a nightmare to get through"

So, what do I do? I instantly get used to the controls, read help section if needed, and start questing.

Quest giver: "Kill 12 of these guys that are being farmed"

Me: "K"

So Off I go, killing 12 guys, I dont want to be there competing for the mobs, I wanna go through this as fastas possible so, theree will be less people later on, and i bet half of those people i bypass will quit the game anyways.

So... I kill steal, it's not nice, but it gets the job done...fast.

Go ahead and complain, guy I just stole your monster from, complaining won't help you go after new monsters, in fact, its making it harder, since all the guys around you are all dead.

I'm finally out of the beginner area, instead of 1000 newbs in a small area, i got 200 newbs in a wide open area, so i wont KS as much. Even though I can finally take my time, I'm not going to, I want there to be like, 50 people in my area, so I do everything as fast as possible.

Well, My A-Hole Characteris finally maxxed out, everyone hates him. Time to make a new account, and transfer money and items from my A-Hole character to my soon to be non A-Hole character. I somehow make friends with the people i KS'd. They don't know the A-Hole guy is me...awesome! Still hear people who are complaining about my guy, but all he does is abuse the game economy to send to my alt, who is actually playing like a friendly player would.

Enough of this story.. I got bears to grind..