Hi all. The total truth about PWI is that it's a cash cow. There is nothing FREE about them. The fact is it is free to play until level 70. It then gets expensive on gears, and weapons. In game gold prices have recently soared to 2mil per gold, and when I started playing it was 50k a pop.

What's even worse is that I was chosen to beta test their American server. As I progressed through the game I decided to create an account other than my beta account so they wouldn't be able to track me. My Barbarian progressed through the levels nicely up until level 70. It then became necessary to get better gears called TT gears (available 70-90 and 99).

I noticed myself shelling out money out of pocket to keep up with the boutique players. Slowly the cost of gold went up, and the gears in auction and/or the materials to make them became too expensive to purchase without having to sell gold in the auction house to make in-game coin.

So now at level 100, my barbarian has 2 options. I pay 50 million coins per piece of armor needed to gear him in game, or pay $200 for the reputation to acquire rank gears. This does not include purchasing each piece for 1 mil, then sharding, and refining. In the end I calculated the total cost to gear my barb, and aside from the fact that I have spent over $1200 already in this game (on several characters), I'd have to spend a total of $500-$600 for my rank gears, sharded, and refined.

Well I am sorry to say, but PW lost my vote after 3 1/2 years of loyalty.